An Epic

Campaign Journal Book Seven

Table of Contents

The Characters
Chapter One-- The Lord of Greed
Chapter Two-- The Lord of Wrath
Chapter Three-- A New Day Dawns

The Characters

Primary Characters-- the Lords of the West

Lord Payn Ack-Arthur, a weathered outdoorsman. The strong, silent type, Payn's conscience will not let him rest if his sword is inactive while danger threatens his homeland; Payn was recently adopted by the king of Kelerak, and he stands to inherit the throne.

Former War Jarl Malcall Grimson, another powerful barbarian. Malcall is a ravager and a berserker who dismays people by his manners and appearance. Originally his goal was only to fight and collect "souvenirs"; lately, he has come to care for the fate of the Liberated Kingdoms. He recently became War Jarl of his people, then renounced it.

Lord Valanduil of House Cirana, a noble elf and a Lord of Gloralion. His life's doom was to seek the Elven artifact called the Stone of Silence, which he recently recovered, lost, the recovered again. He now fights to put paid to the Lords of Sin once and for all.

Captain Galadwen of House Arduval, a lovely Elven women and an accomplished operative and ranking Shadow Walker. Her Lord Leanorfin has commanded her to lend her considerable archery and stealth skills to the Lords of the West as they fight evil with the eventual goal of destroying the Lord of Anger.

Secondary Characters

Selador of House Rolomin, an elven Shadow Walker cleric. He has joined the Lords of the West on the request of his captain, Lady Galadwen. He is an elf of great faith and determination.

Marshall Ada of the Church of Heshtail, a comely but serious young woman. A cleric of Heshtail, Ada believes that she is on a mission from her god to help Kelerak and her church by aiding the Lords of the West. She recently recovered her long-lost brother, then pursued him into the occupied East. She was enchanted, but has recovered.

Lord Bartarius of Dragonspur, a powerful Northman from Outelion and one of the new Lords of the Spur. Plagued by inner demons, Bartarius always attempts to forward the cause of Good, but often gives himself over to bloodlust. Bartarius currently leads the Spurite army on behalf of General Elmore and Lord Naglor.

Tharivol of House Meliane, an aloof Elven cleric. Charged by the Elvenking with helping his friend Valanduil in his quest for the Stone of Silence, Tharivol eventually returned to his own people.

Fundin Northammer, a cautious Dwarven cleric who is no longer with the group. He aided them greatly, however, when the Lord of Envy attacked Dragonspur by bringing a force of dwarves to help, and he continues to aid Dragonspur.

Rolindor Ack-Turpin, a battle mage and experienced tactician. Fleeing from the Ranulph Barony, which Afej recently conquered, Rolindor hoped to use the group to free his homeland. He currently serves as head of the Dragonspur battlemage college under Lord Yedus.

Dralin Ironshield, a powerful and greedy Dwarven cleric who is currently seeking the legendary Dwarf-hold Liferock in order to restore the Dwarves to their former glory. His whereabouts are unknown.

The Fallen

Tili Deepdelver, a powerful Dwarven warrior, fell defending the heroes during their attack on the Winged One. He lies in a hallowed cairn deep beneath the Hilly Crags.

Belshrum Stoneaxe, a berserk and freakish Dwarven warrior, Belshrum's fondest wish was to die in battle. His wish was granted when he fell during the group's exploration of Karn Keller.

Ragnor Ack-Rohan, a half-elven cleric/mage. Ragnor was a no-nonsense, pragmatic type who got the job done. He seemed closer in heritage to his human rather than his Elven ancestors in this respect. Ragnor heroically fell trying to keep secrets about the Stone of Silence from falling into enemy hands.

Gilbert Ack-Keler, a devastatingly powerful professional soldier, was the quintessential warrior. Gilbert aided the group out of loyalty to his city, East-of-Sky, and to Baron Oliver, whom he viewed as a grandfather. He returned to East-of-Sky when it was attacked by Afej and there fell in mortal combat defending his beloved city.

Ansgar Lodeson, a northern barbarian cleric. He had joined the Lords of the West out of a desire to serve Malcall, whom he saw as the greatest fighter and thus the Jarl in all the world most worthy of his service. He was killed by the mage khadufel.

Note: The events of this book occur after 8170, the year in which the rest of the articles on the site are set, and thus they are not canonical. They need not have happened in your game, and in fact it is recommended that you do not use them.

Chapter One-- The Lord of Greed

Once in the Belendale, the Lords of the West take some time to visit with Lady Payn and Marshall Ada, both of whom are traumatized by the outrages inflicted on them by the late Khadufel. The heroes also decide that they must quash Lovelace's revolt in Kelerak. They magically travel to Dragonspur City, where they consult with the king, who concurs with their plans. They then head to Wyvernia, where they confront Lovelace. Because of his past ties with Payn, the companions decide to spare the lord's life, but they tell Lovelace that his entire family will henceforth be "guests" of King Naglor, to live under guard in the Spur Fortress. They let Lovelace know in no uncertain terms that the revolt is over.

