The Farland Mass Combat Program

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As a boon to the roleplaying community, and thanks to the selfless efforts of Janik Zikovsky of DM Genie, the Farland Campaign is proud to present the new Mass Combat Program. This program is designed for use with the rules of the Farland Mass Combat System.

If you like the system, download the program for free and use it-- all we ask is that you let us know how you like it, that you don't link to this program or post it on your site without permission, and that you report any bugs on the Farland Message Board so that we can correct them in a future update to the program.

If you need a printable version of the help file, it can also be downloaded below.

Free Program Download

Mass Combat Program Full Version 1.5.20 (2.06 MB)

Help File Printable Format