An Epic

Atherstead, A Village in Kelerak


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General Information
Businesses and Professions
Notable Individuals

General Information about Atherstead

Atherstead, a human village in the Eastern part of Kelerak, about 12 miles south of Dragonspur down the Daven Walk, just south of Littlespur.

Who rules: Lord Payn of Bestraville. He is an absentee ruler, and his mayor, William Tracey, rules in his place.

Money Limit: 75

Population: 151 humans.

Major Products: Wheat, oats, and other crops, pigs, and some small amount of fish, timber, and furs.

Armed Forces: Atherstead has one sheriff, Roger Ack-Jonathan, who is also a farmer and landowner. 20 peasants can be called up in times of trouble.

Atherstead was the ancestral holding of the Shelburne family. The last Lord Shelburne, however, recently fell in the wars against Afej, and the village passed to the new Lord Payn. Atherstead is a busy little village. The church of Bestra is the center of the village's life. Because they have a resident priest of Bestra, the town's crops do very well. Thus the market of Atherstead is quite lively, and the farmers of the village make semi-frequent trips to Dragonspur City to sell their crops in the Kingdom's capital. Due to this, the village has the potential to bring in 175 silver pieces in taxes annually if managed properly. Still, Atherstead is a small village, and it only has one Inn, the Pig and Flagon, and this Inn only has two rooms for let. The villagers mainly look forward to Wedae worship at the temple and to market days.

The villagers farm almost all of their food from the local fields and their own crofts. They supplement this with fish from the Grayling Lake and with animals hunted from the nearby Hawk Copse. The villagers recently feared for their lives because their town lay on the front of the battle with the forces of Afej, and many of the residents considered fleeing. Most, however, waited it out, and except for some marauding Orcish refugees from the scattered army of Afej, they have not had any serious trouble from the war.

Businesses and Professions found in Atherstead

2 Bakers
1 Shoemaker
1 Barber
1 Blacksmith
2 Butchers
5 Carpenters
2 Fishermen
5 Hunters
1 Inn Keeper
2 Maidservants
2 Masons
1 Priest
1 Tanner
2 Roofers