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Major Locations in Efferenus
    The Paradisial Gardens
    Fort Valiant
    The Restful Gazebo
    The Harmonic Ziggurat
    The Schmiles
    Imbolc Glades
    Twilight Ocean
    Swanheart Beacon
    Firsthearth Halls
Other Locations
    Sphinx Corridors
    Nemed's Reach
Virtuous Paragons of Efferenus

Major Locations in Efferenus

The Paradisial Gardens

The Paradisial Gardens are one of the most beautiful regions in Efferenus, even after taking into consideration the disparate tastes of those who live here. This is mainly due to it having an actual day-night cycle and variable weather, allowing it to show off the extraordinary variety of blooms it contains, many of which will only appear at certain times or following weather events such as rain or even snow.

Unlike Aeron or Tanis, Efferenus provides a more gentle wilderness for its inhabitants, and the Paradisial Gardens are still an aspect of that. They are not tended to by any keepers, but merely grow as they please, without competition or struggle among the plants and creatures therein. There are plentiful druids here who, out of habit, erect the odd stone circle or cultivate actual herb gardens, but in general this region is untouched by sentient will.

Fort Valiant

The bastion of Fort Valiant, built to overlook the Confluence and on the very banks of the Cocytus, is a testament to the strength of will of the Efferenites, who are no less averse to the proximity of the Cocytus than any other immortal. However, though they do not wish for it, they know that war must inevitably come around again, and so willingly compete amongst themselves for the grim duty of enduring the proximity, that their peers do not have to. In this regard, the Ineffable Host of Efferenus is the most selfless and honored in the Heavens.

Fort Valiant is commanded by the most aggressive of the Keruvai, Israfel the Incandescent, nemesis of the archdevil Adramelech. His militarism is opposed by his brother Barachiel, and the Keruvai argue often over the best way to advance the interests of Efferenus across the universe. When the time actually comes to enter battle, however, the two stand united and implacable, as do their legions.

The Restful Gazebo

One of the preferred retreats of Bestra and her Saraf Cybele, the Restful Gazebo is the only place in the Paradisial Gardens from which the Keruvai are barred. This is because those warlike celestials go nowhere unarmed, and even talk of weapons or strife is forbidden in the Restful Gazebo. Some have sought to overturn or subvert this ban, only to discover that they literally cannot cross the threshold if armed, or speak a word of discord once within. What Bestra commanded was, as it turns out, quite literal.

Consequently, the Restful Gazebo is one of the few neutral locations in the Heavens when it comes to rare emissaries from the Hells. To the horror of many, the Saraf Cybele has even extended an open invitation to several senior fiends to return whenever it may please them, and astonishingly some have even taken her up on that invitation without breaking the spirit of the offer.

The Harmonic Ziggurat

Rising up from a vibrant strip of rainforest dividing the Paradisial Gardens from the Schmiles, acting as a very effective border marker, is the Harmonic Ziggurat, resonating with spectacular birdsong and choruses of beasts. It is one of the most recent constructions in Efferenus, only completed a millennium ago at the behest of Calbran - who inexplicably claimed it was his way of paying off a debt incurred to Bunga Proudfoot.

The Harmonic Ziggurat is topped by the Shrine of Macaws, where thousands of the magnificent birds whirl through the air around equally glorious Tapyerah, who is a common sight in the skies of Efferenus. Tapyerah actually only took up residence here some two hundred years ago, clearing away the overgrowth which had all but buried the Harmonic Ziggurat and muffled its resonance, but she has been a welcome presence ever since.

The Schmiles

Endless miles of warm rolling slopes and lightly wooded hillsides, lined with curious road-like pathways worn into the earth, are the markers of the Schmiles. A single vast shire for the hositan, created for them by Bunga Proudfoot and Bucca Tunnelly, the Schmiles are exactly what the perfect shire is imagined as being. The soil is fertile and the crops rich, and the waters fresh and the air clean, and a feast that lasts for a full year will not impart indigestion at its end.

