An Epic

Religion in Farland

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Holy Symbols

This chart details the deities and their respective cleric domains. It can be used for easy reference:

Farland Gods Alignment Description
Heshtail the Merciful LG Good, Healing, Law, Protection
Bestra, Lady of Goodness G Animal, Good, Healing, Plant
Kantor the Crusader G Chaos, Good, War, Water
Neltak, Lord of Law U Destruction, Law, Protection, Sun
Dekk, Lord of Balance U Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Earth
Bel, Lord Thief U Chaos, Destruction, Trickery, Luck
Vornoth, the Dark Walker CE, E Death, Destruction, Evil, Magic
Tal-Allustiel, Elflord G Animal, Good, Magic, Plant
Khuldul Rockcarver, Dwarf Lord LG Earth, Law, Protection, War
Khuckduck Gemcutter, Gnome Lord LG Animal, Magic, Trickery, Earth
Bunga Proudfoot, Halfling Lord G Good, Healing, Travel, Luck

Farland Demi-Gods Alignment Domains
Reeanan the Bright LG Good, Knowledge, Sun
Calbran, Lord of Luck G Luck, Strength, Protection
Thranton, Lord of Lightning G Air, Chaos, Travel
Aknor the True U Law, Knowledge, Protection
Janora, Goddess of Fate U Healing, Knowledge, Luck
Flamgart, Fire God U Chaos, Fire, War
Grlarshh, Death God E Death, Evil, Trickery
Dhurli Ironbeard LG Law, Knowledge, Protection
Barlifandorf G Knowledge, Magic, Protection
Bucca Tunnelly G Luck, Plant, Trickery
Salystra, Queen of the Drow             E Evil, Magic, and Trickery