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Major Locations in Caelestin
    The Roaring Plains
    Allfruits Forest
    The Silver Keep
    The Coatl Heights
    Dunes of the Unthirsting
Other Locations
    Meditation Moor/ Everbloom Meadows
    The Prismatic Mountains
    Jengu Seas
Angelic Paragons of Caelestin
Angels Native to Caelestin

Major Locations in Caelestin

The Roaring Plains

The Roaring Plains are so named for the battle cries of the Transcendent Host, the Caelestinian armies who train here in readiness for the next great war against the Hells. Though their Overmarshal, the Keruv Jibrael, has not been carrying out his duties for some three thousand years, being distracted by matters pertaining to the Material Plane, the Transcendent Host continues to prepare for the grim inevitability of future conflict.

Unlike most such locations across the planes, however, the Roaring Plains are fertile and vibrant, tilled and tended to by the very soldiers who train for war upon them. Villages and graze-lands abound throughout the Roaring Plains, offering comfort to the armies that following their hardship and eventual triumph, there is something to return home to that is not simply more churned earth and barrack tents.

Allfruits Forest

On the border of the Roaring Plains lies the vast Allfruits Forest, a sanctuary of healing and calm nourished by the Lethe, where the ills of mortality are forgotten. The trees are constantly bearing fruit of all kinds, hence the name, and the moment that one falls or is plucked, it regrows as ripe and delicious as before. It is tended to by treants and unicorns, and regularly visited by paladins and angels from across Caelestin who wish to remind themselves of what they are fighting for. Reeanan herself has been known to walk under the boughs and reassure those souls who find themselves here.

Angel art. By David Calebrese. CC-BY-NC-ND.

The Silver Keep

The Silver Keep is the home of Heshtail the Merciful and Reeanan the Bright. From here the benevolent gods rule over Caelestin and direct the eternal struggle against Evil across the planes. Angels of all kinds, from across the planes, are present here in untold numbers, carrying news and saved souls to their rightful afterlife. The immediate area around it is explicitly barred to any who bear weaponry outside of war, and not even the Saraf Uriel may go armed in defiance of this injunction.

Atop the Azure Pinnacle, highest of the great watchtowers of the keep, can be found the nest of gentle-hearted Awanyu. The smallest and most innocent of his siblings, Awanyu took up residence here to avoid the violence of the other planes, and by personal command of Heshtail himself, left unvisited for over five thousand years. This is not to say that he has remained in his isolation for all this time, as whenever his brethren have need of him, he has emerged to aid them despite his many fears.


These great mountains of Caelestin were originally part of the Roaring Plains, until Khuldul Rockcarver decreed that it would not do, and by his own hand raised them up as a suitable afterlife for his creations. Now dwarves and gnomes are brought here upon their death, to give praise to their gods and continue the works at which they excelled in life under the guidance of Dhurli Ironbeard and Barlifandorf themselves.

Fel-Gabul has miles upon miles of tunnels and chambers that no surface-dweller can navigate without going mad, but there are always guides available for those in need. All paths within the mountains eventually lead to the temple-fort of Fel-Gabul itself. Hewn from the interior of the Shadow Mountain, it is an impregnable bastion against all harm, and also holds the Prison of Corruption, wherein the Urmartyr Azazel withstands the corrosive torment of Evil drawn out of his angelic allies exposed to its insidious nature.

The Shadow Mountain itself is topped by the personal training arena of Sgathaich, maker and bearer of the Dominion Gaebolg the Elderspear. Sgathaich is only rarely approached by celestials wishing to learn the ways of war, for most know themselves to be too limited to learn the disparate arts which she teaches, and are wary of those techniques which were originally taught to Sgathaich by fiends or other such unsavory beings.


Shortly after the first dwarven souls made their way to Fel-Gabul, they disparaged the forgiving and soft justice to be found in the court of Heshtail, and the soul of King Walin I himself supplicated Khuldul to permit the creation of a more severe hall of justice. The core of the argument was that, no matter how admirable and benevolent were acts of forgiveness and offers of redemption, there would always be some who would simply exploit infinite Goodness for their own gain.

