Table of Contents

Denizen of the Deeps
Folk Healer
Former Minion of Evil
Former Slave
Native of Gloralion
Quixotic Knight
Raised by Monsters
Undead Hunter

Denizen of the Deeps

Solaufein Portrait by ErstwhileSky. CC-BY-NC-SA.

You come from one of the most inhospitable places in all of Farland: the Dark Deeps. The caverns that lie far under the earth, deeper than the deepest surface dungeons, contain horrors and treasures undreamt of. Entire civilizations, malevolent and benign, make the Deeps their home. You came up in the benighted caverns, scrabbling to make a living in the perilous place. But you made it out. How did your origins in the Deeps affect you?

Skill Proficiencies: Nature and Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Choose either a Carpenter's tools or Mason's tools

Languages: Undercommon and the language of one species of the Dark Deeps

Equipment: The tool kit you have proficiency with, a climbers kit, and an explorer's outfit

Whence the Deeps?

Why did you begin in the fabled Dark Deeps? You can work with the DM to determine it, or you can choose or roll on the table below to pick.

d8 Origin
1 I was taken as a captive from one of the surface species.
2 My parents were caught in a cave-in and found the Deeps, where I was born.
3 Although a member of a surface species, my community has lived in the Deeps for years.
4 I come from a species native to the Dark Deeps.
5 I was sentenced to exile in the Dark Deeps.
6 I got lost exploring a cave as a child and somehow survived in the Deeps.
7 A magic portal brought me to the Dark Deeps.
8 I don't know how I ended up in the Dark Deeps.

Feature: Subterranean Survivor

You are intimately familiar with life in the sunless realms. You always know your approximate depth underground. You also know which way is north when you are underground and rarely lose your sense of direction except in extraordinary circumstances. Finally, if you don't have dark vision, your eyes are especially keen in dim light. You don't suffer any penalties for operating in dim light.

Suggested Characteristics

Life in the Dark Deeps leaves an indelible mark on all who dwell there. Some are perilous and quick to anger, some feel claustrophobic under the open sky, some hate the sun, while others hate darkness. How did your time in the endless dark shape who you are?

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am flexible. Adapt and survive.
2 I pride myself on being observant.
3 Curiosity rules me. Learning aids survival.
4 Fierceness defines me. I won't be preyed upon.
5 I am cynical. After what I have seen, you would be too.
6 I don't expend more energy than I need to. Don't call it lazy.
7 I'm courageous. Not much to fear after surviving in the Deeps.
8 I am paranoid. You never know what's around the next corner.

d6 Ideal
1 Exploration. Finding out the lay of the land is the goal of life. (Any)
2 Independence. I will survive on my own. (Lawful)
3 Security. I will gain personal safety. (Any)
4 Ruthlessness. Do what needs to be done. (Evil)
5 Spontaneity. Life is short. Live now while you can. (Chaotic)
6 Cleverness. There is a solution to all problems. (Neutral)

d6 Bond
1 I will avenge myself on a powerful denizen of the Dark Deeps.
2 I value a special place in the Dark Deeps.
3 The races of the Deeps have a right to dwell in the surface realms also.
4 I will have my revenge on those who mistreated me.
5 I got separated from a loved one. They are still in the Deeps.
6 I carry a burning secret from the Benighted Realms.

d6 Flaw
1 I hate light, especially the sun.
2 I am afraid of the dark. I spent too much time in it.
3 The open sky makes me feel claustrophobic.
4 I hate... absolutely hate... one species native to the Dark Deeps.
5 I am haunted by traumatic things I saw in the Benighted Realms.
6 I feel nervous and anxious most of the time.


illustration for the fairy tale Vasilisa the Beautiful. Public Domain.

You have lost something important: your legacy. Perhaps you were the heir to a great noble family displaced by the dark conquest, perhaps you are a dwarf scion of fallen Wawmar, or maybe you are even the last of the line of kings of Orland. In any case, you have been exiled from your rightful place and position. Will you fight to regain it?

Skill Proficiencies: History and either Religion or Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies: Choose either a Calligrapher's Kit, a Cartographer's Kit, or a musical instrument

Languages: One of your choice (the language of the place or people from which you were exiled)

Equipment: The tool kit you have proficiency with, a set of clothing appropriate to the place from which you were exiled, an object that identifies your proper place (such as documents, a signet ring, or a family heirloom), and a belt pouch with 15 silver pieces

Exile's Origin

From whence were you exiled? You can work with the DM to determine it, or you can choose or roll on the table below to pick.

d8 Origin
1 I come from fallen Wawmar or another ancient dwarf-hold.
2 I am the last son or daughter of a noble family of one of the conquered kingdoms.
3 I ran a College in the Far City.
4 I belonged to a druidic or religious sect destroyed by evil.
5 I was legally exiled for a crime I committed.
6 I was framed for a crime and exiled.
7 I discovered corruption in an organization or church and had to flee for my life.
8 I am the last of the line of royalty of one of the conquered kingdoms.

Feature: Exile Wisdom

You have had to survive in an unforgiving world with no one to help you. As such, you have become adept at figuring out how to make your way in new surroundings. When you enter a new community and spend at least three days there, you can determine where to go to seek safe lodgings, who seems to be in charge, and the major factions that exist in the area. This is not supernatural knowledge, and you might miss things that are purposefully hidden.

