Art by Tim Vargason

This gallery highlights the work of this talented artist and illustrator, who is also our staff artist.

Lord of Pride Anger Corpse-Grinder
Orc Burned Dead Palace of Wrath
Animus Bazok and Grimmen Bolg-gatha
Drasp Lord of Envy Final Battle
Flamgart Lord of Greed Irzuk
Karoxfang King of the Hill Lord of Lust
Malcall Old Lord of Gluttony Lord of Sloth
Frostspire Magical Weapons Widfaral
Afej Tollem On the Verge of Greed
Daug-Dagoth by Tim Vargason The Winged One by Tim Vargason Dark Centaur by Tim Vargason
Plaguesap Treant by Tim Vargason Drowned Dead by Tim Vargason Dantha'Sule by Tim Vargason
Eternal War by Tim Vargason Karoxfang by Tim Vargason Warrior of Eruna by Tim Vargason

Tim Vargason can be contacted for commissions at He also has a larger gallery of work at Deviant Art.

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