An Epic

DM and Player Tools

Here you will find many tools to help you with your roleplaying, whether you are a Dungeon Master or a Player.

Table of Contents

Non-Player Characters
DM Genie Resources
Riddles and Traps
E-Tools Resources
Miscellaneous Tools


(Organized by Level)

  • WOTC's Free Adventures (link)
  • Towers of Night (a Farland adventure for 1st level characters) (download)
  • What Lurks Within (a Farland adventure for 2nd level characters) (download)
  • The Quick and the Dead (a Farland adventure for 3rd level characters) (download)
  • The Ties that Bind (a Farland adventure for 4th-5th level characters) (download)
  • The Endless Well (a Farland adventure for 6th level characters) (download)
  • Strange Shelter (a Farland mini-adventure for 6-7th level characters) (download)
  • Dead Tree Vale (a Farland adventure for characters of low to mid level) (download)
  • Wyvern Attack! (a Farland adventure for 6-8th level characters) (download)
  • Into the Thieves' Guild (a Farland adventure for 8-9th level characters) (download)
  • Adventurer Summoning (a Farland mini-adventure for 10-12th levels) (download)
  • The Haunted Dwarven Tomb (a Farland adventure for characters of any level) (download)
  • The Troll Pits of Hextor (a Farland adventure for 13th level characters) (download)
  • Hold of the Lich Lord (a Farland adventure for 15-16th level characters) (download)
  • Ordeal of the Viper (a Farland adventure for 16-17th level characters) (download)
  • Wizard's Isle (a Farland adventure for 18th-level characters) (download)


  • Add guns to your game (download)
  • Creating a realistic dungeon (link)
  • Creating good character backgrounds and backstories (link)
  • Obtaining and Awarding Non-Combat Experience for DMs Part 1 (link)
  • Obtaining and Awarding Non-Combat Experience for Players Part 2 (link)
  • Paladin code of conduct in an absolute universe (link)
  • Roleplaying an Immortal Elf (link)

Non-Player Characters

  • Ada of Dragonspur (15th lvl cleric) (link)
  • Afej the Black (18th lvl wizard Lich) (link)
  • Balthinal "Coress" of House Levan (12th lvl Ranger/Shadowalker) (link)
  • Baranwe the Wise, Elvenking (20th lvl Eldritch Knight/Sorcerer) (link)
  • Bartarius of Outelion (11th level fighter/ 1st level bard) (link)
  • Bolg-Gatha (14th level assassin) (link)
  • Brathelathor, Lord of Lust (13 HD Incubus) (link)
  • Corfin Ack-Sembar (15th level thief) (link)
  • Dantha'Sule (Annis Hag/ 12th level cleric) (link)
  • Darmon Stuart (5th level fighter) (link)
  • Daug-Dagoth (Ancient Were-beast Demon of the North) (link)
  • Durisea the Strange (7th level Sorcerer) (link)
  • Galadwen of House Arduval (16th level rogue/shadowalker) (link)
  • Garlgax, the Lord of Envy (17th level Drow cleric) (link)
  • John Culwyn (7th level fighter) (link)
  • Karoxfang (12th level half-fiend fighter)(link)
  • Lalsthor Longcloak (Spectral Thieves' Guildmaster) (link)
  • Lyana of Harvale (9th level cleric) (link)
  • Malcall the Ravager (17th level barbarian) (link)
  • Milon Dukalle, King of Kale (12th fighter, 5th Aristocrat) (link)
  • Naglor Osbern (8th lvl fighter, 1st lvl aristocrat) (link)
  • Orax the Lord of Sloth (20 HD Black Pudding) (link)
  • Payn Ack-Arthur (17th level ranger) (link)
  • Saithith, the Lord of Gluttony (Vampire) (link)
  • Sando Torland (12th level Bard) (link)
  • Tharivol of House Meliane (5th level Cleric) (link)
  • Tollem of Wyvernia (12th level barbarian) (link)
  • Thuldin the Fallen, the Lord of Pride (Dwarven Fighter) (link)
  • Valanduil of House Cirana (11th level wizard/ 4th level fighter) (link)
  • Widfaral (15th level evil cleric) (link)
  • The Winged One (Half-fiend 3rd level wizard/ 2nd level fighter) (link)
  • Yedus Anglarond (15th level wizard) (link)

DM Genie Resources

  • DM Genie-- the most useful DM management tool bar none (link)
  • The entire Farland Campaign (minus adventures) for DMs in DM Genie format (***Installation instructions are included in the zip file***) (download)
  • The entire Farland Campaign for Players in Player Genie format (smaller file; Installation instructions are included in the zip file***) (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "Adventurer Summoning" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "The Endless Well" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "Haunted Dwarven Tomb" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "Hold of the Lich Lord" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "Ordeal of the Viper" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "The Quick and the Dead" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "Strange Shelter" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "The Ties that Bind" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "Towers of Night" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "The Troll Pits of Hextor" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "What Lurks Within" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "Wyvern Attack" Adventure (download)
  • DM Genie Version of "Wizard's Isle (download)


  • Farland Mass Combat Program (link)
  • A large collection of herbs with their uses and effects (download)
  • A book of bard songs-- some are comical (download)
  • Official new 3E Magic items (download)
  • Farland Desktop Wallpapers (link)
  • Farland Desktop Screensavers (link)
  • Poster-sized Map of Farland (2 megs) (dowload)
  • Official Farland Editable Character Sheet (download)
  • Farland Setting PDF version 1.1 (most of the site in one file) (download)

Riddles and Traps

  • Some riddles for DMs (download)
  • The webmaster's personal collection of hand-picked riddles (download)
  • Some deadly traps (download)

E-Tools Resources

(This program is no longer supported by Farland)

  • ET Helper (after each major patch you must reinstall ET Helper) (link)
  • Eric Noah's RPG Page (link)
  • The Code Monkey Website (link)
  • Classes for the 3.5 edition (XML file-Use ET Helper) (download)
  • Farlandic Elf Race (RAC file. Place in User/races) (download)
  • Oluk Orc Race (RAC file. Place in User/races) (download)
  • Farland Setting Information 1.0: languages, gods, feats, spells, items, prestige classes, and rules version 1.0 (XML file- Use ET Helper) (download)
  • Farland Prestige classes (link)

Miscellaneous Tools

  • The official Farland Mass Combat System for resolving large-scale battles (link)
  • A table to generate random annual events in a campaign world (download)
  • A random encounter table for large cities (download)
  • System Reference Document v. 3.5 (Part of the 3.5 core books online) (link)
  • System Reference Document v. 3.0 (Parts of the 3.0 core books online) (link)
  • Searchable Hypertext D20 SRD (online version of the 3.5 SRD) (link)
  • Steam Weapons (link)
  • Assorted Character Sheets including a 3.5 character sheet (link)
  • Battlegrounds-- A great virtual tabletop gaming program. (link)
  • Character Portraits (link)
  • Very Useful List of DM Links (link)