Suggested Characteristics

Exiles generally standout from those around them. Perhaps they look foul but feel fair. Maybe they have an air of mystery. Perhaps what they have lost makes them exude sorrow, or maybe they radiate extreme purpose. In any case, exiles don't fit in and are often loners.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am full of mystery.
2 I am confident in myself and my place in the world.
3 I am taciturn, never revealing too much.
4 I am sentimental and easily moved when discussing history.
5 I am intensely focused.
6 I'm generous. Though I have little, I will give you the shirt off my back.
7 I'm self-reliant. Who else can I depend on?
8 I am passionate about life, love, and history.

d6 Ideal
1 Faith. My religious beliefs see me through my exile. (Any)
2 Honor. My integrity is all I have. (Good)
3 Legacy. What is left to us is what we deserve and what matters most. (Lawful)
4 Personal gain. If it is owed to you, you deserve it, no matter what stands in the way. (Evil)
5 Duty. I believe in doing what is required of me because of my station. (Neutral)
6 Redemption. Always regain what has been lost. (Any)

d6 Bond
1 I was accused of something I did not do. I need to stand up for justice.
2 I will regain my lost position or homeland.
3 Studying and learning about the past gives me peace.
4 I will avenge myself upon those who took everything from me.
5 I had to leave behind a love when I was exiled. I pine for that person.
6 A great treasure is left behind in the place that was lost. I will regain it.

d6 Flaw
1 I don't reveal information that I should. I am too mysterious.
2 I am overly emotional about anything relating to my past.
3 I am ruthless and even cruel about regaining my legacy.
4 Those who exiled me still hunt me.
5 I am conflicted--part of me isn't sure I want or deserve to regain what I lost.
6 I am grim and humorless.

Folk Healer

You have studied the illnesses and ailments of the mortal body as well as the treatments for each. You also know what harms the body and can recognize the symptoms and sources of poisons and other harmful substances. Whether you're an academically trained physician, a shaman versed in the traditional wisdom of your clan or tribe, or a simple villager who helps your neighbors in need by using folk remedies, you know your trade and do it well. You may have taken up adventuring for any number of reasons, ranging from wanting to gain more skill in your profession to a longing to experience a life beyond simple folk medicine.

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, and choose either Investigation, Nature, or Religion

Tool Proficiencies: Either Herbalism Kit or Poisoner's Kit. Also, when you use a Healer's Kit, you get two additional uses out of the kit (for you, a Healer's Kit has 12 uses instead of 10, for example.)

Languages: One of your choice (the language of those you primarily worked to heal)

Equipment: The tool kits you have proficiency with, an item of importance to you (a trinket used in a ritual or an item you are otherwise attached to) worth 5 silver pieces or fewer, a merchant's scale, a set of common clothes, a set of working clothes or an item that identifies you as a healer, and a belt pouch with 10 silver pieces.

Healer's Origins

How did you become a folk healer? You can work with the DM to determine these things, or you can choose or roll on the table below to decide these things.

d8 Circumstances
1 I was raised by a Medicine Woman.
2 I discovered a tome by an ancient culture that was full of medical wisdom.
3 I formally trained as a physician.
4 I apprenticed under a barber who treated the sick.
5 My mother or father was a tribal shaman.
6 A collection of folk wisdom was passed down to me by my grandmother.
7 I was an acolyte at a temple, and I learned how to heal by observing.
8 I was self-taught, because I have always wanted to help people.

Feature: Medical Acumen

You have a reputation as a healer of the sick and are often called upon by those who are diseased or injured. You can usually gain an audience with anyone who needs treatment-- even if protocol would normally prevent you from doing so-- simply by agreeing to offer your assistance. Also, by spending a few moments examining a substance-- a vial of liquid, a packet of ground powder, or the like-- you can determine whether the substance is intended to harm or heal (or neither). This examination does not reveal any specific information about the substance (such as that a powder is actually an inhaled poison, or that it paralyzes its victim), only that it is either harmful or helpful to those that it is used on. You must examine the substance by itself; if it is mixed in with any other substance, you can't determine its use. For example, you can't determine that food is poisoned.

Suggested Characteristics

Healers are typically known for caring for their patients, though not necessarily in a gentle way. If the healer is more learned, attention to detail should be a focus, tending toward cleanliness and organization. If the healer is more rustic, knowing the best way to do things should be a focus, tending to disregard the patient's comfort in favor of what will help them most, and demanding what is needed from everyone around.

d8 Personality Trait
1 You don't get into this business unless you like people. I have never met someone I couldn't relate to in some way.
2 Do you know how long I studied to become a healer? You obviously don't know what you are talking about.
3 I always ask for any payment for my services up front.
4 Sometimes you have to break the rules a little if it is in the name of helping others or advancing knowledge.
5 I idolize my mentor; I do everything I can to show his or her faith in me was not in vain.
6 I have these skills to help the afflicted, regardless if they be friends or strangers, or if they are able to pay.
7 I have no concerns for niceties nor social etiquette-- either others need my help or they don't.
8 I have a collection of preserved body parts. I only keep it... err... in the interests of science. Do you want to see it?

d6 Ideal
1 Service. The world is full of suffering people. I will do all I can to help. (Good)
2 Tradition. The customs/rituals and laws of my trade/faith/people must be preserved even when away from home. (Lawful)
3 Efficiency. I am not emotionally invested in those I aid; to act otherwise would compromise my work. (Neutral)
4 Prestige. Healers are held in high regard in all societies, and I like the perks that come with the job. (Chaotic)
5 Power. I have the power of life and death over those I minister to. (Evil)
6 Research. In order to treat patients effectively, we must understand the maladies afflicting them. (Any)

d6 Bond
1 I learned the healing arts after someone I loved died and there was nothing I could do to help.
2 I wish to prove that "mundane" healing is just as viable as magic.
3 I work closely with a group that aims to eliminate a particular malady entirely.
4 Everything I do is for the betterment of my tribe/school/religion/country.
5 I will never refuse to aid those in need-- even my sworn enemies.
6 There are many charlatans who call themselves healers but are dangerous quacks. They must be exposed and stopped from hurting anyone else.