Hositan souls arriving here are often briefly confused by the intermingling between the Hairfoots and Stalwarts, for the old grudges are forgotten in the Schmiles, but they adapt quickly enough - after all, if they did, they would not have earned their afterlife here. That said, many of the Stalwarts do dwell nearer to the Twilight Ocean than the Hairfoots do, for that aspect of their culture has not changed even in death.

Imbolc Glades

Not all hositan are content in the grand shire that is the Schmiles, for whilst it is a beatific sight for the Hairfoot and Stalwart hositan, the confines of the underground are not for the Proudfellows. These halflings instead go to the Imbolc Glades wherein the emishika still roam proudly, and fey spirits sing their homes into growing as they wish. For them, the Imbolc Glades are the perfect hame, and the valorous fierceness that characterized them in life is given a worthy reward in death.

The Imbolc Glades are also home to a Keruv born of Thranton, the musical Briggah, who has ever had a fondness for hositan and elves alike. For whatever reason, Briggah chose to leave Aeron in favor of Efferenus, and has argued for a greater cooperation between the two planes ever since. These exhortations have yet to change relations between the planes, but she continues her calls nonetheless.

Forest image. CCO.


An eternal dawn illuminates the eerie forest of Faerie, wherein the souls of elves and fey mingle with those living who grew weary of the world and made the journey from it to where they truly belong. Here, Tal-Allustiel and his servants see to it that the exhaustion of the spirit, and the harms of the body, are washed away in readiness for the rest of eternity.

Faerie is a realm that is clearly well-lived in, with the living and dead working together to build elegant cities that meld seamlessly into the forest itself, rather than be separated from it. Arching stones and living wood are woven together over the course of many years, forever being added to or modified, so that a subtle history of those who lived in a place can be traced back through the architecture itself.

The Twilight Ocean

Where Faerie is lit by eternal dawn, the Twilight Ocean is perpetually swaddled in a never-ending dusk, giving it a very different feel to the land. Few wish to set sail upon it, for all that there are no dangers involved beyond incompetence - for the Twilight Ocean does touch upon the Frictional Barrier and two of the Five Rivers - and in this regard it serves its purpose of helping to insulate Faerie from the rest of Efferenus very effectively.

It is inhabited by a number of aquatic fey, sea giants, and other such entities who do act to warn those who try to cross that they may not be entirely welcome on the other side, but make no effort to stop them. The Twilight Ocean is also where the jengu angels gather to discuss matters pertaining to the other planes more effectively, since even their own seas on Caelestin are not so vast as to allow so many of them to assemble at once.

Swanheart Beacon

Elves, being immortal, are as averse to the Cocytus as any celestial or fiend. If killed, their souls have no choice in the matter and are carried insensate by the river to the shores of Faerie. If living however, the battle to overcome their aversion is the last which they are expected to fight - and the only one they are hoped to need to, depending on where in the Feywild they manifest on their exodus from the Material Plane - and they may set sail on the Faerie River of the Feywild to reach Efferenus safely.

The Swanheart Beacon is meant to aid in this endeavor, blazing its light out onto the Efferenite Confluence to bolster the spirits of the living and dead elves who catch sight of it. This great lighthouse truly does help elves on the other planes too, for when the Cocytus leaves the Confluence, it carries some of that light with it across the planes and stops elves from going into a panic as they approach the river. The brightness is most pronounced in the Feywild, turning the Faerie River into a prismatic spectacle nearly the match of the Phlegethos.

Firsthearth Halls

The Firsthearth Halls is the very first of all settlements, woven together by Tal-Allustiel himself in readiness for the inevitable souls that would one day come to him, and inhabited by the very first elves. Such luminaries as Balanuil Firstking and Arefor the Shipwright dwell here, welcoming their descendants and cousins down through the millennia to this most sacred part of Faerie.

Other Locations

Sphinx Corridor

A worryingly dangerous route between greater landmasses near to the Frictional Barrier is the Sphinx Corridor, almost entirely inhabited by sphinx. Quite why any of them end up in Efferenus when their lawful and dispassionate natures make them far more suited to Cogiton is a complete mystery, which is undeniably appropriate for these inscrutable creatures. Even here, the sphinx remain chillingly detached from the affairs of other beings, and continue to pose their riddles and tasks to those who encounter them.

