An Epic

The Lord of Envy

The Lord of Envy, by Ruben Ramos
Garlgax, Level 24 Solo Controller
the Lord of Envy (Leader)
Medium fey humanoid (drow) XP 30,250
Vornoth's Aura Aura sight; Drow and orc allies in the aura gain a +2 to damage rolls
Initiative +18       Senses Perception +20; dark vision
HP 864; Bloodied 432
AC 38; Fortitude 33, Reflex 35, Will 37
Saving Throws +5
Speed 6
Action points 2
Melee BasicDrow War Gauntlet (standard; at-will)   ◊   Weapon, Necrotic
+27 vs AC; 4d6 + 10 damage and ongoing 10 necrotic damage.
Ranged BasicProfane Arcs (standard; at-will)   ◊   Necrotic, Cold
Ranged 10; +27 vs. Reflex; two attacks, each against a different target; 4d6+7 necrotic and cold damage, and the target is weakened and takes ongoing 10 cold damage (save ends both).
MeleeJealous Curse (Minor; at-will)
Ranged 10; +28 vs. Will; 1d10+8 and the target is slowed and loses necrotic and cold resistance until the end of the Lord of Envy's next turn. If the target had no necrotic or cold resistance when hit, it gains vulnerable 10 necrotic and cold.
closeWalker's Dark Prayer (standard; recharge 5,6)   ◊   Necrotic, Cold
The power of the Dark God fills the battlefield.
Close burst 5; +28 vs. Will; Targets enemies; 2d8+11 necrotic damage plus 1d10 cold damage, and the target is dazed (save ends). Miss: Half damage. Effect: Any ally within the burst gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls until the end of its next turn; allied drow within the burst also gain a +2 bonus to defenses until the end of their next turn.
AreaCharnel Pit (standard; encounter; recharges when first bloodied)
Area burst 3 within 10; the burst creates a zone of razor-sharp splintered bone that lasts until the end of the Lord of Envy's next turn. The zone is difficult terrain. Any enemy that starts its turn in the zone or enters the zone takes 1d12+2 damage and is immobilized (save ends). Sustain Minor: The zone persists and the Lord of Envy can move it 3 squares.
I'm Equal to You (Immediate Interrupt; at-will)   ◊   Teleportation
When targeted by an attack; The Lord of Envy switches places with an enemy and immediately uses Jealous Curse.
I Should Have it Too
Powers with the healing keyword used by enemies affect the Lord of Envy as if he were an ally of his enemies.
RangedDarkfire (minor; encounter)
Ranged 10; +27 vs Reflex; until the end of the Lord of Envy's next turn, the target grants combat advantage to all attacks, and the target cannot benefit from invisibility or concealment.
Alignment Evil       Languages Mordularian, Kingdom Common, Blackspeech
Skills Bluff +26, Insight +25, Religion +22, Dungeoneering +25
Str 16 (+15)         Dex 23 (+18)       Wis 26 (+20)
Con 16 (+15)       Int 21 (+17)           Cha 28 (+21)
Equipment Chainmail, Drow War Gauntlet, Holy Symbol, Amulet of Evernight

Lord of Envy's Tactics

The Lord of Envy will begin his attack with Walker's Dark Prayer; he will then use an action point and attack with Profane Arcs or his Drow War Gauntlet. He will use Charnel Pit at the first opportunity. He will then try to keep his distance by using I'm Equal to You, in order to make use of Profane Arcs and Jealous Curse as often as possible. He always tries to stay out of the fray and use his ranged attacks.

Lord of Envy Lore

The Lord of Envy was born Gar'zax, a minor prince of the House Doomthron in the large Drow City of Darkonglaxsti. Although he was born a male in a matriarchic society, Gar'zax had certain advantages. His sister Dalth'zala had a particular fondness, even love, for him. The prince returned his sister's love, and throughout childhood they were inseparable. Both children were chosen for the priesthood at a young age and were admitted to the Noviate Order. Males generally did not progress beyond this lowest order of the priesthood, yet both Gar'zax and his sister were certainly blessed in the eyes of the Demon Goddess of his people, and they both excelled as minor priests. Soon they were inducted into the middle rank of priests, the Numerary Order. This was quite an accomplishment for Gar'zax, although it was expected for his sister, but both were ecstatic, and together they set their sites on the highest rank of the priesthood, the Theocratic Order. The problem, however, was that males almost never attained this rank, but Gar'zax and his sister reinforced each other's belief that together they would achieve it, and indeed, Gar'zax's power and acumen as a priest made this seem possible. Moreover, the young prince's mother Lex'gora was the highest ranking Priestess in the Order; thus Gar'zax came to believe that he would be a Theocrat. With this end in mind, the young prince spent his days in his dark underground home studying and praying and his nights cavorting with his beloved sister.

After several long years of training, the time came when the new Theocrats were to be announced. At a dark ceremony, Gar'zax heard with pleasure his beloved sister's name called, and he waited for his own to follow. The ceremony came to an end, however, without his name being called. Gar'zax was crushed. Later that evening, his sister came to visit the distraught drow. She tried to console him, but in a fit of jealous rage he struck her down from behind and strangled her, the only being he had ever loved. Knowing his fate was sealed, and blaming both his mother and the Dark Serpent Goddess she worshipped, Gar'zax vowed revenge, swearing that he would bring down House Doomthron and crush the Theocrats. In desperation, he fled to the nearby community of Ruthless, a place where squid-headed abominations lurked, where he allied against his own mother and his own people with Doolth, a dark priest and a power among these fell beings. Gar'zax forsook his drow heritage, renaming himself Garlgax and renouncing his religion. At Doolth's recommendation, he took up the religion of Vornoth, the Walker-in-Darkness. He found that his worship of this new god allowed him powers previously unattainable. With his newfound might and his squid-headed allies, he led an assault on House Doomthron, killing his own mother and many of his kin. When the rest of the Theocrats intervened, however, Garlgax was sorely wounded and barely managed to escape back to Ruthless. Seeing his weakness, the abominations turned on him, seeking to destroy him. Doolth, however, claiming a vision from Vornoth himself, gifted Garlgax with the infamous Amulet of Evernight and spirited him through miles of hidden tunnels to a secret meeting place, where the squid-headed abomination found that his vision was indeed divinely inspired. There they found several dark-cloaked beings, who turned out to be agents of the Dweller in the Wintervale, and the abomination-priest gave Garlgax over into their keeping.

He was taken to the Nameless City, and his time there was a dark blur. All he knew was that his past was lost to him, and he was further remade. Finally he took up the mantle of the Lord of Envy and led the successful assault on the Kingdom of Orland during the Dark Conquest, setting himself up to rule this land and to inflict misery on those who could walk free in the sun.

Garlgax has ebony skin and silver hair. He is 6'1" and weighs 180 pounds. His voice is high and spiteful, and he is very conniving. He twirls his hair as a nervous habit.