d6 Flaw
1 Fixing the ailment is what's important, not the person. Thus, I have almost no social skills regardless of how much I try.
2 I care so much about the people who come to me that when I can't help, it is a devastating blow.
3 I treat my patients as problems to be solved rather than people to be helped, and I am sometimes tempted to use unproven treatments on my patients without their knowledge.
4 I am hunted by a powerful family or faction because I accidentally killed a patient when I tried to heal him or her.
5 Memories of a horrible plague that I failed to cure still haunt me to this day.
6 I wear a badge that marks me as a healer a little too proudly, and when know I'm right about something, no one can convince me I'm wrong.

Former Minion of Evil

NecromancerbyPatrick E. Pullen_used bylicense all rights reserved.

You used to serve evil. Perhaps you were the minion of an orcish war boss or a hobgoblin general, or perhaps you served one of the Lords of Sin themselves. Whatever the nature of the being you served, you worked for the dark conquerors and you are acquainted with evil. But have you renounced your dark overlords and now seek their downfall? Or do you still harbor darkness in your own heart?

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Intimidation

Tool Proficiencies: Either a Disguise Kit or a Poisoner's Kit

Languages: Dark Speech

Equipment: The tool kit you have proficiency with, travelers clothes, a black cloak, a whip, a holy symbol of the dark god Vornoth

In Service to Shadow

What evil being did you serve? Choose a former master or roll on the table below.

d8 Former Evil Master
1 I served a minor bandit lord who preyed on the innocent.
2 I was a mercenary who was hired by an evil human lord.
3 I served an orcish war boss and learned the ways of orcs.
4 I was the minion of a hobgoblin general, serving in his army.
5 I served an exotic evil beast, like a troll or dragon.
6 I worked directly for one of the Deadly Lords of Sin.

Feature: Friend of Evil

Having spent a good amount of time among foul and evil creatures, you learned what it takes to be accepted by them. You likely learned this the hard way. Such creatures tend to accept you as one of their own, or at least they don't usually seek to kill you right away. When you first meet a humanoid of evil alignment and interact with it, its starting attitude toward you is usually one category more favorable than it otherwise would have been. For example, instead of being hostile toward you, it may be indifferent. Its attitude toward any companions you have is unchanged, though. Worse, if you show any weakness in front of such a creature, its attitude toward you becomes one category less favorable than it otherwise would have been.

Suggested Characteristics

Regardless of what is in their hearts, Former Minions of Evil tend to be intimidating, brooding figures. They often look at others from under lowered brows, rarely smile, and usually have prominent scars. They frequently tend to favor dark clothing, leather, and voluminous black cloaks.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I brood.
2 I look at others with deep suspicion.
3 I am sly and conniving, and I keep secrets.
4 I always try to appear tough and fearless.
5 Having seen too much evil, I try to be extra kind.
6 I am dramatic, and I especially like grand flourishes and dramatic entrances.
7 I look down on those I perceive as weak.
8 I can barely stand the sight of Dark Folk like orcs and goblins.

d6 Ideal
1 Liberation. The Dark Conquest must end. I will do my best to see that it does. (Good)
2 Strength. Strength is what gets respect, and I will cultivate mine, physical or otherwise. (Any)
3 Kindness. Only a loving heart can keep back the Shadow. (Good)
4 Conquest. It's conquering and winning that matters in life. It's all that matters. (Chaotic)
5 Power. I have seen the true path—dominance over others. (Evil)
6 Faith. Only complete faith in a god can guide you in this troubled life. (Any)

d6 Bond
1 I caused so much suffering and pain. I must do what I can to right those wrongs.
2 I learned so much working for the evil side, and I want to use what I know—for better or worse.
3 All Dark Folk must be driven back across the Gulf of Gor. They must leave the Continent of Farland.
4 I must take my given place at the head of an army and lead it to victory over the forces of the Shadow.
5 I still secretly work for the Dark Powers, and I will do what I must to forward their goals.
6 The Lords of Sin must die, and I will personally have a hand in killing them.

d6 Flaw
1 I am full of bluster and bravado, always trying to appear tougher than I am.
2 I brood and act mysterious to the point of silliness. I don't realize that it makes me look ridiculous.
3 I am overly suspicious, never trusting anyone, even when I need to.
4 I try too hard to prove that I am no longer evil, sometimes to the point of letting others take advantage of me.
5 Fell dreams of what I saw in the Occupied Lands haunt my slumber, and some nights I can't sleep at all.
6 The sight of the insignia or banner of a Lord of Sin can drive me into a mindless frenzy.

Former Slave

Perhaps you were enslaved in Zeland by the Lord of Sloth's forces or maybe you were a slave to Envy's dark might; perhaps you were taken and lived in bondage to bandits in one of the Freed Kingdoms. Either way, you know the bitter taste of forced service. For part of your life you were a slave, and a hard lot it was. You had to work or feel the lash, though you vowed that one day you would be free. Eventually that day did indeed come, and though you never expected it, a part of you benefited from your horrible experience: you learned patience, persistence, and the virtue of hope. And you found true iron in your own soul.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Insight

Tool Proficiencies: Pick one artisan's tool kit that costs 20 sp or less; you are proficient with that kit.