Nemed's Reach

It was long believed that this particular stretch of Efferenus was solely populated by giants, but as more and more other souls have been seen here, this belief has recently been revised. The Teregnaven of Forntol come here, as do those rare trolls or ogres which leave their evil ways behind, and other stranger creatures who called themselves the Children of Nemed - an eccentric elven geomancer who spent many decades here and for whom this region is named.

Virtuous Paragons of Efferenus


Domain: The Restful Gazebo, within the Paradisial Gardens
Position: Efferenean Advocate-General
Significant Titles: Lady of Peace, Hellsfriend, The Mother of Virtue
Primary Adjutant: Israfel
Other Adjutants: Marduk and Algeah

A Brief Overview

Cybele is the Saraf of Bestra, manifested in response to the increasing militarization of the Heavens, and the advocacy of even Calbran and his Keruvai for a more martial solution to the treatment of celestials in other planes. It was her duty to quell this rising desire for violence and rhetoric, and to maintain a more harmonious relationship with the other planar powers thereafter.

As with all Sarafai, Cybele is an incredibly poweful being who could have, like most of her peers, used more than just verbal arguments to subdue her opponents. However, as one of the youngest Sarafai, she could see the tensions which had arisen from this, and chose a different path.

Divesting herself of nearly all her power, she personally went to each of those who wanted military intervention in the affairs of other planes and spoke with them at length, pleading that they justified their position to her. One by one, the Keruvai grew ashamed and withdrew their arguments, realizing that to encourage offensive warfare, even against the forces of evil, was not the work of true Goodness.

She is not without her detractors however, for Cybele maintains that there is no Evil too great for Good to overcome, and aims to prove this by converting the denizens of the Hells. That, in itself, would not be the problem, but for the fact that Cybele has actually invited fiends into Efferenus - and even more embarrassingly, refused to stop speaking of those celestials who have fallen from grace into darkness, to prove her point that even beings of pure alignment can change their affinity.

Cybele is known to have something of a long-distance relationship with Passionate Lagneya, the most senior and experienced denizen of the Palace of Pleasure in Barathus, much to the horror of other celestials and fiends alike. Though the two have never met, they commune with each other frequently and exchange stories, each trying to persuade the other to be the first to visit their plane.

warrior angel. CCO.


Domain: The Arenas of Ascension, within Fort Valiant
Position: Overmarshal of the Ineffable Host
Significant Titles: The Incandescent, Champion of Celestials, Vanquisher of Adversaries
Adjutants: Barachiel and Vasariah

A Brief Overview

A Keruv of Calbran, infamous in Efferenus for claiming that luck is an illusion of lower beings, and that its only use to be weaponized against those so foolish as to believe in it. Calbran has fortunately always been amused by this, so Israfel continues to build his legions and strategy around the premise that there is no such thing as luck.

Israfel is militaristic and aggressive even by the standards of other Keruvai, who believe that he is drifting dangerously close to Neutrality by enjoying warfare. When Cybele came to them, begging them to give peace a chance, Israfel was the last of the Keruvai to withdraw his demands for aggressive expansionism, and will doubtless be the first to resume the war in earnest should the delicate semi-truce between the Heavens and Hells come to an end.

A further difference that divides Israfel from his fellow Keruvai is that, unlike the rest of them, he has done more than merely study the ways of his enemies, but incorporated their most effective techniques into his training regimen. Each unit in his forces conforms to a particular doctrine, be it the unbending rigidity of Cogitum or the fluidic randomness of Nemux or the subversive depreciation of Carcus.

As a warrior, Israfel has proven himself almost unmatched. One of the few to withstand him in open combat was the archfiend Adramelech. With their cataclysmic battle having ended in a draw, each being ordered to withdraw by their superiors, they have both sworn a undying oath to meet again and resolve their interrupted duel.