22nd of Dekkos, 8172 F.R.

The heroes then determine that the threat of the Lord of Greed must be dealt with. Steeling themselves, they head to Wawmar, the great dwarven stronghold. Once there, they manage to outsmart the troll guards and head into the massive volcano-city of the dwarves. They descend the 1000 feet to the crater floor, where they begin to traverse the city on the floor of the dormant volcano. In the center of the city, they are once again confronted by the lieutenant of the Lord of Greed, the giant Torm, but after a quick melee, they slay the half-giant/half-dragon once and for all. They then make their way to the massive stone door that leads to the lower halls of Wawmar. Yet the dragon is somehow aware of their presence, and he waits behind the door. When the Lords of the West discover this, they attempt to flee, because they have not readied themselves with magic, yet the dragon has the drop on them. The beast attacks viciously, but the heroes return the attack with equal fervor. A fierce battle is joined, but the magic of Valanduil proves fateful, as he is able to make the dragon dance uncontrollably while making it unable to defend itself. This powerful spell makes the dragon vulnerable to the slashing swords of Malcall and Payn and the arrows of Galadwen. After several telling moments, Axxtyklysstykor, the Lord of Greed, falls. The heroes gather his mounds and mounds of treasure, which they know rightfully belongs to the dwarves, and they head back to the Summervale.

Chapter Two-- The Lord of Anger

25th of Dekkos, 8172 F.R.

Valanduil will not let the heroes rest, however. He reasons that since the Lord of Greed was the only advantage that the Lord of Wrath had left, that the latter would surely resurrect the former at the earliest opportunity. Thus he tells the Lords of the West that they must do the one thing which they do not wish to do-- face and destroy the most powerful of the Lords of Sin, their captain the Lord of Wrath, a fell pit fiend from the deepest depths of hell. Yet they have no choice. Valanduil uses his magic to scry on the Palace of Wrath, and he gains the knowledge he needs to teleport the heroes into the palace. Knowing that this will likely be the hardest fight they have ever had, they take great care to use all of their resources to strengthen themselves. Finally the elf chants the words of magic and the heroes appear outside the throne room of Nabarus, the Lord of Wrath.

They enter and see the Captain of the Lords of Sin, a 12-foot-tall, red skinned, thickly muscled devil. Horns just from his forehead, and great wings wrap around his body. He wields a huge greataxe, and flames lick up the haft and head of the weapon. On his head sits the legendary crown of the Emperors of Farland. His mere presence is enough to unnerve the heroes, but they have come to kill the creature of die trying. And it seems they were expected, as the officers of the Crimson Lion legion, Wrath's bodyguards, stand ready. The two groups clash like rolling thunder, and the ensuing battle does indeed prove to be their toughest and most portentous yet. After much travail, the heroes manage to slay his body guards, and finally they face the Lord of Wrath alone. Yet he nearly destroys the Lords of the West singlehandedly, felling the heroic Malcall and greatly damaging the others. Yet through sheer dint of will, the companions redouble their efforts and direct all their attacks against the mighty devil. Finally, Lord Payn drives his sword through the heart of the beast, and he falls with a crash. A storm of lightning plays throughout the room, scorching the heroes, but when it clears, they find that the body of the Lord of Wrath is gone. They have won! The Dark Occupation has finally ended.

Chapter Three-- A New Day Dawns

As the Lords of the West, battered and bloody, stand in the throne room of the Palace of Wrath, their treasure collected and the body of the great Malcall Grimson laid out in state and ready to travel, they cannot believe what has occurred. The Lord of Wrath, the last of the Lords of Sin, has been slain, and the continent of Farland, 350 years under the yoke, has been finally freed! The shadow is retreating under the light of a new dawn, and as this thought flits through each of their minds, they can almost feel the evil of the Wintervale shrinking as if the Dweller is withdrawing into the depths of the Frostspire and leaving what remains of her helpless minions to their own devices. The sounds of horns can be heard in the palace, as well as the iron-shod boots of dark folk, and more from weariness than fear, the dauntless Valanduil directs the group to clasp hands. With a word in the language of magic, the Lords of Light are spirited away to the safety of the Summervale.

Once in the noble stronghold, the mighty Malcall is called back from the dead using the power of the holy Tal-Allustiel. Then the heroes fall into a much needed stupor of rest and sleep; it is as if they are resting for the first time in years. Within a few days, great parades and feasts have been organized in Gloralion. The boughs of nearly every tree are hung with lamps and ribbons, and harp music fills the hidden vale. The Lords of the West are escorted through the streets like the saviors they are, and proud elves bow before them and strew the road under their feet with flowers. More parades and feasts await Lord Payn and Malcall when they return to their people in Kelerak, and indeed, all of Farland is giving thanks. The light from the huge amount of celebratory bonfires lit across the continent in the weeks following the death of the Captain of the Deadly Lords can almost be seen from the surface of Sulis, the pale moon.