Languages: One of your choice (the language of those who enslaved you)

Equipment: The tool kit you have proficiency with, 10 feet of chain, traveler's clothes, sack, one sentimental item of personal value worth 10 sp or less

Finally Free

Who enslaved you and how did you gain your freedom? You can work with the DM to determine these things, or you can choose or roll on the table below to decide these things.

d8 Circumstances
1 I was lawfully enslaved but managed to escape.
2 I was lawfully enslaved but was freed out of my owner's largess.
3 I was lawfully enslaved but purchased my own freedom.
4 I was lawfully enslaved but my owner died with no heirs.
5 I was unlawfully enslaved but managed to escape.
6 I was unlawfully enslaved but was rescued by others.
7 I was unlawfully enslaved and those who enslaved me died.
8 I don't know if my slavery was legal or not, and I am not sure how I was freed.

Feature: Servile Rapport

You identify with those who find themselves in a position of service, and they identify with you. If you haven't threatened them, servants, slaves, former slaves, and those who are in a servile role will help you by providing you with information, limited mundane resources, places to sleep, and places to hide. They will shield you from people searching for you, though they will not endanger their lives for you.

Suggested Characteristics

Former slaves are as diverse as any group. For some, the taste of slavery has broken their spirit; for others, it has renewed the fire inside them and made them more determined.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I blaze with anger any time I am confronted with forced service or slavery of myself or others.
2 I very rarely show fear, having been through some very horrible things and survived.
3 When in a tough situation, I flashback to some of the suffering I endured.
4 I feel tremendous empathy for all those who suffer.
5 I feel I need to act extra tough in order to prove that my spirit has not been broken.
6 I sometimes automatically show deference to a person who presents himself forcefully. I still have moments of servility.
7 I found meaning in my enslavement, and I try to find meaning in all hardships.
8 I never give up, and I never lose hope.

d6 Ideal
1 Freedom. I value personal freedom above all things. I will try to help others achieve freedom. (Chaotic)
2 Strength. I need to become as powerful as possible so that no one can ever victimize me again. (Any)
3 Serenity. If I can cultivate inner peace of mind, events in the outside world will never bother me again. (Neutral)
4 Helpfulness. If I can help others, it will make up for some of the hurt that was done to me. (Good)
5 Viciousness. I will never again give others a chance to victimize me, because I will victimize them first. (Evil)
6 Canniness. If I stay alert and pay attention to events, I can head danger off at the pass. (Neutral)

d6 Bond
1 I retain one sentimental token from my past, and it is the most valuable thing in the world to me.
2 A caring person showed me kindness in my darkest hour, and that person is now dearest to me.
3 I don't know where my family is, but I cherish their memory and hope to find them.
4 I always have a soft spot for people or animals in servitude or captivity.
5 I somehow managed to identify with my captors, and I value nobility and those in power.
6 The person, people, or group to whom I was in service still exists, and I will enact revenge upon them.

d6 Flaw
1 There is one thing (like an item, a place, or a person) that reminds me of my past pain, and I have great trouble facing it.
2 I become fanatically single-minded in trying to achieve my goals, even if it means neglecting immediate concerns.
3 The emotion was stripped from me, and sometimes I am inappropriately callous when feelings are called for.
4 I have a great deal of difficulty controlling my temper.
5 When I am captured, I freeze and have trouble formulating my thoughts.
6 I spend money as fast as I get it because I am afraid it will be taken from me.

Variant: Former Prisoner

Former prisoners are similar to former slaves, except they were primarily confined instead of being made to serve. This difference tends to lead to different skills and a different mentality in former prisoners. Instead of insight, former prisoners are proficient in athletics, having had time to build up their bodies. Instead of being proficient in artisans tools, they are proficient in a gaming set and a (usually small) musical instrument. They possess this gaming set and instrument instead of an artisans kit. For their feature, they have rapport with criminals and former prisoners. They are rarely servile in their attitude but tend to be tougher.

Native of Gloralion

Elf Huntress by Carloscara

You spent your formative years in the hidden capital of the elves, Gloralion, the fabled Summervale. Most creatures who dwell in the Summervale are elves (mostly altarim and galan elves) or half elves, but it would be possible for the rare foundling from another race to be raised there. Regardless of your species, no one who spends any length of time in the Summervale can remain unchanged. Time seems to pass differently there, the weather seems more temperate, everything is infused with magic, and everything seems more beautiful. No matter where the future takes you, the Summervale will always loom large behind you.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose two of the following: Arcana, History, Insight, Nature

Tool Proficiencies: Calligrapher's Supplies and Painter's Supplies

Languages: Elven and Old Speech

Equipment: The tool supplies with which you have proficiency, a set of fine elven clothes, an item of artistic value (such as a sculpture, painting, or book of poetry) worth no more than 10 silver pieces, and a purse with 15 silver pieces.

Admittance to the Summervale

How did you end up in the Hidden Vale? You can work with the GM to determine these things, or you can choose or roll on the table below to decide.

d6 Circumstances
1 I traveled to the Summervale on official business but couldn't bring myself to leave for years.
2 I was found outside the Belendale by elves who took pity on me and brought me back to the capital.
3 I was born in the Summervale.
4 I accidentally stumbled upon the secret path to the Hidden Vale and was not allowed to leave-- until now.
5 My parents grew up in the Summervale and took me back there as a child.
6 I fell asleep inside a toadstool ring and woke up in the Summervale.

Feature: Beauty in the Blood

Your time in fabled Gloralion has made you particularly sensitive to the beautiful. You have a knack for recognizing undiscovered artistic talent; you can look at a painting, sculpture, or another work of art and give a fair account of the relative skill level of its creator; and when looking at various works of art (including jewelry), you can tell which are more valuable and which are less valuable (although you can't determine specific monetary value).

