Kale City

Kale City

Table of Contents

Areas of Interest
General Information
Important Dates
Detailed Map of Kale City with Streets

Areas of Interest

1 King Milon's Keep
2 Grand Courts and Gallows
3 Amphitheatre
4 Jetet Docks and River-Sailor Guild Offices
5 Grand Temple of Kantor
6 Sunset Inn
7 Mansion Quarter
8 Grand Temple of Bestra
9 Poulen Park
10 King's Fair Grounds and Lists
11 Baston Prison
12 Roy Gate
13 Sud Gate
14 Mare Gate
15 Souci Gate
16 Nor Gate
17 Lous Gate
18 Champ Park
19 Artisan's Lake
20 Pech Quarter

General Information About the City (Large City)

Kale City

Who Rules: King Milon Dukalle, King of Kale

Money Limit: 35,000

Other Power Centers: The Lord DeCourt, a powerful noble, dares not oppose Milon directly, but he does work to undercut his authority.

Doolin, the head of the Artisan's guild, one of the richest men in the city.

General Namus, who is very popular among the citizenry.

Population: About 20,000-25,000. The population is mostly human, but a very small population of wandering dwarves has since settled in the city. A few half-orcs also dwell in the poverty of the Pech Quarter.

Major Products: Kale City exports Brandywine, port, and other spirits, products for which Kale is famous. It also exports wheat, fish, and leather goods. Kale City is also a busy port through which all sorts of goods pass from the north and south.

Kale City

Armed Forces: King Milon keeps a standing force of approximately 500 well-trained knights, stationed in Milon's Keep or in the Baston Prison. In time of trouble another 2000 or more militia men can be called up.

The City: Kale City is the youngest capital city of the human kingdoms. Originally little more than a feudal stronghold, it has since grown into a bustling ship port. Cargo from the north of Kale and from Selfhaven Archipelago is filtered through its port, enriching the city. Kale City even managed more or less to maintain its pre-conquest state during the reign of the Lord of Pride, who took smug delight in making the city as glorious as possible. The strong guiding hand of King Milon and his knights ensures that the economic functions of the city have grown now that it is free.

Large guilds dominate the economy of the city. The Artisan's Guild, the River-Sailor's Guild, and the Transporters Guild are the most powerful of these entities, and one cannot work or sell anything in Kale City related to their areas of expertise without the express permission of these guilds. Membership is difficult to obtain, but permits to sell or give service can easily be had for a price.

Geographically, the city is dominated by the large Keep of the King, which itself is surrounded by the main market square, the royal Fair Grounds and Jousting Lists, and the Grand Public Courts. The banners that fly from the Keep's parapets are visible from most quarters of the city.

The Pech quarter of the town is an area of poverty. The city's persona non grata and her poorest residents both find themselves confined to the Pech Quarter. Any remaining half-orcs are obliged to live here. The twisting alleys of this area house the several small thieves' guilds (always wary because of Milon's swift justice), and rumors have even spoken of stray bands of dark folk left over from the occupation, that live in the sewers of this Quarter.

Important Dates for the City (Many are Approximations)

6560-Kale, the second son of King Orlock of Daven, cheated of an inheritance, goes off with his loyal followers and founds the Kingdom of Kale.

6562-Kale founds Kale City.

6602- A baron from the Kingdom of Kale attempts to found a colony in the Wilderness lands to the West of Kale. Kale receives word that the colony is initially founded successfully and is prospering.

6610-Lord Nicolas of Kale City begins funding buccaneers and raiders to capture Davonian merchants by land and sea. This is at the secret behest of King Girars.

6615-Kale and Daven become involved in a border dispute. A minor war ensues.

6617-All contact between Kale and her Western colony ceases. Kale is too involved in its losing conflict with Daven to investigate and the colony is entirely lost and is eventually forgotten.

6625-The conflict between Kale and Daven is resolved. Daven has expanded its Western border at the expense of Kale.

6701-The great Kale fire occurs, wherein the western part of kale City burns down.

6839-The rogue noble Lord Foulque mounts an attack on the Keep of King Charles in Kale City. The revolt is successful and the king is beheaded, although his family escapes. Lord Foulque declares himself king.

Kale City

6983-Daven falls to the combined might of the Eastern Alliance. It is annexed as Western Orland. The Eastern Alliance forces Kelerak to cease trade with Kale; Kale suffers greatly.

7010-Abelard Von Basil, of the royal family of Daven, leads a successful revolt against the Orlandish invaders. With help from Kale and Kelerak, Orland is expelled and the Kingdom of Daven is refounded.

7168-The Eastern alliance, led by Farland, sends troops into Kale.

7169-Kale expels the troops of the Eastern Alliance in the Battle of the Bend.

7170-Farland invades Kale in force.

7172-Kale is defeated at the Battle of Fenmire, but escapes a massacre after one Captain Aurel sacrifices himself so that his men can successfully retreat.

7173-Kale is defeated at the Battle of Kale. Farland and the Eastern alliance besiege the city of Kale.

7175-Kale surrenders and is annexed as a province of Farland.

7179-Queen Sybille Halfelven of Kale, known as the diplomat, undergoes negotiations with Farland.

7195-Baranwe the tall becomes King of the Elves of Ardaranel.

7190-Farland agrees to withdraw from Kale, partially due to the threat growing to its East in the Wintervale. Kale agrees to pay yearly tribute.

7212-The Coughing Plague strikes in Kale City, causing much death.

7389-The city is assaulted by wyverns led by the hobgoblin Windrider Poz-Torga. The wyverns are killed after a pitched battle.

7401-The second Coughing Plague epidemic strikes Kale City. King Breton dies in the plague.

7591-An army of orcs led by the hags sisters Ferkor and Gestella invade Kale but are repulsed.

7792-The Dark Conquest begins. An organized force of orcs marches toward the city of Bale.

7793-The force, led by The Lord of Pride, attacks Bale but is repulsed. Later that year he takes the city.

8160-The city is liberated.