An Epic

Naglor Osbern, Ruler of Dragonspur City

The capital city of Kelerak, Dragonspur City, has a long history of strife. Its location is unique and there are many dividing geographic features within its great landmass. Features such as the Lake of Sky make Kelerak difficult to defend. These drawbacks have also made it difficult to unify the kingdom under the control of the capital city.

During Kelerak's occupation, Brathelathor, the Lord of Lust, continued to suffer from these difficulties as rulers of Dragonspur City have throughout history. He attempted to use the drug Lotus to help him keep Dragonspur's denizens under control; many rebellions, however, were fought during his rule. In some of these rebellions, including the Great Rebellion of 7954 F.R., the Osbern family has played a key role. In fact the legendary Osbern Payn not only masterminded the uprising that started the Great Rebellion, but also himself fought prominently in the ensuing battles. Bards tells that he alone slew hundreds of orcs and orc lords including one of Brathelathor's key Hoths, the great orc lord Adorg. Brathelathor eventually emerged victorious however, slaughtering Osbern Payn. Ever after, the Lord of Lust watched the Osbern family carefully and whenever possible brought members of the Osbern clan to trial for treason, usually on trumped up charges. It was common during this time to see an Osbern head adorning the gates of the Spur Fortress in Dragonspur City. Many years passed in this way and the Osbern family's numbers grew few. Ever a hardy folk, though, some survived Brathelathor's persecution, although always there was peril for the surviving Osberns.

Then Payn's descendent, Alberic Osbern, a great diplomat and scholar, made a pact with the evil forces of the Lord of Lust. In an elaborate and ancient evil ritual he ceremonially sold his soul to the Lords of Sin in order to protect his remaining family members. Even after this pact, his family still suffered and the once great wealth and large holdings of the Osbern family dwindled away little by little as the Lord of Lust rewarded his orc chieftains with the wealth of Kelerak. Alberic was forced to fight alongside the hated orcs as per the terms of the pact in order that Brathelathor could keep control of the city. Eventually, in the year 8122 F.R., Alberic's wife Isabella bore him a son, Naglor. Desperate to keep his son from living the life of evil servitude that he himself had chosen, Alberic redoubled his efforts to delude the Lord of Lust into believing his worth as his most faithful servant. During his time away from his duties at the Fortress, Alberic taught Naglor secretly on the one remaining Osbern property, a small country estate west of the city. While obeisant and submissive in his evil lord's presence, in private he taught Naglor to hate the fell forces controlling his beloved Dragonspur City and taught him the finer points of nobility and the civilized society for which Kelerak was once known. He also spent hours instructing Naglor in the art of swordplay and Naglor emerged as a skilled fighter in his own right. For many years he was able to keep news of the existence of his son from Brathelathor. Alberic's younger friend, Weston Ack-Elmor, whose family owned a nearby farm, was also instrumental in Naglor's training. Elmor often helped with Naglor's training when Alberic was away on missions for the Lord of Lust. Then one day Brathelathor asked too much of Alberic. The Lord of Lust had information that Weston Ack-Elmor had been instructing and warning the populace of Dragonspur City of the evil effects of Lotus, as his older sister had died of the effects of this drug. Worried that his hold on the populace of Dragonspur City would weaken without the help of Lotus, Brathelathor wished Elmor executed. He ordered Alberic to attack Elmor's farm with a party of orcs in the dead of night and to bring Elmor's head back as proof of the mission's success. Having been friends for many a year with Elmor, Alberic could not bring himself to commit this greatest of atrocities, and he sent a message to Elmor warning him to prepare himself for the attack. That night, upon arriving at Elmor's home, Alberic and the orcs found a dozen men including Elmor awaiting them, all armed and prepared for battle. Alberic turned on the orcs and helped his friend Elmor to slaughter the hated creatures. Knowing that Brathelathor would label him a traitor, Alberic sent messages to all he knew to be sympathetic to the call of rebellion, and went underground to regroup.

Alberic hid his wife and son on his friend Alan Hightower's estate to the east of the city. There Naglor lived for the next few years and Alan's son Brian, though only a boy, soon grew to idolize Naglor and they became fast friends. For the next few years, Alberic from hiding masterminded a rebellion that was to one day successfully liberate Dragonspur City from the grasp of Brathelathor, though Alberic wouldn't live to see his beloved city freed. Many an orc raiding party was thwarted because of Alberic's underground freedom fighters. Plans were eventually drawn up for an assault on the fortress. Alberic never found who amongst his forces turned against him, but when they arrived at the castle walls at midnight the 10th of Thros 8157 F.R., they were ambushed by more than two hundred orcs, all armed to the teeth. Alberic fought mightily but eventually fell as his forces tried to escape the slaughter; few were the revolutionaries who lived through that black night.