Suggested Characteristics

Very few creatures even know of the existence of the Summervale, much less get to visit it. Your upbringing makes you very, very rare and affects the way you interact with the world. Who you are, what you value, and what you fear have all been influenced by the nature of that elven city.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I know how rare I am. Am I aloof? So what if I am?
2 I know how blessed I was to grow up safe in the time of the rule of Sin. I am humble.
3 Okay, so I was privy to knowledge and experiences few had. But I am just another person like you.
4 I don't have much psychological baggage, because my childhood was so happy. I am carefree.
5 I know the great responsibility placed on those who were privileged enough to see the Holy Swan of the Hidden City. I take that responsibility very seriously.
6 I learned how much there is to know, and I always want to learn more.
7 I don't rush. What is time? It's an abstract concept, meaningless to me.
8 Do you insult the Summervale or the elven race? You are dead to me, and if you aren't careful, you may end up actually dead.

d6 Ideal
1 Beauty. Aesthetics are the true meaning of goodness. (Neutral)
2 Responsibility. I must help those who did not have the chance to grow up safe. (Good)
3 Elvendom. The elves do things the right way. More races must learn of their ways. (Any)
4 Protection. Safety and security are what I strive to attain for myself and others. (Good)
5 Secrecy. Staying hidden is staying safe. (Any)
6 Conquest. Too long have the dwellers in the Summervale hidden and cowered. It is time for them to take what is rightfully theirs. (Evil)

d6 Bond
1 I love green, growing things, and the Gardens of Gloralion, the Hatarglor are ever in my heart.
2 Nothing is greater than music and song.
3 The histories of the elves are kept by the Order of Historians, the Ithilmin. I revere them and believe that learning about history is the way not to repeat its mistakes.
4 My time in Gloralion taught me that magic infuses everything. I need to learn more about magic.
5 The Holy Swan protects the elven race. It needs to be kept safe.
6 I am an Edaidan. I believe that there is only one force in the universe and it is amoral. This is my philosophy.

d6 Flaw
1 I believe that all races are beneath the elves. None can measure up.
2 I get lost in art and song to the detriment of what I should be doing.
3 I have trouble rushing or doing things quickly even when I need to.
4 I am needlessly secretive to the point of ridiculousness.
5 Having been in the Summervale, I can't be happy living anywhere else. I just want to go back.
6 All I want to do in my free time is talk about history and philosophy.

Don Quixote in the Mountains by Honore Daumier

Quixotic Knight

Whatever your ideal may be, it is all that matters in your life-- and your lack of training will not prevent you from making a difference. Perhaps you were a poor farmer who had not the funds or the class for proper training. Perhaps you are an aging soldier, out of practice and overconfident in his ability. You wander the countryside engaging in conflicts and seeking challenges in order to prove the worth of your lofty and romantic vision.

Proficiencies: Pick one skill, one tool kit, or one martial melee weapon; you are proficient with what you chose.

Equipment: Traveler's clothes, leather armor, sack, an old book about a legendary war or battle, one simple melee weapon in disrepair (if you chose proficiency with a martial melee weapon, you instead begin with that weapon in disrepair), one sentimental totem or personal item, one tool kit (only if you chose a tool kit as your skill proficiency).

Quixotic Origin

How did you become a wandering warrior? You can work with the DM to determine these things, or you can choose or roll on the table below to decide.

d8 Circumstances
1 I was once an honorable apprentice. My master was killed. I fight to avenge him or her.
2 I want to fight the evil of this world, and the courts are too slow.
3 I want to fight the good of this world, and the Lords of Sin are too merciful.
4 My family was ruined by a corrupt institution. I fight the system.
5 I was once an average soldier. I use my talents to earn gold.
6 I keep searching for a master, but they all turn me down.
7 My sanity is questionable. I have no grasp on reality. I see enemies everywhere.
8 I don't know why I do what I do, but I know nothing else.

Feature: Pied Piper

Children find you easy to trust. It is simple to convince them to help you, or hide you, or lie for you. In return, having a child that has bonded with you may give you inspiration. Domestic animals also tend to trust you and will often display affection toward you or work harder for you.

Suggested Characteristics

Quixotic Knights are a motley lot. Some seek justice, others chaos. You can work with the DM to determine these things, or you can choose or roll on the tables below to decide.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I display confidence at all times, especially when I don't know what I'm doing.
2 I believe in chivalry, but sometimes this trait manifests as misogyny.
3 I envy and admire professional soldiers.
4 I distrust any member of one specific race.
5 I am terrified of real life and wish only to live in my own fantasy world.
6 In conversation, I always have a response because I know something about everything (or at least I think I do).
7 I believe that simple folk must be defended, even if they are in the wrong.
8 I am endlessly optimistic.

d6 Ideal
1 Vengeance. My sole purpose in life is to avenge a wrong that was done to me or to someone else. (Any).
2 Vigilantism. I will do what the courts cannot. (Chaotic)
3 Chaos. Disorder is the only true order (Chaotic)
4 Helpfulness. If I can help others, it will make the world a better place. (Good)
5 Nobility. I will be an honorable knight like those in the stories (Lawful)
6 Fidelity. I fight for my god, king, or country (Lawful)

d6 Bond
1 My weapon, tool kit, or totem belonged to a loved one, and it is my most treasured possession.
2 Only one person truly understands me, and that person matters most to me.
3 The open road, under the expansive sky, is where I long to be.
4 I always have a soft spot for people who are poor or underprivileged.
5 The god or entity that I worship gives me great peace.
6 My trusty sidekick or squire (living or dead) is my best friend.

d6 Flaw
1 I have delusions (of grandeur or actual mental delusions).
2 I am a dreamer, but I don't pay any attention to the practical details.
3 I am obsessed with children and childhood.
4 I am more concerned with personal fame and what people think of me than I am with actually accomplishing great deeds.
5 I too easily trust nobles, knights, and other people in positions of power.
6 I think I know everything.