Khuldul agreed, and so Udamuzin was established within Fel-Gabul, and Walin was appointed as its supreme judge. Whilst the Cogitean courts surpass it in dedication to absolute Law, Udamuzin is grudgingly acknowledged by even the Barathean fiends as an equal to their own. Indeed, the verdicts passed in Udamuzin are even upheld by the Judiciary of Sheol, and vice versa.

The Coatl Heights

As the name suggests, the mountains on the border of Fel-Gabul belong to the race of coatls, and overlook the Phlegethian Emergence. It is hard to say whether the river or the mountains are the more radiant, however, as the coatls blaze with a blinding brilliance whilst in Caelestin that leaves the entire territory almost without shadow. Many other creatures such as qilin and tatsu also live here.

Dunes of the Unthirsting

Fruitful forests and rolling fields, and gentle seas and majestic peaks, are the typical view of Caelestin, yet such things are not the heavenly reward that all expect or would be comfortable with. The Dunes of the Unthirsting are a great desert sparkling with oases, yet provide even for those who prefer the sands by removing any need for sustenance for those that travel within them.

Other Locations in Caelestin

Meditation Moor/ Everbloom Meadows

Meditation Moor is the name given to the cool, mist-veiled region where most paladins and monks, and not a few clerics, find themselves sooner or later. Here, those who looked within themselves for the courage to stand up against Evil and were rewarded for their faith with the power to succeed can continue their introspective journey even in death. Hamlets and monasteries abound, respectful of each other, but not truly isolated.

Nearby, relatively speaking, are the Everbloom Meadows that serve as a halfway point between the reclusive inhabitants of Meditation Moor and the greater congregations of the Roaring Plains. Those who wish for a greater sense of community live here, never quite building past agrarian townships to lose that simple connection to the land, and it truly seems that everyone here knows the name of everyone else.

The Prismatic Mountains

Rising up on both sides of the Phlegethos as it returns from the Caelestinian Confluence, the Prismatic Mountains are home to the souls of dragons, metallic and chromatic alike, as well as such beings as wyverns and dragonborn who have earned the rewards of Caelestin. Though few places in the Heavens could truly be described as dangerous, this region perhaps comes closest to being such, for the pride and majesty of draconic species is easy to offend even in death.

Jengu Seas

Four glittering seas can be found on Caelestin, wherein the most compassionate and gentle of souls are taken to be changed, if they so wish, into the jengu angels. Almost uniquely among immortals, jengu have no terror of the Cocytus, though it does cause them some disquiet, and they are able to swim the Five Rivers without coming to harm. Their seas are intended to strengthen the souls being transformed into them, so that they can endure the hardships enough to carry out their duties.

The largest is landlocked, and is where the process of change begins. The next biggest borders the Frictional Barrier and offers insight into some of the planar energies that must be faced. The third lies between the two paths of the Acheron as it flows to and from the Confluence, so that the almost-angels gain practical experience in the Five Rivers. The last, smallest sea is actually on the Cocytus itself, so as to ensure that the jengu know exactly what it feels like to travel on that most strange of rivers.

Angelic Paragons of Caelestin


Domain: The Chamber of Veracity, within the Silver Keep
Position: Caelestian Prime Confessor
Significant Titles : The Indisputable, Herald of Benevolence, Angelfather, First of Paladins
Primary Adjutant: Jibrael
Other Adjutants: Asherah and Azazel

A Brief Overview

In the early days, many of those who died and reach Caelestin were overwhelmed by the sanctity of the plane, and despite knowing that it had not kept them from this reward, nevertheless broke down at their perceived failings in life. So it was that Heshtail brought forth Uriel to comfort these poor souls, and reassure them that they were deserving of this gloried afterlife.

As the centuries went on, Uriel came to understand that there were others who felt unworthy, but who were technically beyond his remit - those who had gone to Efferenus and Aeron. Now it was Uriel who wept, wishing that he could help them and knowing he could not, until he was approached with a suggestion by the extremely unexpected Kenyotl, the Saraf of Bel.

Together, the Sarafai crafted a race of angels to travel the Heavens and work to reassure the souls of all three planes of Good. These were the jengu, who could move through the Five Rivers as easily as on land, but were unable to cause harm to others, making them almost useless in the eyes of the Keruvai and many older kinds of angels. Though wise Heshtail saw their value and sought to give due credit to Kenyotl, the strange Nemuxite Saraf refused it entirely, and so Uriel is today thought of as the sole originator of the jengu angels.