Weston Ack-Elmor was also there that night and was one of those few who escaped. Realizing that without Alberic the rebellion was doomed, Elmor decided to devote all his time to the final lessons of Naglor's instruction. It was his hope that Naglor would possess the vision of Alberic and would continue the rebellion his father had started. Naglor and Weston stayed in hiding on Captain Hightower's estate and trained night and day for two years along with Naglor's friend, the young Brian Hightower. Finally Alan Hightower and Weston Ack Elmor decided that Naglor was ready. Secret messages were once again sent to all known to be sympathetic to their cause. News spread quickly by word of mouth that Alberic's son had come forward to continue the revolution. Naglor soon showed that he was a force to be reckoned with, leading many a successful foray against Brathelathor's orc guards and clandestinely operating to thwart the demon's other operations. Naglor's name quickly became famous amongst underground revolutionary circles. As Brathelathor persecuted the people of Dragonspur City, prayers were uttered for the son of the mighty Alberic and descendant of the legendary hero Osbern Payn. More and more people began to hope that this Naglor could help end the oppression.

Naglor had many friends without whose assistance he would never have been so successful. This network of friends enabled him to hide successfully from the roving eye of the Lord of Lust. Alan Hightower and his son Brian as well as Weston Ack-Elmor helped him to plan raiding parties and gather intelligence on the movements of Brathelathor's hated troops. A friend of Elmor's, the mage Yedus, through his knowledge of history and magic, also saved Naglor time and again from faulty decisions. While never entering the rebellion completely, the churches of Heshtail and Reeanan, driven underground during the evil occupation, were sympathetic to Naglor's cause. High Potentate Burcan the White became a trusted advisor to Naglor and helped when he could, though he was always wary of Brathelathor becoming aware of the existence of his church.

Naglor struggled to thwart the evil rule of his beloved homeland in every way possible. His successes were most probably due to Brathelathor's inability to turn from satisfying his all-consuming lust to deal with affairs of the city. Due to this good fortune, Naglor's forces were able to protect many a friend and citizen of Dragonspur from persecution. Throughout, he was forced to conduct the rebellion while hiding from the roving eye of the forces of the Lord of Lust. Further suffering from a lack of reinforcements after the devastating losses suffered in the battle where his father fell, he was unable to mount a full-scale attack on the Spur Fortress. Often Naglor felt discouraged as the realization of the futility of his position grew upon him. Soon, though, rumors of the liberation of Kale began to filter through to Dragonspur City; new hope grew in Kelerak. More and more fighting men came to the revolutionaries in secret and hidden training camps sprung up throughout the Dragon valley.

Then on the 15th of Kalt 8161 F.R., the gods smiled upon Kelerak as the heroes led by Valanduil the Elhan and Bartarius Outelion arrived in Dragonspur City. They sought out any sympathetic to their cause and soon met with Naglor. After many a late night session reviewing plans and strategies, the heroes stormed the citadel and were able to dispatch Brathelathor. They then named Naglor leader of Dragonspur City and he took the title of Lord High Mayor. Advised closely by Weston Ack-Elmor, Brian Hightower, and the newly appointed Court High Mage Yedus, Naglor seized control of the city and continued to fight against the remaining orcs who hadn't fled. With the death of their leader, the remaining forces of darkness suffered from low moral and within six months the city was once again in the hands of the people of Kelerak under the control of Naglor, with the goblinoids pent up in a small segregated area.

Not all were happy about Naglor's ascension. His reign was subtly opposed by an upstart young (but rich) nobleman, one Lord Turstan Quentin, among others. However due to his family's history of loyalty to the green throne of old, Naglor had much support and with the royal guard (the Spur Elites) reinstated, his power became more secure. Bartarius the Northman soon returned to the city and, acting as a knight of Dragonspur, was eventually able to dispatch Quentin, further assuring Naglor's claim to the throne. Then in 8165, The Winged One, one of Brathelathor's illicit progeny, appeared again on the scene and tried to retake the city. With Bartarius and his heroes assisting, Dragonspur narrowly avoided capture and efforts at rebuilding continued under Naglor. Dragonspur continues to be harried over the years with forces from the East sent from both Orland and Zeland to retake Kelerak. In 8170 F.R., in the battle of King's Field, the city narrowly escaped capture from the forces of the Lord of Envy led by one General Neebrok and Captain Darellor of Orland. That he was able to lead his city to victory against these and many less notable foes attests to Naglor's right to his position of leader of Dragonspur City.

Currently Naglor's control is still under question as the forces of the Lord of Envy press in from the East and other forces rumored to be led by the fell Afej the Black threaten from the West. Naglor is also having internal troubles within Kelerak as Wyvernia to the northeast disputes Dragonspur's traditional leadership. Within the city itself, there are rumors that the infamous Corfin Ack-Sembar, whose whereabouts are currently unknown, disputes Naglor's power through his position in the Dragonspur City thieves' guild. Thus with many a threat looming in the distance, Naglor's rule still remains unsure. Since his leadership skills have been tested many a time and he still remains in power, Naglor is popular with the people of Dragonspur City and they are confident in their leader's abilities to protect them from the foes threatening their city and the kingdom of Kelerak.