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Eruna is a largely unexplored and wild continent. Although the Dweller in the Vale has never controlled it, its hand is felt even here. Eruna is a huge continent with many different climates, although most of the continent is very hot, owing to its latitude.

The massive Kuluba Mountains which dominate western Eruna block rain clouds that roll in off the Arned Sea, trapping them and causing them to dump their moisture in the land of Jila, which is therefore very fertile. The lands to the east of the mountains are effectively screened from rain, however, and a large part of the continent is harsh desert.

Most of the races found on Farland are also found on Eruna, although because of the generally harsh environment, none of these races have very advanced civilizations, with the exception of the Ishians in the far north. Most of the native humans of Eruna are very dark skinned because of the baking sun. The human kingdom of Aelfar in Farland also attempted thousands of years ago to colonize the continent, and more recently gnomes from Farland tried to settle here. Remnants of both groups still dwell in southern Eruna, although their existence is a difficult one.