Domain: The Arenas of Ascension, within Fort Valiant
Position: Kyreion Custodiae
Significant Titles: Forgiver of Transgressions, Rose Bearer, The Shy Guardian, Most Humble Master

A Brief Overview

Barachiel is the younger of the two Keruvai of Calbran, standing in opposition to the warlike tendencies of Israfel with messages of peace and compassion. That is not to say he opposes violence except for its own sake, as Barachiel is Kyreion of the guardian angels; and these, the Custodian Choir, fall upon those who dare to threaten their charges with the full and unrelenting power of the Heavens behind them.

He is a particularly self-effacing Keruv, prone to dismissing whatever praise comes his way, especially if it is deserved. This makes him one of the most popular Keruvai among the lesser celestials, given that the other Keruvai have a marked tendency for bombastic self-glorification.

Like his fellows, Barachiel goes nowhere without his weapon, yet unlike them, it is not immediately apparent that he is actually armed - for there is only a flowering rose at his side in place of heavenly armament. This rose, however, was specially grown in the Memory Fields of Tonantzin, and would even turn on Barachiel if he lacked his robes, which were woven for him by Algeah. Far from being a simple bloom, this rose becomes a lashing terror when touched, equal parts whip-scourge and morning star, and more deadly than either. It is now the Dominion Mercybloom, and Barachiel has delivered its mercy of a swift death to many an adversary over the centuries.

Despite both Keruvai ostensibly being allies, Barachiel bears the cold celestial physician Vasariah a singular loathing, for he has seen far too many of his guardian angels emerge from the Chambers of Convalescence lacking the vital spark of compassion which made them so suited to their task. The pair have nearly come to blows on several occasions, and only Barachiel's remarkable self-control has kept things from escalating into actual bloodshed.


Domain: The Chambers of Convalescence, within Fort Valiant
Position: Kyreion Iatrion
Significant Titles: The Stonefaced Healer, He Who Cares Not, Heartless Savior

A Brief Overview

Domain: The Chambers of Convalescence, within Fort Valiant Position: Kyreion Iatrion Significant Titles: The Stonefaced Healer, He Who Cares Not, Heartless Savior A Brief Overview:

The interminable war against evil produces many casualties, and even magic can struggle to heal some wounds. It falls to Vasariah to treat the injuries that lie beyond the scope of ordinary curatives. Though a Keruv of Aknor, he is currently based in Efferenus, owing to a diplomatic exchange between the two planes - the Keruv Tanit was sent to Cogiton in his stead.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Vasariah is a particularly cold and clinical individual, far less interested in the patient than in the affliction. Those who leave his ministrations tend to do so with a sense of emotional unfulfilment, causing them to seek out the company of others like them, who understand what they went through. Entire units have been formed out of these "sense-shock" veterans, greatly increasing the overall efficacy of their celestial regiments now that their more stable peers do not have to engage with them so much.

Vasariah does not make the claim that he was aiming for this result, but also makes no secret of the fact that he considers this to be a superior outcome to any alternative. He is particularly derisive of suggestions for the mental injuries of his patients to be treated as well as their physical ones, citing the inefficient expenditure of limited resources - as well as the clear use of these veterans as vanguards, taking on wounds that would otherwise fall upon less damaged soldiers.

He does have the enmity of Barachiel, ostensibly an ally, for the other Keruv has seen too many of his guardian angels emerge from the Chambers of Convalescence missing the vital spark of compassion that made them so suited to their task. The two have very nearly come to blows on several occasions, and only Barachiel's extraordinary self-control has kept the situation from degenerating into actual bloodshed.


Domain: he Imbolc Glades, above the Schmiles
Position: Speaker for Aeron, Grand Envoy to Efferenus
Significant Titles: The Exalted, Singer to the Dawn, Dancer in the Twilight, The Flower Queen

A Brief Overview

Briggah is a curious being, a formidable and relentless opponent when angered, and yet usually shy and retiring in the company of others. The former aspect is understandable, for she is a Keruv, but the latter is especially odd, for she is not only a Keruv but was born of Thranton. Even more strangely, she requested to leave Aeron in order to live among the gregarious, peaceable Bunga and his children.