More honestly, Uriel is also credited with devising the first oaths of paladinhood, having sworn one himself to Heshtail and then modifying it for somewhat less specific use. Paladins who take their oaths in the Caelestin dialect, and who are sufficiently learned in its subtle meanings, might notice that Uriel's name is present in the invocation, thus acknowledging his role in their long and gloried heritage.

He is also the only celestial confirmed to be respected by Asmodeus, and the pair fought alongside each other across both of their native planes during the Incursion From Beyond. Nobody is so foolish as to suggest they are on good terms, however. Uriel has sworn to bring about the death of Asmodeus if it is literally the last thing he ever does, and equally Asmodeus has stated that killing Uriel will be satisfying on a purely personal level.


Domain: None
Position: Overmarshal of the Transcendent Host
Significant Titles : Warden of the Jewel, Wrath of Heaven, He of Many Scars
Adjutants: None

A Brief Overview

Jibrael is one of the oldest and mightiest of all angels, predating both Saraf and Keruv, and sees them as being far too specialized to be of real use in the battles against the Hells, unless they are deployed against Godsliver Fiends or creatures of similar power. Having survived many an encounter with such archfiends, though grievously wounded each time, Jibrael understands better than most just what awaits the Heavenly armies should the Ontological War resume in earnest.

He is eager to avoid the open warfare that would come of this, however, seeing the advantages of working through the spreading of the Good religions on the Material Plane, regardless of which ones they are. In his time, he has worked to further the cause of Bestra and Kantor, Tal-Allustiel and Khuldul, even the more neutral deities such as Neltak and Dekk. Even his dedication falters when it comes to Bel, however, and he settles for leaving that faith alone entirely to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Despite being of Caelestin, he is loyal to the precepts of Goodness first, for he believes that both Law and Chaos may be harnessed against the infinitely greater threat of Evil. The simplest of mathematical deductions tells him that fully five of the nine Ontological Forces may be directed against three of the remainder, which would give them a considerable advantage.

This overt focus upon the moral battlefield of the Material Plane has made him unpopular, however, and as a consequence of attempting to prove his point he has not actually been carrying his duties in Caelestin for some three thousand years. Nobody is entirely sure at any given moment where he has gone or what he is doing, though he was recently sighted in the Penumbra. This, naturally, only raised further questions without answers.


Domain: The Prison of Corruption, somewhere in Fel-Gabul
Position: Caelestian Absolutionist
Significant Titles : Averter of Evil, Urmartyr, He Who Undoes Sin, The Tormented One

A Brief Overview

Corruption is an insidious and dreadful thing, and it was a minor angel by the name of Azazel who began to see it first in the eyes and sneers of his fellows as they returned from warring against the fiends. He went to the Saraf Uriel for advice and left unmollified, fretting over the rumors of angels acting as monstrously as any fiend.

It would not be until he observed the desperation of primitive mortals, banishing the sick or criminal from their ranks, that inspiration came to him; for he had also observed some of these crude creatures risking themselves to care for those who posed only a danger to them. Azazel decided that the best thing to do would be to blend the philosophies and reduce the harm caused to a minimum.

First he devised a way to absorb the corruption worming its way into his angelic peers, taking it on himself and freeing them of its taint. Next, he removed himself from others to prevent him from doing anything injurious. Finally, to ensure that the Evil eating away at him did not make him reconsider, Azazel went before Khuldul Rockcarver and asked to be sealed away until the infection was expunged.

The process was long and arduous, but Azazel remained bound within Fel-Gabul for millennia, gradually purifying the Evil in him and making him whole again. Under extremely controlled conditions, others who were beginning to succumb to the lure of Evil were presented to him, that he might take on their corruption also - unfortunately, extending his suffering still further. Azazel spent several centuries recovering from this great work, and remains ever willing to return to his prison, where he is currently serving out another century, should the need arise again.