Variant: Quixotic Wizard

Quixotic Wizards are similar to Quixotic Knights in most respects. The nature of the Wizard's abilities is arcane rather than martial. Your skill, weapon, or tool proficiency should reflect this. Perhaps you are a failed sorcerer, or a Wizard's Academy student with great natural talent and no desire to study. Perhaps you are a blackballed student of an evil warlock master. Work with your DM to determine how best to develop this character.

Raised by Monsters

Medusa by LadyofHats  Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

You didn't have any sort of traditional upbringing. In fact, you were reared by what most people would call "monsters." Regardless of what type of creature raised you, your outlook on the world and on other species has been irrevocably altered and is now different from most people. Perhaps you understand other species better, or maybe you are more certain of the good of your own species. Your reasons for adventuring are now different as well, whether you see monsters as less deserving of death or more worthy of defeat. In any case, your upbringing means there aren't many others like you.

Skill Proficiencies: Survival, and choose either Arcana or Nature

Tool Proficiencies: Either cook's utensils, a gaming set, or a musical instrument

Languages: One of your choice (the language of the creatures that raised you)

Equipment: An item of cultural importance to the monsters that raised you, a good quality weapon appropriate to the monsters that raised you, some crudely sewn clothing with a cloak, and a hide pouch with 10 silver pieces

Your "Parents"

Which type of monster raised you? You can work with the DM to determine it, or you can choose or roll on the table below to pick.

d8 Monster
1 I was raised by aarakocra.
2 I was raised by a dragon.
3 I was raised by giants.
4 I was raised by lizardfolk.
5 I was raised by medusa.
6 I was raised by minotaurs.
7 I was raised by orcs.
8 I was raised by worgs.

Feature: Monster Whisperer

You have a deep understanding of the type of creatures that reared you. You are good at predicting the motivations and desires of monsters of the type that brought you up. For example, if you were raised by frost giants, you are good at knowing what creatures with the "giant" type want. You only understand these creatures in a general sense; for example, if you come across a gang of ogres, you don't know what that specific gang desires, but you know that in general ogres tend to be motivated by food and plunder.

Suggested Characteristics

Having been raised by monsters, you tend to have difficulty fitting in with those of your own species. Perhaps you have picked up some of the alien mannerisms or sounds of the monsters that brought you up, maybe you are rough around the edges, or maybe you simply don't understand what is expected of you in a social sense. You might learn to fit in better the more you are among other species, but in times of stress, this social veneer tends to crumble, showing the monster-child underneath.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I see the world through the eyes of the monsters that raised me. Their desires are deeply ingrained in me.
2 One person's monster is another person's loved one.
3 I am always open to new experiences. You never know what another species can teach you.
4 I love adventure, but maybe not for the reasons you do.
5 Always going with the flow is the way I live. I had to be that way to survive.
6 I am introverted around my own species. I just don't know how to act.
7 I worry a lot. Being raised by those very different from me affected me psychologically.
8 I was never taught to regulate my emotions, because my "parents" didn't have the same emotions.

d6 Ideal
1 Species. The monsters that raised me, or my own species, matter most to me. (Neutral)
2 Sympathy. Every sentient being needs to be understood and empathized with. (Good)
3 Adventure. I aim to become an adventurer, but maybe not for the common reasons. (Any)
4 Ferocity. By being monstrously fierce, I can make sure I get what I want. (Evil)
5 Treasure. I love wealth. Give me treasure. (Chaotic)
6 Wisdom. Learning more about the ways of others and the world is the key to self-awareness. (Any)

d6 Bond
1 I care most about protecting the species of monster that reared me.
2 My most treasured possession is a ring given to me by my "parent."
3 I feel closely connected to a dungeon or lair that my "parents" used to live in. It is home.
4 I feel a connection to other adventurers. At least they have experience with monsters.
5 Every monster is an abomination, and I hate them all.
6 I need to find parental figures of my own species.

d6 Flaw
1 I always make social gaffes.
2 When I am under stress, I exhibit the mannerisms of my monster parents, such as growling, screeching, or roaring.
3 I tend to be emotionally needy when it comes to members of my own species.
4 I lose my temper easily and act inappropriately.
5 I feel a really, really strong need to fit in wherever I am.
6 I fly off the handle when I hear others dismiss any type of sentient creatures as "just monsters."


You spent years fighting the Lords of Sin and their dark folk lackeys. Maybe you unlawfully provided comfort and aid to those who needed it, maybe you engaged in a network of organized resistance, or maybe you actually took up arms and fought using guerrilla warfare against orcish troops; in any case, you risked your life to stand up against the evil that has overtaken Farland. Now that you have either moved to one of the Liberated Kingdoms or the kingdom in which you live has been freed, you find that you learned a great deal about the world from the danger you risked in your past.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Investigation

Tool Proficiencies: You are proficient with either a disguise kit or a forgery kit.

