An Epic

Religion in Farland

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Holy Symbols

This chart details the deities and their respective cleric domains. It can be used for easy reference:

Farland Gods Alignment Domains
Heshtail the Merciful LG Good, Healing, Law, Protection
Bestra, Lady of Goodness NG Animal, Good, Healing, Plant
Kantor the Crusader CG Chaos, Good, War, Water
Neltak, Lord of Law LN Destruction, Law, Protection, Sun
Dekk, Lord of Balance N Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Earth
Bel, Lord Thief CN Chaos, Destruction, Trickery, Luck
Vornoth, the Dark Walker E Death, Destruction, Evil, Magic
Tal-Allustiel, Elflord CG Animal, Good, Magic, Plant
Khuldul Rockcarver, Dwarf Lord LG Earth, Law, Protection, War
Khuckduck Gemcutter, Gnome Lord LG Animal, Magic, Trickery, Earth
Bunga Proudfoot, Halfling Lord NG Good, Healing, Travel, Luck

Farland Demi-Gods Alignment Domains
Reeanan the Bright LG Good, Knowledge, Sun
Calbran, Lord of Luck NG Luck, Strength, Protection
Thranton, Lord of Lightning CG Air, Chaos, Travel
Aknor the True LN Law, Knowledge, Protection
Janora, Goddess of Fate N Healing, Knowledge, Luck
Flamgart, Fire God CN Chaos, Fire, War
Grlarshh, Death God NE Death, Evil, Trickery
Dhurli Ironbeard LG Law, Knowledge, Protection
Barlifandorf LG Knowledge, Magic, Protection
Bucca Tunnelly NG Luck, Plant, Trickery
Salystra, Queen of the Drow             CE Evil, Magic, and Trickery