Though it cannot be proven now, hositan scholars who have closely studied Briggah's history with Bunga suggest that she is responsible for inspiring the traditions of the maneivocan and vespernunti. This is a controversial view, for few hositan wish to believe that their culture was influenced by anyone save Bunga or Bucca, but in the absence of any confirmation or denial from the respective parties, it remains a valid theological consideration.

She has an intense rivalry with Asherah, believing her to be so obsessed with the letter of the law that she has forgotten what it means to uphold its spirit; whilst Asherah in turn decries Briggah as being too flighty and naive to hold any position of actual authority, let alone influence, in the upper echelons of the Heavens.

Briggah is one of the few Keruvai who is widely known on the Material Plane, in no small part due to the pre-Dark Conquest hositan speaking favorably of her to their elven and dwarven friends. Whilst she technically remains a theological curiosity to most of these, the Proudfellows and the Ranarim both hold her in high regard, acknowledging her as a convert of sorts to their way of thinking - and especially for the courage needed to leave all that was familiar in order to live among and gain acceptance from those she felt a greater affinity for.


Domain: The Iridescent Halls, within Faerie
Position: Speaker for Caelestin, Grand Envoy to Efferenus
Significant Titles: Chaosbane, Sternest of Celestials, Judge of the Heavens, She Who Demands Oaths

A Brief Overview

Asherah is both the only Keruv of Reeanan and something of an embarrassment to her creator. Where Reeanan is cheerful and vivacious and talkative; Asherah is stern and unapproachable and taciturn. Where Reeanan asks for truth and cooperation; Asherah demands answers and subservience.

She is almost unknown outside of Caelestin and Efferenus, since those who know of her - even from such planes as Aeron and Nemux - tend to feel very guilty talking about her behind Reeanan's back, as if this would somehow further the disappointment of the goddess. That said, both Bel and Flamgart have unofficially distributed information about someone like Asherah (but obviously not her, specifically) to their servants, just in case someone like Asherah (but obviously not her, specifically), decides to try anything.

She has an intense rivalry with Briggah, believing her to be too flighty and naive to hold any position of actual authority, let alone influence, in the upper echelons of the Heavens; whilst Briggah in turn decries Asherah as being so obsessed with the letter of the law that she has forgotten what it means to uphold its spirit.

It is an open secret that she was assigned to Faerie because her attitude was beginning to grate on the nerves of her peers, and that it was hoped a few centuries in the company of the elves and fey would soothe her roughness. If anything, however, Asherah has become even more intent on imposing order in the more relaxed environment of Faerie. Naturally, several archfey have jested it might be fun to transport her unexpectedly to the Feywild, just to see what happens.


Domain: The Concordant Embassy, within Faerie
Position: Kyreion Consulator
Significant Titles: The Doubting, Dragonsfriend, The Onyx King, Doom of the Great Serpent

A Brief Overview

One of the three Keruvai of Janora, manifested to uphold balance throughout the planes and dispatched to Efferenus under the ostensible command of Cybele, the better to keep an eye on Tal-Allustiel, Marduk has shown signs of late of falling from his intended purpose. More and more, he listens to his beloved Sarpanit, and struggles to adhere to his instructions perfectly.

He has been recalled to Concordia several times in the last millennium for censure. Each time he has pledged to do better, but the time between each recall has been consistently diminishing. It is widely believed, though left diplomatically unspoken, that Marduk is soon to be removed from his post and replaced by one more loyal to Janora. The options being as limited as they are, it is equally widely believed that the replacement will be Abzu.

Marduk has been prophecied to die in battle against the monstrous Ulupi, though not until after he has inflicted a lethal blow against her. Once he was reconciled to this, but since meeting Sarpanit, his fatalism is wavering. As any mortal could have told him, love, at least when reciprocated, has a singular way of making someone want to live.

