Roleplaying and Fantasy-Related Links


Deviant Art: An extensive art site with much fantasy art.
Dimitar Nikolov: The collection of a wonderful artist whose art is showcased on the site.
Jason Juta: The website of an amazing artist, who is responsible for the 4E site banner.
Steve Argyle: The gallery of a truly excellent artist, who is responsible for the art on the front page of the 3.5 site.
Todd Lockwood: One of the best out there. You will all recognize his art.

Game Publishers

Open Legend RPG: A cool, free open-source RPG. We did the map for their campaign setting.
Tracy Hickman: The creator of Dragonlance.
Wizards of the Coast: The publishers of Dungeons & Dragons.


5e SRD: A well-organized collections of SRD info for D&D 5e.
Battlegrounds: A great virtual tabletop gaming program.
DM Genie: Formerly one of the best battle and character management RPG programs out there, although it is now unsupported, it is still a good 3.5E tool.
DM's Guild: WoTC's official online marketplace for D&D content.
DonJon: An extremely useful collection of D&D 5e resources and generators.
DriveThruRPG: One of the best RPG marketplaces online. Get our publications here!
Dungeons & Dragons Adventures: Free adventures.
Dundjinni: A classic mapping program.
RP Tools: Several free gaming programs, with a focus on Map Tool, a classic VTT program.
Profantasy: The creators of Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro.
Zadmar Games: Zadmar Games is the creator of "Saga of the Goblin Horde," a great free setting for the Savage Worlds rules set. You can see their DrivethruRPG publisher page here and their blog here.

RPG Communities and General Sites

RPG Crossing: An RPG forum.
ENWorld: One of the most popular RPG news and forum sites.
Giant in the Playground: The home of the excellent Order of the Stick comic.
Living Dice: A site dedicated to helping gamers schedule and organize their games.
Myth Weavers: The best RPG forum for play-by-post gaming and the home of the Farland boards.

Tolkien-Related Sites

Ardalambion: A very cool study of Tolkien's languages.
The Grey Havens: A cool Tolkien fansite.
Lord of the Rings: The official movie site. An extensive and popular fansite.


The Kyngdoms: A nicely designed campaign world.
World of Khoras: An extremely intensive, well designed world.
World of Myrr: A cool D&D 5e world.
World of Sulerin: Perhaps the oldest campaign world on the net.

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