Ropbadden Hill, Forntol

Ropbadden Hill

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Areas of Interest
General Information

Areas of Interest

1 Northern Gate
2 Southern Gate
3 Ropbadden's Hill
4 Entertainer's District
5 Guard Towers
6 Commerce center
7 Military center
8 Trade center
9 Residential buildings
10 Mayor's house and grounds

General Information About the City (Small City)

Who Rules: Currently, Mayor Nakbol Bakijbal Ginorbal (Nakbol among the citizens) rules the town. A descendant of the Bal caste originally, Nakbol has a mind for ruling on a larger scope, though one is as likely to see him conducting his business over a meal at the Inn of the Pickled Pig than at the courthouse.

Money Limit: 5870

Other Power Centers: The Omnifauon is a small network of gnomes that make the gathering of information their business. They work behind the scenes in Ropbadden Hill to gather information to keep their own town and the surrounding folk of Forntol safe from those who would do them harm. Though less than a dozen gnomes work directly for the Omnifauon, several dozen, of many different races, are considered to be agents that work alongside the network. The Omnifauon works out of a small business in the Trade District, though most of the local populous doesn't know it to be more than its public sign indicates. A gnome named Corruk is currently the leader of the enigmatic organization; his name is thought by those who know him to be shortened from his caste name to protect those to whom he may be related.

Entertainment is an industry taken very seriously by the gnomes of Forntol, and it is no different in Ropbadden Hill. Thus, the Entertainer's guild in the town holds a great deal of power with the local government. Jykob Jubbadden is the current guildmaster and, as such, he has a direct line with the mayor on decisions regarding any number of fiscal, legal, or military matters. The guild operates out of the Entertainer's district, to the west of the famed Ropbadden Hill.

Population: About 3400.

Major Products: Due to racial proclivities and talents of its inhabitants, Ropbadden Hill's most valuable and widely used good is its entertainment. The Ropbadden Hill Entertainment district brings in a staggering percentage of the town's overall revenue, bringing in tourists from as far as the west coast to see one of the town's famous shows. The Entertainer's guild also boasts a traveling circus that makes yearly excursions to Sal'Baran City and Seahaven, taking with it a traveling marketplace from which the gnomes can trade all sorts of wares.

The farms about Ropbadden Hill are known mostly for their hardy root vegetables and some livestock. The ground north of the town isn't as forgiving for plantlife, as the ground is rocky and hard, so these areas have taken to a life of ranching. These farms raise cows, pigs, goat, sheep, fowl, and of course rabbit, using the natural landscape to serve as borders for many of their pastures. To the west and south of the town lie most of the town's fertile farmland, producing enough for the town's consumption as well as a surplus for trade. Fields of wheat and corn are common, as well as rows and rows of the gnomes' very favorite plant - the mushroom. Wheat is used in both baked products and in beer, producing a light but cloudy brew with a rather unique flavor. One tale tells of a dwarf who, upon seeing a gnome's light, golden beverage, asked if he peed in his drink. The gnome, glacing at the dwarf's dark brown stout, smiled and said "Yup, right after I pooped in yours."

Gnomish crafted goods are more often than not carved works of aesthetic value, not functional practicality. The smaller fingers of the gnomes have been known to make works of art out of stone, wood, and even the bones of local wildlife. Most of these pieces are used for trade, though some knick-knacks will find their way back to their maker's shelf.

Armed Forces: The town supports nearly 50 full-time guards, most of which take shifts at the guard towers. Also, it can conscript up to 300 in time of need. About two dozen elite mastiff-riders train in the town and can also be called upon in need. The Rungaven maintain a force of thirty dozen guards, which are rotated out with their brethren from their home base in Vetemus. These guards are there for the protection of gnomish concerns and safety of the town's inhabitants, as Ropbadden Hill is considered a trading partner of the major cities of Forntol.

The Town: The town of Ropbadden Hill was defined and formed based on a single historical moment in 1970 P.E. A formerly unknown gnome by the name of Dubbin Ropbadden held the hill against a tribe of vicious apes that had come down from the north to terrorize their small village. The pitched battle was won through gnomish ingenuity and Hilken ferocity; and it served to unite the two races through the years to come.

The town of Ropbadden Hill in Forntol is a town of proud and capable gnomes who have chosen not to turn away from the dangers that living so close to the mountains of Forntol presents. The central hill of the town now serves as a military base for the town, both due to its sight and tactical advantage and its historical significance. Massive engines of war can be seen atop the hill, most of them steam-driven, but all of them lethal to any who dares to lead an assault on the city's northern front.

Gates to the north and south serve as the main entrances for traffic into and out of the town, and are kept under constant surveillance by the town's standing guard.

There are several main areas of the town proper that are of interest, namely the Entertainer's district, Commerce district, Military district, and Trades district. The Entertainer's district can be found in the northwest section of the town. It boasts a large amphitheatre, entertainer's pavilion, and guild houses and outbuildings.

The Commerce district is home to the town's courthouse and governing buildings, as well as the Rungaven barracks for those guards that are cycled out from their home in Vetemus.

In the northeastern section of the town is the Military district of Ropbadden Hill, which is home to the defense centers, guard barracks, siege works, and mastiff yard. The gnomes of the town take their defense very seriously, having been the victim of attacks in the past. As such, they've developed a very unique coordination of defense between their towers, troops, and the structures of the hill itself that usually spells doom for any of the invading tribes of the mountains.

Finally, the Trades district runs down the center of the town, with shops, artisan guilds, churches, temples, inns, and even the Inn of the Pickled Pig, which is famous for its massive banquet offered for all 6 major gnomish holidays.

Residences within the town proper are common and seem to be arranged with little regard to order. Many inhabitants also live outside of the main city, either within or outside of the town walls. Most of these homes are those of farmers or ranchers.