To this end, he has commissioned a series of talismans, crafted from onyx mined within Fel-Gabul itself, intended to provide protection should he face any creature of Carcus. The more fatalistic of comments regarding this effort tend to imply that Marduk will only survive long enough to kill Ulupi because of this protection, but ultimately he will end up dying himself. As yet, nobody has repeated the error of saying so aloud in the presence of Sarpanit.


Domain: The Concordant Embassy, within Faerie
Position: Archfey, Kyreion Consulator
Significant Titles: The Listener, Chooser of Ways, She Who Offers Freedom, Fatebreaker

A Brief Overview

Sarpanit is one of the last true Archfey, arising from the Feywild long before it was corrupted by Tal-Allustiel banishing his rebellious brood there. Much like her kin, she had to abandon her home or face oblivion, and much like her kin, she bears Tal-Allustiel considerable ill will for his unwitting part in this exodus. However, Sarpanit uniquely chose to relocate to Faerie so as to attempt to overcome this grudge.

During her centuries in Faerie, she courted the Keruv Marduk, much to the displeasure of his creator Janora, who saw this attraction as a risk to his impartiality. Sarpanit was formally reprimanded, which in hindsight was not the best possible move. Her response, bolstered by the unhindered passions of all fey, was to challenge the goddess, in person and in incandescent outrage, to remove Marduk's free will and force him to pursue a specific destiny.

Astonishingly, Janora instead withdrew her complaints and instead offered her blessing to the union, which did precious little to mollify Sarpanit. To this day, she devotes herself to the undoing of prophecies and the breaking of destinies. She acknowledges that this is a spiteful course of action, but protests that since she is already trying to forgive Tal-Allustiel, her emotions are under considerable strain - and, after all, she is still fey, and thus should not be expected to be perfectly good all the time.

Sarpanit works closely with Calbran, who finds her attitude towards predestination to be refreshing among immortals, who are normally firmly on the side of fate. Interestingly, her name is also invoked as part of a curse in Mordularian, should a dulim ever break taboo and speak of their eventual fading away. This inevitability is one that the dark elves cannot seem to escape, and as one who seeks to undo all such things, Sarpanit is an adequate scapegoat for their bitterness.


Domain: The Shrine of Macaws, atop the Harmonic Ziggurat
Position: Independent, Cleansed Fiendspawn
Significant Titles: Her Resplendent Majesty, Beatific Queen, She of Crested Magnificence

A Brief Overview

Tapyerah is one of the oldest spawn of the abominable Elderfiend Ulupi. He was hatched from her very first clutch, one of many left in the dust of Carcus to live or die as chance willed, and at best intended to be nothing more than another horror of the Hells. That destiny was changed when he and his siblings were found by Tiamat. She saw them only as rivals, many being far too similar to herself in appearance, and immediately began to devour them.

This infanticide was halted by the arrival of Ladon and Nakhash, primordial dragonlords of Tanis, who were ironically investigating rumors of the death of several dragon-like Godsliver Fiends by one of their own. The pair engaged Tiamat in battle, ultimately giving their lives to distract her whilst their aides stole the five surviving hatchlings away. Much to everyone's relief, as the hatchlings grew they proved to be neither inherently evil, nor otherwise defiled by the power of Carcus.

Tapyerah eventually took up residence in Efferenus, delighting in the beauty of its more gentle wilderness. Her home, the decidedly overgrown Harmonic Ziggurat, resonates with birdsong every morning and unofficially serves as a border marker for the Schmiles and Paradisial Gardens. Tapyerah herself is a common sight in the skies over these regions of Efferenus, and her gorgeous avian companions are greeted warmly in every home.

She is considered an ally of Bestra by the Teregnaven of Forntol, not entirely without merit, but is worshipped as a full goddess by the Halkassa'ruukil, or Hilken, of that same land. Quite how these semi-feral creatures came to know of her is a mystery to all, including Tapyerah herself, who recalls only a single visit to the Material Plane - and that to Cirlon, not even Forntol. As with all her siblings, should they become the object of veneration, Tapyerah redirects the praise to Tanarus and Sulis.