An Epic

Karoxfang, First Ruler of Stor-gris

Karoxfang Level 22 Solo Skirmisher (leader)
Medium elemental humanoid (demon, orc) XP 20,750
HP 824; Bloodied 412 Initiative +23
AC 36; Fortitude 39, Reflex 36 Will 33 Senses Perception +21
Speed 7, Fly 4 (clumsy)dark vision
Resist 10 fire
Saving Throws +5; Action points 2
Karoxfang is immune to powers that have the fear keyword. He cannot be intimidated. When he is bloodied, he gets +2 to attacks.
Karoxfang deals an additional 2d6 damage when he uses a melee attack to successfully hit a foe against whom he has combat advantage.
Standard Actions
Melee BasicFlaming Falchion (fire)   ◊   At-Will
Attack: +27 vs AC
Hit: 4d6+10 damage plus 1d10 fire damage (4d6+15 damage plus 1d10 fire damage if the target has the elf, eladrin, or dwarf keyword).
Miss: 1d10 fire damage and Karoxfang shifts 1 square. He ignores difficult terrain during this shift.
Melee BasicDemonic Claw   ◊   At-Will
Attack: +26 vs AC
Hit: 4d6+5 damage and ongoing 10 damage (save ends)
Melee Fury of Stor-gris   ◊   At-Will
Effect: Karoxfang makes three melee basic attacks (no more than two can be made with the same weapon). He shifts two squares before each attack and ignores difficult terrain when he is shifting.
Melee Might of the Dark Fortress   ◊   Recharge 4,5,6
Effect: Karoxfang makes five melee basic attacks (no more than three can be made with the same weapon); targets he hits with an attack are knocked prone and slowed (save ends). Any enemies hit with a Flaming Falchion attach when he uses Might of the Dark Fortress take ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends). He shifts four squares before each attack and ignores difficult terrain when he is shifting.
MeleeWord of Blasphemy   ◊   Recharge 6
Close blast 5; +25 vs Will; 3d8+9 damage, and the target is dazed and gains vulnerable 10 all (save ends). Allies of Karoxfang gain a +1 to defenses until the end of his next turn and can make an immediate saving throw.
Minor Actions
RangedDemonic Missile (fire, force)   ◊   At-Will
A burst of demonic energy blasts forth from Karoxfang's outstretched claw.
Attack: +25 vs Reflex
Hit: Ranged 10; 2d6+8 damage fire and force damage.
Triggered Actions
Shrug it Off   ◊   When dazed or stunned   ◊   Recharge 5,6
Effect (Immediate Reaction): Karoxfang is no longer dazed or stunned. He makes a Flaming Falchion or Demonic Missile attack against the triggering foe.
Curseforged Armor   ◊   When hit hy an attack   ◊   Encounter
Effect (Immediate Reaction): The enemy who hit Karoxfang takes a -3 penalty to attack rolls (save ends). When the enemy saves against the penalty, the enemy takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).
Alignment Evil Skills Acrobatics +26, Athletics +24, Diplomacy +21, Insight +21, Intimidate +21
Str 26 (+19)         Dex 31 (+21)       Wis 21 (+16)
Con 22 (+17)       Int 19 (+15)           Cha 20 (+16)
Languages Blackspeech, Elven
Items +4 Flaming Falchion, +4 Curseforged Platemail

Karoxfang's Tactics

Karoxfang will begin the fight by using Demonic Missile. He will then seek to close with a group of enemies and use Word of Blasphemy. Then he will burn an action point and use Might of the Dark Fortress. On subsequent rounds, he will make liberal use of Fury of Stor-gris, seeking to flank foes and making good use of his speed and maneuverability. He will never retreat out of fear, but being intelligent, he is not above making a tactical retreat.

Karoxfang Lore

Karoxfang the Vile was a being born from a violent act between violent races: a union of evil. Karoxfang's mother was an orc womanof Rothnog, a slave and member of the harem of a once-powerful warlord. The fabled general's father was a hideous demon summoned by the priests of Vornoth. The orc mother was an offering of lust to the demon in return for dark secrets the warlord wanted.

The orc woman's pregnancy was yet another violent act, as Karoxfang burst forth from the female's body, splitting her fully in two. The child was the epitome of evil, even at a young age. Soon enough, even the mighty generals of Rothnog found him hard to control.

Though the half-fiend's rage was immense, he found a home of sorts among the evil forces of the orc-nation devoted to Vornoth. The Dark Walker's will became Karoxfang's own, and the creature found a focus through which to harness his incredible anger. His physical strength grew faster than anyone else's, and other, different powers began to develop.

With his powerful genetics, Karoxfang quickly worked his way through the ranks of the dark folk military. Though part of the half-fiend was mostly immortal, he still wasted no time in his endeavors, as he hungered for more power. Before many of his childhood competition had passed adolescence, Karoxfang was legendary. He was known as an undefeatable fighter and a cunning tactician. None dared cross him, for his rages were also legendary. The half-fiend became general of the armies of Eastern Rothnog just before Lechig IV rose up with a rebellion in the west.

Karoxfang chiseled his name in stone after putting down the rebellion in Rothnog. He masterminded the assault against the poweful Lechig and his forces of Eastern Rothnogians, slaying the orc warlord in personal combat. but he had to flee into exile when the kingdom of Rothnog was destroyed and his army was crushed by the dwarves at the Battle of Thunder Pass.

This was just the beginning for the half-fiend's fame, however, as Karoxfang went on to found the dark and mighty fortress of Stor-gris, and forces flocked to his banner. With his flaming falchion never far from his side, General Karoxfang the Vile reigned for centuries upon the throne of mighty Stor-gris, bringing forth dark times for the goodly folk of Siriand (the continent later known as Farland).

His reign ended just as violently as his birth, as Karoxfang was duped into a trap by agents within his very own fortress. He died fighting in the year 9770 E.R., and dwarven historians claim that more than a hundred stalwart warriors were personally slain by the half-fiend in his final battle.