An Epic

Lalsthor Longcloak

Lalsthor, called Longcloak, is the leader of the very powerful thieves' guild in Dragonspur City. Originally from Kale, he is actually a powerful spectre, but very few people know this fact because he wears a long black cloak that disguises his rotten and semi-transparent visage. Lalsthor came into power after he found his way into the thieves' guild headquarters from the sewers and insidiously slew the then-leader, William the Sly, making him a half-strength spectre. Since then, Lalsthor has slowly consolidated his power. Lalsthor was a very powerful 11th level thief in life, second to William. He became too power hungry, however, and William lured him into a death trap in the sewers. This did not keep him down, however. Longcloak is a very scheming and insidious being, who will do all he can to hide his true nature, because his men would desert him if they knew.