Domain: The Shadow Mountain, above Fel-Gabul
Position: Kyreion Polemis
Significant Titles : Paragon of Battle, The First Warrior, Tutor of the Masters, The Undefeated

A Brief Overview

Sgathaich is a true rarity among the planes as an accidental and unforeseen creation. Her birth coincided with the infamous first meeting of celestial and fiend in Concordia, when gentle Absalom was attacked by savage Furcas, and the overpowered angel cried out in pain and fear. Sgathaich burst into existence between the two, at once shielding Absalom and slaying Furcas with a single blow.

As the demon's soul struggled to flee back to Malor and reconstitute itself, Sgathaich seized it with a great cry, and tore the soul asunder. Even then the fragments writhed in her grip, protesting her remaking of them into a weapon worthy of the first warrior of the Heavens - this was the Dominion Gaebolg, the Elderspear, which she has wielded ever since.

Since then, Sgathaich has honed her deadly craft into a true art by acknowledging her own limitations, yet finding ways of overcoming them. She has approached celestial and fiend alike humbly, asking to learn of their unique combat styles and techniques, and incorporated their teachings into her own. Legendarily, she even asked to duel Kantor the Crusader, and the warrior god was so impressed by her audacity and passion that he permitted her the singular honor of fighting him to a draw - a display of mutual skill to inspire awe in the onlookers to this day.

Sgathaich continued to meet with Absalom for many centuries, growing ever fonder of his peaceful nature and of his concern for her, until at last from their love was born Morrhigu. If anything, Sgathaich has become more deadly since then, and only Absalom's serene arguments have kept her from responding to the slightest threat against Caelestin with overwhelming and disproportionate force. Though her authority is ostensibly derived from the Concordian Keruv Astarte, it is becoming more and more clear that Sgathaich's true loyalties lie first and only with her family.


Domain: The Roaring Plains, surrounding the Silver Keep
Position: Kyreion Polemis
Significant Titles : Warcrow, Crimson Lady, She of Emerald Gaze, Poet of Woes

A Brief Overview

Morrhigu, daughter of the gentle angel Absalom and the combative celestial Sgathaich, is blessed with qualities from each of her parents - for whilst she will bring destruction to any enemy without hesitation, she will then mourn their unnecessary death and seek to praise their virtues out of respect. In this regard, she has even earned a rare word of praise from Adramelech, when Morrhigu offered to stand as a second for the fiend when he duelled Israfel, to demonstrate a sense of fairness.

In the early wars between the elves of light and shadow, the Swan Queen Celewen often invoked Morrhigu, for at that time the celestial had been present in the court of Tal-Allustiel. Against the orders of her superiors back in Caelestin, Morrhigu passed on secret instructions enabling her to be summoned into the Material Plane. When Celewen turned her gaze to the city of Talas, ostensibly the new capitol of the treacherous Al-Dustriel family, Morrhigu led the assault which breached its walls.

The subsequent attempted genocide of Al-Dustriel and their supporters, however, led Morrhigu to spurn Celewen thereafter, and spoke ill of this evil deed to members of House Aradune. In later years, the descendants of these elves would themselves break away, and took the memory of Morrhigu with them into exile to the Luvam Wood. Though the practice is dying out among modern Ranarim, historically they used to show honor to their fallen opponents with song and rhyme, just as Morrhigu taught them.

Morrhigu herself has only recently completed her penance for disobeying orders, in part because she still refuses to say that she was morally wrong for doing so. That did not stop her from becoming a Kyreion, however, and she has since taken up residence on the Roaring Plains of Caelestin, endlessly training new soldiers, and sending those who show the most promise to Sgathaich.


Domain: The Azure Pinnacle, atop the Silver Keep
Position: Independent, Cleansed
Significant Titles : The Pacifist Soldier, Most Fearsome One, Timid Dragon, The Stuttering Skyserpent

A Brief Overview

Awanyu is one of the oldest spawn of the abominable Elderfiend Ulupi. He was hatched from her very first clutch, one of many left in the dust of Carcus to live or die as chance willed, and at best intended to be nothing more than another horror of the Hells. That destiny was changed when he and his siblings were found by Tiamat. She saw them only as rivals, many being far too similar to herself in appearance, and immediately began to devour them.