Languages: One of your choice (the language of those you rebelled against)

Equipment: The tool kit you have proficiency with, a set of common clothes, padded armor, a simple melee weapon, a tinderbox, a torch, and a flask of oil

Freedom Fighter

What role did you play in rebelling against those who controlled your kingdom? Choose what type of rebel you were, or roll on the table below.

d8 Role
1 I created and distributed pamphlets that mocked the Dark Forces and inspired courage in the oppressed.
2 I was a bandit in the forest who robbed from the dark troops and used the spoils to feed the hungry.
3 I helped slaves escape from their bondage.
4 I provided food and supplies to other rebels.
5 I engaged in sabotage, doing things like poisoning wells and burning military buildings when I could.
6 I helped protect and run the temple of priests who secretly worshiped the gods of good.
7 I served as a spy and passed information to the Elven Shadow Walkers.
8 I served as a spy for one of the other Lords of Sin, not the one in whose kingdom I lived.

Feature: Rabble Rouser

When you enter a community, you can determine fairly quickly who is dissatisfied with the local leadership. Given a sufficient amount of time, you can foment this dissatisfaction until you drum up a mob that will protest or otherwise express displeasure. The mob will not engage in violence on your behalf. It is very difficult to determine that you were the person responsible for the creation of the mob. If local leadership does not effectively deal with the civil disturbance or with you, you might eventually be able to turn it into open rebellion. How widespread or powerful this rebellion is, or how long it lasts, is up to your DM.

Suggested Characteristics

Some rebels are courageous freedom fighters, some are careful organizers, some are cowardly spies, and some are iconoclasts who simply delight in anarchy.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am grim and humorless.
2 I always listen rather than speak, for I don't know what information others might reveal that may come in handy to me.
3 I believe that discretion is the better part of valor, although I am no coward.
4 I put others above myself, and I work for the greater good.
5 I am not afraid of pain, and sometimes I welcome it to focus me.
6 I strongly resent people who have served in the military.
7 I will take great measures not to stand out and not to be memorable.
8 I grow restless when I have been in one place for too long.

d6 Ideal
1 Freedom. People deserve to be free, and they deserve to pick their own rulers. (Chaotic)
2 Organization. Meticulous planning is the route to success. (Lawful)
3 Knowledge. Knowing as much as you can about those who oppose you will make you more dangerous to them. (Any)
4 Courage. I will stand fast in the face of overwhelming odds. (Any)
5 Charity. Helping the oppressed is the most valuable thing. (Good)
6 Decision. Hesitate and you are lost. (Neutral)

d6 Bond
1 My brothers in the rebellion (living and dead) will always be in my heart.
2 A god of light saw me through the Dark Conquest, and I revere him or her.
3 I was driven to rebel in hopes of winning the freedom (and devotion) of my true love.
4 I have a portrait of my father or mother who was killed in the rebellion. His or her sacrifice led me to fight for freedom.
5 The most important thing to me is the ideal of political freedom, and I strongly hold to a certain political ideology.
6 I believe that there is nothing wrong with being lawfully in service to a liege; I rebelled against those in power because I support a different liege.

d6 Flaw
1 I can't take a joke, and I get offended easily.
2 I am a political fanatic and will harshly debate anyone who disagrees with my politics.
3 I am an unrealistic idealist and am never satisfied with the current situation; I am always dreaming up ways I could personally make it better.
4 Because I engaged in subterfuge, I am always suspicious of others and suspect that they are being duplicitous.
5 The sight of troops bearing the insignia of one of the Lords of Sin drives me into a near-mindless rage.
6 I will drop everything and everyone to help people who I (rightly or wrongly) perceive as politically oppressed.


The thing that stands out most in your past is the time you spent fleeing from disaster. Perhaps you fled one of the Occupied Kingdoms when you learned that Kale, Kelerak, and Daven had been freed. Maybe you lived on the border of one of the Liberated Kingdoms and the constant border skirmishes between the liberated and dark folk armies dispossessed you. Whatever the reason, you had to leave your beloved home behind and eke out a living in a place where you were not wanted.

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Survival

Tool Proficiencies: You are proficient with either any single mount listed in the PHB (but not an elephant, mastiff, or warhorse) or a single drawn vehicle.

Languages: One of your choice (the language of the land you grew up in but fled)

Equipment: Two-person tent, bedroll, travelers clothes, fishing tackle, iron pot, shovel

Reason for Flight

You can choose or roll on the table below to figure out what caused you to leave your homeland.

d6 Role
1 When you learned that some kingdoms had been liberated, you fled the yoke of the Dark Conquest.
2 Your village was located on the border of a Liberated and Occupied Kingdom, and the incessant raiding made life there too dangerous.
3 Chaos or civil war in your own kingdom caused you to flee.
4 A natural disaster like an earthquake or flood dispossessed you.
5 You fled from a disease outbreak like the plague.
6 You fled from an outbreak of lycanthropes, undead, or other supernatural disaster.

Feature: Survivor

Out of necessity, you are good at making do with less. You don't like to do so, but when you have to, you are able to subsist for up to two weeks on half as much food and drink as others in a similar circumstance would need. You must then eat and drink normally for twice the amount of time that you deprived yourself. You are also fairly good (though not infallible) at predicting when a certain geographical area might face danger. For example, you are skilled at predicting bad winters or the likelihood of an impending invasion. You are no better than anyone else at predicting dangers to your own person. You can't necessarily tell better than anyone else when an certain enemy is going to attack you personally, for example.

