Standards of the Kingdoms of Farland

Aelfar Aelfar: Argent, the base vert, the sun in his splendor above the ancient oak Arbus proper.
Kale Kale: Ermine, two bearded axes crossed proper.
Kelerak Kelerak: Or, the claw of a forest dragon upon the throne vert of Keler.
Daven Daven: Party per fess wavy crested, azure sky of night and azure, a bear rampant argent above an anchor or.
Orland Orland: Azure, a crescent argent above the castle of Or proper.
Zeland Zeland: Argent, the base tenne, the sun in his splendor above the castle of Zel proper.
Farland Farland: Vert, two crossed spears behind the eagle of Publius proper.
Gloralion Gloralion: Azure sky, the swan Alfain proper.
Wawmar Wawmar: Gules, the Hammer of Mar above a dragon of the depths in retreat.