This infanticide was halted by the arrival of Ladon and Nakhash, primordial dragonlords of Tanis, who were ironically investigating rumors of the death of several dragon-like Godsliver Fiends by one of their own. The pair engaged Tiamat in battle, ultimately giving their lives to distract her whilst their aides stole the five surviving hatchlings away. Much to everyone's relief, as the hatchlings grew they proved to be neither inherently evil, nor otherwise defiled by the power of Carcus.

Awanyu eventually took up residence in Caelestin, feeling secure in the company of both law-abiding and good-hearted celestials. Always the smallest and most nervous of his siblings, he sought the most peaceful and quiet of places, with about as much success as can be expected. Gracious Heshtail, sensing his worry, personally allowed Awanyu to make his nest upon the very highest tower of the Silver Keep, and ordered that he be left alone without extremely good reason. No celestial has visited him in over five thousand years.

Whale art. CCO.

However, Awanyu is not the coward that many deride him as. Despite his siblings insisting he may remain behind in safety, and truthfully promise they would think no less of him for it, he always joins them against their mutual enemies. In times of desperate need, Awanyu even removes his self-imposing limitations, pulling victory from the jaws of defeat and fighting with the full unrestrained might that is his to command. Though he weeps at the destruction afterwards, terrified of his own strength, his siblings are always there to comfort him and bring him back home.

Angels Native to Caelestin

Jengus are a recent addition to the Heavens, though their ability to cross the planes at will by means of the Five Rivers has made them appear across the universe in short order. A jengu is clearly only really at home in the water, for its lack of legs means it must hover awkwardly above land, usually folding its broad fins against its sides. When unfurled however, these fins stretch out to a span of some fifty feet, blazing with a celestial radiance that is both warm and comforting.

One of the strangest things about jengus is that they are almost incapable of causing harm, barely able to injure another with their fists even if magically compelled to. A jengu will never fight even in self-defense, merely dodging or avoiding attacks whilst trying to escape or talk down their enemy, but will gladly give their lives to shield others from injury. Though their bodies look very fragile, a jengu can withstand tremendous amounts of damage in defense of another, and given time can heal almost any wound of those in their care.


Large Celestial, any good

Armor Class   17 (14 out of water)
Hit Points   210 (21d10+105)
Speed   fly 20 ft. swim 80 ft.

STR  5 (-3)   DEX  16 (+3)   CON  20 (+5)   INT  13 (+1)   WIS  18 (+4)   CHR  14 (+2)

Saves   Con +9, Wis +8
Skills   Insight +8, Medicine +8, Persuasion +6
Damage Resistances   bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks
Damage Immunities   radiant
Condition Immunities   exhausted, frightened, paralyzed
Senses   Truesight 30 ft., passive Perception 18
Languages   Dark vision 60 ft., Truesight 30 ft., passive Perception 18
Challenge   3 (700 XP)

Innate Spellcasting. The jengu's innate spellcasting ability is Wisdom (spell save DC 16, +8 to hit with spell attacks). It can innately cast the following spells, requiring no components:

At will: healing word, warding bond
3/day each: greater restoration, heal
1/day: regenerate

River native. The jengu is immune to all effects of the Five Rivers, and it extends this protection to all allies touching it or within the area of its Shielding Fins.

Soothing Illumination. The jengu perpetually shines with a warm light, creating bright light for 30 ft. around it, or up to 90 ft. if its fins are unfurled. Allies of the jengu within this area have advantage on saving throws against fear.


Multiattack. The jengu makes two fist attacks.

Fist. Melee Weapon Attack: +1 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 1 (1d6-3) bludgeoning damage plus 5 (1d10) radiant damage.

Banish (Recharge 6). The jengu speaks a powerful word of censure, targeting any fiend within 80 feet. The fiend must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or be hurled back to its native plane. If a fiend is already on its native plane, for the next 10 turns it cannot willingly move to a space within 30 feet of the jengu or take reactions. During this time, it tries to move as far away as it can from the jengu.

Shielding Fins. The jengu wraps its fins around its allies, creating a spherical shield against harm until the start of its next turn. A jengu may protect as many creatures as can fit inside a 10 foot-radius sphere centered on the jengu, granting them total cover against all effects from outside of this area. A jengu and the allies it protects in this way have resistance to all damage, and the jengu itself heals 13 (2d12) hit points. A jengu's swim speed is halved whilst using this action.