An Epic

Farland Fantasy Art Gallery

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Original paintings and sketches by Tim Vargason

Lord of Pride Anger Corpse-Grinder
Orc Rolindor Palace of Wrath

Original sketches by Dino Kranjcevi

Lord of Pride Lord of Anger
Lord of Lust Lord of Anger

Original digital artwork by C.J. Miozzi.

Payn Malcall

Original digital manipulations, sketches, and artwork by the webmaster.

dragon Garlgax vampiress
Payn Lord of Lust Bork
Malcall Valanduil Ragnor
Tharivol Bolg-Gatha Bartarius
Ada Orc dwarf
hobgoblin drow goblin
kobold halfling oluk

Original sketches by T. Tyrmi

artificer battlerager elven fighter
drow assassin elven wizard female bard
female gnome female rogue human warrior
male bard new heinz sorceress
old heinz subraces werewolf

Original pieces by various artists

Dweller Dweller Dweller
Spywing Lizard Man Alderan Giant, by Neo Jiet Shern