Suggested Characteristics

Refugees develop various attitudes to help them survive. Some get sunk in despondency and depression, while others choose to have a positive attitude about whatever fate sends their way. Some feel that survival at all costs is the only thing that matters.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I am depressed and tend to have a negative outlook.
2 I always look on the bright side of every situation, and I often count my lucky stars.
3 I am often wistful, and I get lost in my memories a lot.
4 I value friendship and family, and I tend to be very outgoing.
5 I sometimes resent those who have managed to make a place for themselves.
6 I love to learn new things.
7 I believe in being polite in almost every circumstance.
8 I am all business. I especially have no patience for bureaucracies or long waits.

d6 Ideal
1 Safety. Personal security and safety is important. (Neutral)
2 Foresight. Predicting what will come can provide safety. (Lawful)
3 Work Ethic. Always working as hard as I can will make me valuable anywhere I am. (Lawful)
4 Survival. I will do anything--anything-- to survive. (Evil)
5 Stoicism. What will be will be. No use in trying to fight against it. (Neutral)
6 People. People, especially family, are what matter. Possessions mean little. (Good)

d6 Bond
1 My heart will always lie in my homeland. I want to eventually return there for good.
2 My family (living or dead) means the most to me.
3 I have a book of folk tales from my homeland. I treasure this possession.
4 I will prove that I am brave. I will no longer run from danger.
5 An enclave of refugees took me in. They later founded a new community. This small community is my new home.
6 I have learned that nowhere should be called home. If I never settle down, I can never be dispossessed.

d6 Flaw
1 I have a sharp tongue and a biting wit.
2 I hate the people or thing that drove me from my home, and I have trouble talking about anything else.
3 I horde small objects and possessions against the day when I have nothing, even though those small objects are valueless.
4 I sometimes am too quick to withdraw from a situation.
5 I have a tendency to say I know things that I don't, because I feel it makes others perceive me as more valuable.
6 I sometimes become sulky and sullen.

Vampire Heart by Pulvis

Undead Hunter

Perhaps your family was killed by an undead horde, or maybe your sister or mother was taken by a vampire's entrancing gaze, never to be seen again. Very possibly you or your family live in or around Daven, and the living dead have been part of your life since before you can remember. Whatever your reasons, your past experiences with the undead changed your life forever.

The undead hunter has few interests aside from destroying the walking dead. This single-mindedness usually makes you a social outcast. You will work with others as events dictate, but you tend to keep companions at arm's length. Undead hunters tend to be dark and brooding and are always on the lookout for signs of the undead.

Skill Proficiencies: Religion and Survival

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism Kit

Equipment: Traveler's clothes, herbalism kit, belt pouch with 10 sps, vial of Holy Water, holy symbol, lamp, hammer, 3 wooden stakes, shovel.

The Dark Path

What led you down this road? What encounter with the living dead made you into the person you are today? You can work with the DM to determine these things, or you can choose or roll on the table below to decide.

d8 Circumstances
1 I was raised in a family of undead hunters. The hate for the undead has been with me since childhood.
2 A loved one was killed in front of me by an undead.
3 In my youth, I was almost killed by an undead, and I barely escaped.
4 After a run-in with a group of zombies, I found I have a knack for killing undead.
5 After my village was overrun by an undead horde, an undead hunter found me and took me in.
6 My adventuring group was slaughtered by a host of undead, but I managed to escape.
7 I once had been a servant to a vampire, but after the monster was slain I had my freedom and a new cause.
8 I received what I believe to be a sign from my deity that led me to cleanse the world of these horrors.

Feature: Haven from the Haunted

The path you walk is a dark one and few can understand the horrors you face. You spend many nights alone in the wild, waiting and watching for the living dead to rise. In times of need, you often can find respite in the churches, temples, and shrines of the faithful. Churches and temples will provide you with food, drink, shelter, and the warmth of a fire to help keep the horrors away, at least temporarily. If you stay at a church, shrine, or temple for a few days, you are able to learn about local undead lore by studying holy tomes and speaking with the keepers of these holy places.

Suggested Characteristics

Undead hunters come from all walks of life and upbringings. Most walk a thin line between the world of the living and the world of the dead; others may have slipped over that line. You can work with the DM to determine your personality, ideal, bond, and flaw, or you can choose or roll on the tables below to decide.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I always insist on keeping the watch.
2 During conversations, I always seem to turn the subject towards the living dead.
3 I am uncomfortable around the living.
4 I am grim and brooding.
5 I have a habit of keeping "trophies" from the undead I have slain.
6 I try very hard-- sometimes too hard-- to prove that I fit in with the people around me.
7 I find a grim humor in every situation.
8 If I have the time, I always give final rites to the undead I have slain.

d6 Ideal
1 Righteousness. I am the weapon of my god. I am tasked with cleansing this filth from the world. (Good)
2 Revenge. Nothing will stop me from punishing the undead. (Any)
3 Aspiration. I will be the best there is at what I do, though what I do isn't pretty. (Neutral)
4 Power. In the living dead I will find the secret to great power and endless life. (Evil)
5 Assistance. I will always help those who are terrorized by the walking dead. (Good)
6 Discovery. I do what I do because I am fascinated by the undead and wish to learn about them. (Any)

d6 Bond
1 My God is my life. All that I am and all that I do is for him or her.
2 I seek the undead that killed my loved one; nothing will stop me until the beast is dead.
3 Daven is my beloved homeland, and I will give my life to rid it of the living dead.
4 I have an ancient tome that taught me about undeath, and I read it every chance I get.
5 My lucky holy symbol has saved me more than once, and I treasure it.
6 I love plants and flowers, since they remind me of natural, unspoiled life.

d6 Flaw
1 In battle, I always focus on undead, even if greater threats are present.
2 I have a compulsion to consume the flesh of the dead.
3 I am tormented by horrible nightmares.
4 There is one kind of undead that I truly fear and that I have trouble facing.
5 I always tell stupid, offensive jokes and sing annoying songs to keep away my own fear.
6 People find my stare very unsettling, but I can't seem to stop staring at people.