An Epic

Chronicles of Farland


(All edited by S. Baker)

The Barbarian Trials by Jordan Hill

The Curse by S. Baker

In the Dark by Amber E. Scott

The Disappearance by Ryan Torbert

The Founding of Nopolitus by Gerry Torbert

A King's Decision by Gerry Torbert

A Matter of Balance by Gerry Torbert

Of Orcs and Machines by Gerry Torbert

Rogues to Riches by Gerry Torbert

The Serpent of Twilight by Tim Odell

Secrets of a Dark Fortress by Ryan Torbert

Sentry at the Gate by Amber E. Scott

Strife in Rothnog by Ryan Torbert

Trouble Brewing by Gerry Torbert

An Unlikely Alliance by Ryan Torbert

The Darmon Chronicles

A Tale of a Creag and his Sword (The Adventures of Darmon) Multiple chapters, by Gerry Torbert

The Darmon Chronicles Part 2 by Gerry Torbert

Lords of the West Chronicles

The following seven books detail the adventures of the Farland iconics, the Lords of the West.

Book One
Book Two
Book Three
Book Four
Book Five
Book Six
Book Seven