Bestraville, a Town in Kelerak

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Facts about Bestraville
Places of Interest in Bestraville
Businesses and Professions found in Bestraville

Facts about Bestraville

Who rules: Nominally, Lord Hroald has assumed power after the ousting of the orcs. Actually, High Deacon of Bestra, Sybil, rules, as she is the most influential person in town.

Population: 1,394 people in the town and in the surrounding areas.

Major products: Ale, Crops, Metal Goods, Milled Wood, Religious Iconography

Armed Forces: Bestraville has 13 full time guards led by Alan Ack-Blanco, with the ability to conscript 100 more in time of trouble. The actual might of Bestraville, however, lies in its clandestine protectors. A powerful group of rangers, the Woodsmen, patrols the surrounding vicinity and slays any evil creatures that enter. A group of Druids assist the Woodsmen.

Bestraville is a religious center in Kelerak, South of the Hilly Crags. Bestraville, though a small community, is an important one, as it is considered a sacred site to the goddess Bestra. The famous priestess Lora Ada-Dorhan is said to have received a holy vision from the goddess herself that directed her to build the grand temple to Bestra that dominates the town, and the priestess' finger bones, holy relics that are said to specially bless the town, rest on the altar of the temple. While the town was controlled by the dark folk during the occupation of Kelerak, the evil creatures found the town environs unpleasant and disturbing, and they thus despoiled the town less than most communities in Kelerak. After the liberation, the damage of the dark folk was quickly repaired, and the town now flourishes due to the coin of the many devout Kelerites on pilgrimage.

Places of Interest in Bestraville

The main place of note in Bestraville is the grand temple to Bestra, which sits in the east of the town. A smaller temple to Heshtail lies on the western outskirts of the town, on the banks of the Cragrill. The town has a flourishing mill, brewery, and smithy, as well as a general store. Pilgrims favor the Great Bear inn, in the southeast corner of town, while locals frequent Holden's Tavern in the north of town. The lord of the town lives in an well appointed mansion that can be found in the northwest corner of the community. The Woodsmen meet in Woodhall in the northeast corner.

Businesses and Professions found in Bestraville

2 Bakers
4 Shoemaker
3 Barber
3 Blacksmiths
4 Brewers
4 Butchers
4 Carpenters
30 Farmers
10 Hunters
2 Inn Keepers
7 Maidservants
4 Masons
2 Merchants 4 Mill Wrights
2 Priests
5 Tanner
3 Roofers
4 Furriers
4 Water carriers
2 Pursemakers
2 Coopers
4 Chicken Butchers
4 Weavers