Table of Flora and Drugs of Farland

Detailed descriptions of the herbalism rules and the herbs are found here.

Herb EffectLocation Rarity Cost
Adda RootSucceed at death saveBattlefieldsRare50 sp
AgosiaRegain action surgeSea dunesUncommon40 sp
Archer's BoonAdvantage on next ranged attackArid regionsUncommon50 sp
BaneseedIncreased damage vs. creature typesVariesRare150 sp
Battle GrogAdvantage on saves vs fearBlood from troll or ogreUncommon75 sp
Bestra's WeedRegain 1 hit pointSouthern KaleRare15 sp
Borage WortChange voiceWidespreadCommon20 sp
Braided VinesAdvantage on athletic checksJila and Selfhaven ArchipelagoCommon10 sp
Calbran's FistAdvantage on STR checks and savesMarshesUncommon75 sp
CapacinDamages and blinds Hot deserts Uncommon100 sp
Centurian Leaf+2 to ACTemple ruinsRare75sp
CitronellusHelps in traveling through swampsEdges of grasslands and forestsUncommon10 sp
CloudspurSave vs a diseaseCold hills or mountainsRare100 sp
Corpse LeafRemoves exhaustionGraves in cool climesRare75 sp
DilaminAdvantage on grapple checksRiverbanksUncommon25 sp
DithafoilContraceptiveCold to temperate lands of mid elevationCommon1 sp
DogsbaneRepels dogsWarm to temperate hillsUncommon15 sp
ElanorEmits lightWarm or temperate hillsCommon1 cp
ElfberryProvides longevityElf lands Very rare2000 sp
Essence of LavendraMasks scent Warm climes of low rainfall Common10 sp
Flamgart's EyeDrink twice as much alcoholSunny fields Common1 sp
FluxweedHelps disguise appearance Arid lowlands Rare50 sp
ForiaResist forced movementSwamps Uncommon50 sp
Fronded TrefoilAdvantage on Insight checksCool to temperate north Uncommon15 sp
HellenaReroll INT checkTrees in temperate regions Rare75 sp
Heshtail's BlessingAdvantage on WIS saves Rainy lowlands Uncommon65 sp
HoneycapRemoves intoxication Cool to temperate hills Uncommon5 sp
HumblewortCauses blissful hallucinations Temperate woodlands Uncommon10 sp
IndriaResistance to psychic damage Shaded, warm areas Rare60 sp
Janora's BloomLets you see invisible things Heavy woodlands Rare50 sp
King's RootAdvantage on next melee attackTemperate fields Uncommon50 sp
LotusCauses bliss Temperate wetlands Uncommon10 sp
Mage's CowlProtects against injuries Temperate to warm grasslands Rare50 sp
Mandrake RootPoisons and protects from poison Warm grasslands and forests Uncommon50 sp
Meadow VelvetPreserves a corpseEdge of temperate swamps Rare75 sp
Mifron BeanKeeps one awakeWarm, dry climatesCommon1 cp
Moon BlossomProtects against undead Cool swamps Very rare500 sp
Moss GlowDarkvision Caves Rare50 sp
NadriaAdvantage on various saves Varies Uncommon75 sp
Night ThimblePrevents sunburnWarm, dry areas Common1 cp
Olanum GrapeDecreases encumbranceWarm mid elevationsUncommon2 sp
OssuraAdvantage on next Con saveTemperate fresh waterRare40 sp
Pearl GrassRemoves hairTemperate marshesUncommon15 sp
PipeleafCharms those imbibing Hills of Zeland Common25 sp
PomaculaHeals fire damageCold high elevationsUncommon40 sp
Pumela FrondKindles fires Trops and semi-tropics Common3 cp
Pygmy DogwoodIncreases spell damage Northern Anaria Uncommon100 sp
RadendriaHeals major injuriesForests Rare350 sp
Red CloverReroll 1s Cool to temperate lowlands Uncommon75 sp
Rot GutResist being knocked unconscious Warm lowlands Rare75 sp
SagerootIncreases healing from Bestra's Weed Southern Daven and Orland Uncommon10 sp
Salow BarkAnticoagulant causing bleeding wounds Cold and temperate regionsUncommon50 sp
SativumAids against vampires Widespread Rare150 sp
SeathornEases coughs, prevents nightmaresBeachesCommon5 sp
Shade MossAdvantage on handle animal checks Shaded areas and grottosUncommon25 sp
SumashIrritates skin West Kale and Wildlands Uncommon25 sp
Sweet ChicoryProtects hearingSea coastsUncommon25 sp
Thodrun LilyAids in holding breath Temperate waters Common15 sp
Tulip of the HighlandsGrants haste Cool highlands Rare50 sp
TumericAdvantage on save vs disease Hot dry climes Uncommon75 sp
Vorn Creeper-1 bludgeoning, piercing, slashing damageShaded rocksCommon25 sp
White BerryHelps resist cold Warm lowlands and swamps Uncommon10 sp
YarronRegain additional Hit Die Riverbanks Uncommon40 sp
Yellow BerryHelps resist heat Cold highlands Uncommon10 sp
Yellow ThistleAdvantage on perception checks Cold or temperate low or mid elevations Uncommon50 sp
ZaroRecover second wind Temperate woodlands Uncommon40 sp