Over the coming weeks, the Lords of the West go their separate ways, Payn to be named Prince of Kelerak, Valanduil to greet his beloved Ingwe in the vale of Summer, and Galadwen to return to the torn Far City in the company of Malcall. The latter two aid in the brewing uprising within the city, slaying many of the remnants of the Lord of Anger's army. The restless elf maid seeks news of her father, but alas none is forthcoming. The news is frustrating for Galadwen, but the birth of Prince Payn's daughter Princess Gwynn is a happy time for all of the Lords of the West, drawing them together once again for a celebration.

The seasons roll by, the summers and winters blur together until five years have passed. These years are not peaceful ones in the continent of Farland. The Kingdom of Daven finally devolves into a wild land of warlords and shadows that wail in the night. The Lord of Sloth, having disappeared from Zeland suddenly, leaves chaos in his wake, and the kingdom takes many years before it is fully stable. Orland has much rebuilding after the devastation left by the Dragon. Farland is perhaps the most tumultuous kingdom, as legions of hobgoblins fight the new human leadership for years, before the kingdom is eventually cleansed of dark folk.

Not all the news is bad, however. Wawmar is refounded by the Clan of Mar, whose remnants still dwell in the highlands of Zeland. Because Fundin and clan Glitterjewels contact the people of Mar, they are invited to dwell within Wawmar as brothers. The dwarf kingdom, although a pale shadow of its former might, is at least refounded, and the recovered treasure, returned by King Naglor, makes a solid foundation for the newly established kingdom and cements the friendship between Kelerak and the Dwarves. The Northmen in Dessingrove, honoring the truce forged by the Lords of the West, become prized trading partners of Kelerak. Malcall is once again offered the position of War Jarl of all of Anaria, but again he declines, preferring to live modestly in Dessingrove with Mary and the younger Malcall. Over the years King Naglor wisely sends priests, scholars, and tradesmen to dwell in Dessingrove and serve the Northmen, and the burgeoning economy of Dessingrove continues to attract Kelerites. Under the influence of these immigrants, the Northmen of Dessingrove will become more and more civilized until in several generations they will come to think of themselves as pure Kelerites, having forgotten their barbarian roots. But that is yet to come.

In 8173, Elvenking Baranwe the Old, having seen his people through the dark times, finally renounces the world and declares his intention to pass into the West. The Lords of the Elf Houses gather in a Meet of Elhil to elect a new king. There are only two candidates nominated by the elders: Lord Leanorfin of House Arduval and Lord Valanduil of House Cirana. Leanorfin has to resign to accept the nomination, and as his last kingly act, Baranwe appoints the hero Lady Galadwen as captain of the Shadow Walkers. This new rule suits the restless elf maid well, and she continues to carry out her self-imposed exile from the Summervale, spending her years wandering the continent, efficiently directing the ranks of Shadow Walkers as they gather tidings and aid the struggling human kingdoms to establish themselves. She proves to be one of the most able of all Shadow Walker Captains ever to hold the title, even surpassing Leanorfin in the good she brings about during her tenure.

The vote of the Elf elders is nearly unanimous, and Lord Valanduil is named Elvenking. He reluctantly accepts the office, and makes Ingwe a queen the following year. Leanorfin and Valanduil, ever close friends, bear each other no ill will, but the former Shadow Walker captain feels he has served his purpose in the Hinterlands and passes into the West with his bosom friend, former king Baranwe. During the first few years of King Valanduil's reign, a close relationship with the human kingdoms, especially Kelerak, is cultivated. Ever loathe to use his resources without great thought,and fearing lest it be lost once again, Valanduil never once in the next decade brings forth the Stone of Silence from the vaults of the Ithilmin.

King Valanduil, as directed by the evil goddess Salystra, disposes of the cursed drow amulet in the Lake of the Sky. He carefully documents the act and what he fears it might mean for future generations, and he leaves the documents in the vaults of the elves.

Back in Dragonspur, Ada the Redeemed takes over as High Potentate of the Church of Heshtail after the elderly Burcan the White peacefully dies of old age and is welcomed into the bosom of Heshtail.

Prince Payn and Malcall each have more children. Payn has a son, Prince Stephen, and Malcall has a second son, Grim. Both prove to be healthy boys. In the year 8176, a small plague strikes Dragonspur City, doing little damage but slaying King Naglor. Payn thus becomes King of Kelerak on the 15th of Janoros, 8176. Five more years then fly by quickly.

Evil is not gone completely. Rumors periodically drift to the ears of the heroes of stirrings in the Nameless City, of orc hordes massing in the far East, of Dark Shadows seeking to extend their sway. But the continent has passed once again into the hands of human rulers and their allies; with each passing year the might of the human kingdoms grows, and the Dweller in the Wintervale never does show her presence at all.

1st of Belos, 8182 F.R.

The Lords of the West meet in the Summervale each year, on the anniversary of the Death of the Lord of Wrath, and they talk unenthusiastically of coming together once again to investigate these rumors. But their hearts are not in it, and they always settle back into their separate lives. They have done more than their share, and they are weary. Investigation of such rumors must fall to others, for their parts in the histories have finished.