An Epic

Darmon Stuart

(circa A Deal With a God)

Darmon of Creagland Level 20 Elite Soldier
Medium natural humanoid XP 5600
Initiative +17       Senses Perception +14
HP 388; Bloodied 194
Regeneration 20 (if Darmon takes fire damage, regeneration does not function until the end of his next turn)
AC 39; Fortitude 33, Reflex 31, Will 29
Action points 1
Speed 6
Melee BasicPummel (standard; at-will)
Darmon likes to begin fights in a friendly way: by laying about him with his hammer fists.
+27 vs AC; 3d6 + 15 and the target is knocked prone. An enemy who is already prone when hit by a pummel attack is dazed until the start of Darmon's next turn.
Melee BasicDragonstrike (standard; at-will)   ◊   Necrotic, Weapon
Darmon strikes with his soul-draining claymore, Dragonslayer.
+27 vs AC; 3d8 + 15, and the target loses a healing surge and is marked.
Melee Pummeling Dragonstrike (standard; at-will)   ◊   Necrotic, Weapon
Darmon makes a Dragonstrike attack, then a pummel attack.
Close BurstLunging Dragonstrike (standard; encounter)   ◊   Weapon
In a tornado of steel, Darmon uses the great length of Dragonslayer to attack all nearby enemies.
Close burst 2; +27 vs AC; 4d6 + 12.
Melee Caber Toss (standard; recharge 4, 5, 6)
Darmon lunges in, grabs the ankles of his enemy, and upends him like a caber, sending him flying into his allies.
+25 vs Reflex; Darmon can use this ability when he charges; 3d10 + 17 and the target is slid 3 squares and knocked prone.
Darmon can make a secondary attack against one enemy adjacent to a space adjacent to where the original target ends his slide; +23 vs reflex; The secondary target takes 2d6+10 damage and is knocked prone.
Reputation of the Dragonslayer   ◊   Aura
Allies within 2 squares of Darmon get a +2 power bonus to attack rolls.
Tanarus' Curse
Cursed by the Demi-God Tanarus, Darmon does not age or sleep, and he can only be killed if his head is severed and separated from his body or if he is reduced to ashes and his ashes are scattered. When he is reduced to 0 hit points, he rises in 1-8 round with 97 hit points.
Dragonslayer's Counsel
His magical sword Dragonslayer constantly whispers to him in his mind, giving him advice and reassurance. Darmon gets a +2 bonus to saves versus fear effects.
Alignment Good       Languages Kingdom Common, Creagish, Farlandish, Undercommon
Skills Athletics +24, Diplomacy +21
Str 29 (198)         Dex 20 (+15)       Wis 19 (+14)
Con 26 (+18)       Int 15 (+12)           Cha22 (+16)
Equipment Magical Claymore (Dragonslayer), Chain shirt, Tooth of the dragon Gark'Aahs (a magical artifact which Darmon doesn't really understand and can't really control)

Darmon's Tactics

Darmon likes to fist-fight and brawl to start off a fight, adding aggressive lunges and bull-rushes to his natural strength, and he knows many throws. Initially he will pummel liberally, using caber toss at the first opportunity. But if his opponent is armed, he'll pull Dragonslayer to even the odds, using Dragonstrike and Pummeling Dragonstrike. If surrounded, he will use Lunging Dragonstrike. Because of his regeneration, Darmon does not exhibit much fear, but his allies will stay close to him to take advantage of his aura.

Description and Background

Standing 6'6" and weighing nearly 250 pounds, Darmon Stuart is an imposing site. This impression is further enhanced by the Creagish tattoos that mark his face, the light battle-scarred armor he chooses to wear into even the most heavy battles, and by the heavy Claidheamh-mor he wears on his back. Indeed, this blade is quite notable: nearly six feet long and expertly forged, when wielded by the massive highlander, it seems to dance and weave as if it possesses a mind of its own. It is named Dragonslayer, and it speaks telepathically to darmon, offering him the collected wisdom of souls of the many slain foes it stores inside its blade.

But beyond his accoutrements, beyond his craggy visage, Darmon has the past to match the imposing impression he makes, for his feats have become the stuff of legend, and his fame has spread across the continent. Defending his people, the young, noble Creag managed to slay the marauding dragon Gark'Aahs, and though some called it luck, the truth is that Darmon made his own luck, drawing on the stories and knowledge of his people to trick the dragon into immolating itself from the inside out. And though Darmon at first sometimes doubted that he had even performed this deed of legend-- though he never admitted doubting it to his fellows-- he quickly proved himself to be a warrior of note, and he showed the world that he was indeed a hero. He travelled to the Fortress City of Sum to enlist with the forces of the Kingdom of Farland against the dark folk of the Wintervale. And though he sought merely to test his sword arm in battle, he quickly learned that such a simple fate was not to be his. Darmon was captured by Drow but managed to ally himself with the hideous Yuan-ti to escape. But wherever he traveled, he was dogged by the Demi-God Tanarus, who slew anyone he became close to. Tanarus never let Darmon rest. Now, the experienced Darmon heads back to his homeland, but will Tanarus leave him in peace?