An Epic

The Village of Bestraville

A religious center in Kelerak, South of the Hilly Crags

Who rules: Nominally, Lord Hroald has assumed power after the ousting of the orcs. Actually, High Deacon of Bestra, Sybil, rules as she is the most influential person in town.

Money Limit: 700

Population: 1,394 people in the town and in the surrounding areas.

Major products: Ale, Textiles, Crops

Armed Forces: Bestraville has 13 full time guards led by Alan Ack-Blanco, with the ability to conscript 100 more in time of trouble. The actual might of Bestraville, however, lies in its clandestine protectors. A powerful group of rangers, the Woodsmen, patrols the surrounding vicinity and slays any evil creatures that enter. A group of Druids assist the Woodsmen.

Wealth: The total wealth of the town is around 33,000 silver pieces, all told. Thus an individual could not spend any more than about 450 silver pieces at once without harming the economy.