Glossary of Names and Terms

Listed here are unique names and terms of Farland. Pronunciation guidelines follow each foreign word. Capitalized letters indicate stressed syllables.

Pronunciation Guide

  • ah is short o like in cot
  • uar is short a like in car
  • ay is long a like in bay
  • i is short i like in bin

Ack: Kelevan word meaning "son of"

Aelfar [ALE-far]: First human kingdom, now defunct

Al-Dustriel [al-DOO-stree-ell]: First and greatest Elven house, now defunct

Anaria [ah-NAR-ee-a]: The barbarian lands to the north of Kelerak

Altarian [al-TAR-ee-in]: The Elven language

Battlerager: Term for a member of the barbarian class that comes from a civilized land

Bazok [BAHZ-ok]: Cross between an orc and a troll

Book of Seven: Evil artifact by which the Lords of Sin were created and imbued with the Dark Will

Carn: Kelevan word for "castle" or "hold"

College: Farlandish term for a guild

Dark Conquest: The war that ended the self-rule of the seven kingdoms and brought them under the rule of the Lords of Sin

Dark folk: Evil humanoids including orcs, goblins, ogres, and their kin

Dark Occupation: The period of time in which the Lords of Sin have ruled Farland; also known as the Dark Times

Dark Speech: The language of Dark Folk

Dark Walker: Term for Vornoth the God of evil, also Walker in Darkness

Dark Will: Special property of the Lords of Sin by which they can control, to a greater or lesser extent, all Dark Folk in their domains

Davonian [day-VOH-nee-in]: Pertaining to the kingdom of Daven

Deadly Lords: Another term for the Lords of Sin

Dog: Dark Speech term for an infantry soldier

Driddaren [DRID-ar-in]: Elite knights of Daven

Dulam [Doo-LAHM]: (1) n. drow elf (2) adj. drow elven

Dulan [Doo-LAHN]: (1) n. half-drow (2) adj. half-drow

Dulim [DOO-lim]: Drow elves.

Dweller, The: Shortened term for The Dweller in the Wintervale; evil overlord who created the Lords of Sin

E.R.: Elhil Reckoning, the date as measured by the elves

Eastern Alliance: Ancient coalition between Farland, Zeland, and Orland; Farland led the alliance

Elhan [EL-hahn]: (1) n. elf (2) adj. elven

Elhil [EL-hill]: Elves

Elwar [EL-wuar]: The Elven alphabet

Eye, The: Shortened term for The Eye of the Wintervale; a free-lance band of evil mercenaries famous for their power

F.R.: Farlandish Reckoning, the date as measured by scholars of Farland.

Faerie: (1) [Fair-REE] Mythical land where elves sail to when they leave Farland (2) [FAIR-ree] language of Fairy folk, related to Elven

Far Empire: Ancient domain of the Kingdom of Farland which stretched almost across the continent

Far Knights: Famous group of paladins and warriors from the Kingdom of Farland, now outcasts

Farland: (1) Eastern Kingdom, similar to the Roman empire, that gave the continent its name (2) The entire continent on which the kingdom is located

Farlandic: Pertaining to the continent of Farland

Farlandish: Pertaining to the kingdom of Farland

Fas farlandis: "Farlandish Destiny" in Farlandish; the philosophical doctrine that it is the destiny of the Kingdom of Farland to rule and govern all human kingdoms on the continent

Frelehan [FREL-a-han]: (1) Elven term for Half-Elves; literally "elf-son" or "elf-friend" (2) Name granted by elves to members of other races whom they wish to honor especially

Frostspire: (1) Tower of the Dweller in the Wintervale (2) Term for an object or action that is evil or hideous

Gloralion [glor-AHL-ee-en]: Elven name for the Summervale, their capital city

Gurz-Goi [GERZ-GOY]: Dark Speech term for the Far City, capital of Farland

Great Speech: Term for the language of the Kingdom of Farland

Green Throne, The: The King, capital, or government of the Kingdom of Kelerak

Hai [HIGH]: Dark Speech term for captain or ruler of a small area

High Speech: Alternate name for the language of the Elves, also known as Altarian

Hinterlands: English translation of the Elven word for the continent of Farland. The Elven word means "land far from the Western Sea."

Holiday: 10-day sub-month tacked onto the end of every second year to make up for a calendar deficit; also called Tanaros

Hositan [HAHS-i-tan]: Self-given name for the Halfling race

Hoth: Dark Speech term for a general or ruler of a large area

Hounds, The: Elite slave-hunting force of the Lord of Envy

Iluminal [ill-LOOM-en-all]: Elven word for Núrion's moon

Jarl [YARL]: Anarian term meaning ruler or chief

Kalais [kahl-LAY]: Self-given term for a resident of the Kingdom of Kale; also Kalish

Kelevan [KELL-i-van]: Language of the kingdom of Daven and Kelerak

Khazak [KA-zak]: Dwarves

Khazdun [KAZ-doon]: Dwarven language

Kingdom Common: Language of the Kingdoms of Zeland and Orland

Irzuk [ER-zuk]: Breed of red-skinned orcs native to the Wintervale

Liferock: First Dwarf Kingdom and birthplace of the race; Liferock is now defunct

Lords of Sin: The seven evil beings recruited by the Dweller in the Wintervale to conquer and rule the seven kingdoms of Farland

Lords of the West: Band of adventurers who freed and now defend the Western Kingdoms of Kale, Kelerak, and Daven

Mordularian [more-doo-LAR-ee-in]: The Dark Elven language; the language of the Drow

Núrion [NEW-ree-ahn with a trilled R]: Planet on which Farland is located

Old Speech: Language of non-evil, non-humanoids

Oluk [O-luck]: Breed of large orc, more intelligent than a normal orc and unaffected by the sun

Ontological War: The Philosophical doctrine that there is an eternal war between good and evil

Shadow Walkers: Group of Elven guardians and spies

Snog: (1) Dark Speech term for a slave (2) Derogatory Dark Speech term for an underling

Spur, The: (1) Huge outcropping of rock, actually an ancient volcanic plug, upon which the Spur Fortress, the Castle of the Kings of Kelerak, is built (2) Slang term for Dragonspur City

Stone of Silence: Elven artifact that prevents a defending army from being defeated

Stor-gris [STORE-grease]: Ancient goblinoid kingdom; literally "new start"in ancient Dark Speech

Summervale: Hidden capital of the Elves located in the Elven woodland Kingdom called the Belendale

Tables: Laws of Zeland

Tendenarruk [ten-den-ARE-uck]: Self-given name for the now nearly extinct gnomish race

Tin Penny: Coin made from a mix of tin and copper, worth less than a copper piece

Titles: Laws of Orland

Towers of Waiting: Ancient burial towers of the Kingdom of Zeland

Twenty Precepts, The: The initial and main laws of the Kingdom of Farland

Wawmar [WAW-mar]: Ancient and most powerful Dwarf-Kingdom, built in a dead volcano

Way of the Claw: Secret goblin society of monks located in the Kingdom of Farland

Wintervale: Evil land covered by a glacier; home of the Dweller in the Wintervale

Woodsmen, The: Semi-famous group of Kelerite rangers, now under the command of Lord Payn

Zelacht [ZEL-oct]: Minor Lord of Zeland