Landmarks of Farland

Geographical Features, Both Well Known and Legendary

The Belendale

The total expanse of this huge forest is unknown to the human race. Split down the middle by the tall Kelerak Mountains, this wood is rumored to house monsters, beasts, and magic of all sorts. Few who venture in are welcome, and even fewer return.

The Deadlands

This section of broken lands lies at the horrid gate to the land of icy evil known as the Wintervale. It is said to be the birthplace of the first human kingdom, long since fallen to dust. Now only ghosts and worse are said to inhabit it.

The Great River or The Deadwash

Also known as the Highland River, this stream is the longest river on the continent of Farland. It is as large as the Mississippi in spots.

The Great Peaks or the Mountains of Or

Running the length of the entire Kingdom of Farland, these mountains are the tallest in all of Farland; they are about the height of the Alps. Some scholars theorize that this natural frontier and barrier is partially responsible for the military success of the Kingdom of Farland. It has only successfully been invaded once in recorded history due to these mountains.

The Sarumvest

The second largest forest on the continent of Farland, it is said to be the ancestral home of the legendary elves. As of now, no civilized races are known to inhabit it. In this haunted wood, the dead are said to walk.

Selfhaven Archipelago

Lying somewhere south of Daven in the Endless Sea is this fabled island. One of the only places in Farland to escape the Dark Occupation, it is said to be the home of a thriving pirate kingdom.

Thitherlands or the West Lands

West of Kale lie the unexplored wilderness called the Thitherlands or the West Lands. Legends say that barbarian men of strange tongues make this locale their home. Tales also tell of the fabled Elvish ship-haven of Laithostar from which elves sail into the west. This port is said to lie somewhere on the coasts of this unknown land.

Valley of Mists

Lying north and east of the Kale Mountains, this mysterious valley is said to house almost the entirety of the troll race.

The Wintervale and Enemy Lands

This frozen land is the home of the Dweller in the Vale, the master of the Lords of Sin. It is a horrid land, blanketed by a perpetual glacier. Only orcs and other hardy races are known to naturally make this land their home. East and South of the Wintervale lie lands under the sway of the Dweller.

Wizard Isle

Said to lie somewhere in the Gulf of Gor, this mysterious island was supposedly once the home of the Arch-mage Seldorius of Farland. The mage has long since disappeared into the mists of time.