Calendars of Farland

Each race and geographical location has its own method of keeping track of time. The first two categories refer to the human kingdoms (the Eastern Lands consist of Farland the Great, Zeland and Orland, and the West consists of Kale, Kelerak and Daven.) Of course the demi-human races have their own calendars. All races except the goblinoids use a twelve-month calendar and a thirty-day month. Every second year there is a 10 day period, a sub-month, tacked on to the end of Vornos to make up for a calendar deficit that stems from the faulty Aelfarian calendar system. This sub-month is called Tanaros and is sacred to the Druidic dual god. In the West it is simply called Holiday, as many people (those who can afford it) spend the time celebrating and shirking societal restrictions. The next Tanaros occurs at the end of 8171 F.R.

Days of the Week Eastern Western Elven Dwarven
1st Wedae Westday Celebaer (silver) Angwan
2nd Khamdae Eastday Thinaer (grey) Borwan
3rd Hoarmdae Northday Finaer (red) Azwhan
4th Amdae Harpday Calaer (white) Gimwan
5th Suildae Seaday Glorfinaer (gold) Thelwan
6th Dwardae Dogday Glinaer (bright) Thorwan
7th Radae Southday Morthaer (dark) Khulwan

Month Eastern (human) Western (human)
1st Kantalos Kalt
2nd Neltalos Nelt
3rd Thrantos Thros
4th Bestalos Besel
5th Heshtalos Hest
6th Janoros Jans
7th Reeanos Reos
8th Flamgos Flame
9th Calbros Cabos
10th Dekkos Dekkos
11th Belos Belos
12th Vornos Darkenmonth

Month Elven Dwarven
1st Aeglal (Snow) Marin
2nd Valsal (Storms) Haudin
3rd Sulheral (Wind) Khuldin
4th Sulimal (Breath) Rhalin
5th Artanal (Flowers) Balhalin
6th Idrilal (Light) Dundin
7th Maural (Heat) Bundin
8th Naural (Fire) Mithrin
9th Silial (Moon) Dhurlin
10th Yavekal(Fruit) Khallin
11th Undomal(Twilight) Thetin
12th Vornal (Darkness) Wawin

Common Holidays: Midsummer, Harvest, Yule (25th of Belos), Dark Eve Falling (12th of Vornos), New Years (1st of Kantalos).

Here is a complete calendar for the year 8169 F.R. It contains phases of the moon, holidays, and celestial events.

Here is a calendar for the year 8170.

Here is a calendar for the year 8171, in excel format, organized in the customary way, able to be filled in by the user.

Here is a calendar for the year 8172 in excel format

Here is a calendar for the year 8173 in excel format.