An Epic

Saithith, Lord of Gluttony, Lord of Daven

Saithith, Level 21 Solo Lurker
the Lord of Gluttony (Leader)
Medium natural humanoid
(undead) XP 16,000
Initiative +19       Senses Perception +18; dark vision
HP 850; Bloodied 425
AC 35; Fortitude 39, Reflex 36, Will 36
Immune Disease, poison; Resist 15 Necrotic; Vulnerable 15 radiant
Saving Throws +5
Speed 6, Climb 4 (Spider climb)
Action points 2
Melee BasicRapier (standard; at-will)   ◊   Weapon
+23 vs AC; 4d6 + 15 damage.
Ranged BasicCrossbow (standard; at-will)   ◊   Weapon
+23 vs AC; 4d6 + 10 damage.
MeleeSwift Strike (standard; at-will)   ◊   Weapon
Saithith shifts up to 4 squares. He can make 2 rapier attacks at a +2 bonus at any point during this movement. If he ends his movement with any cover or concealment, he can make a stealth check to hide.
closeLife Drain (standard; encounter; recharges when first bloodied)
Saithith flashes around the battlefield, clawing at everything in his path.
Close burst 5; +25 vs. Fortitude; 3d8+9 damage, the target loses a healing surge, and takes a -3 penalty to AC and Reflex defenses until the end of Saithith's next turn. Miss: Half damage, and the target does not lose a healing surge or take any penalties to AC or Reflex. Saithith can shift to anywhere within the burst. If he shifts to anywhere with cover or concealment, he becomes invisible until he moves or attacks.
MeleeBlood Drain (standard; encounter; recharges when an adjacent enemy becomes bloodied)   ◊   Healing
Requires combat advantage; +23 vs Fortitude; 4d6+16 damage, the target is weakened (save ends), and Saithith heals 212 hit points.
RangedDominating Gaze (minor; at-will)   ◊   Charm
Ranged 5; +23 vs Will; the target is dominated (save ends, with a -2 penalty on the saving throw). Aftereffect: The target is dazed (save ends). The Lord of Gluttony can dominate only one target at a time.
MeleeSlamming Retreat (Immediate reaction; when damaged by an attack; encounter; recharges when Saithith bloodies an enemy)
+24 vs Reflex; 4d6+20 and the target is pushed 3 squares. Saithith shifts up to 12 squares and becomes invisible until he attacks. Allies that have line of sight to Saithith when he uses Slamming Retreat gain a +2 bonus to defenses until the end of Saithith's next turn.
Combat Advantage
Saithith deals an extra 5d6 damage with his attacks against any target he has combat advantage against.
Mist Form (standard; encounter)   ◊   Polymorph
Saithith becomes insubstantial and gains a fly speed of 12 but cannot make attacks. He can remain in mist form for up to 1 hour or end the effect as a minor action.
Destroyed by Sunlight
If Saithith begins his turn in direct sunlight, he can take only a single move action on his turn. If he ends his turn in direct sunlight, he burns to ash and is destroyed.
Alignment Evil       Languages Kelevan, Kalish, Blackspeech
Skills Acrobatics +22, Athletics +25, Bluff +23, Intimidate +23, Stealth +22, Thievery +22
Str 21 (+15)         Dex 25 (+17)       Wis 16 (+13)
Con 18 (+14)       Int 17 (+13)           Cha 27 (+18)
Equipment Leather armor, rapier, crossbow

Lord of Gluttony's Tactics

The Lord of Gluttony will begin his attack with Life Drain. Then, when invisible, he will make a rapier or crossbow strike with combat advantage. Next, he will dominate an opponent and use Swift Strike liberally, always attempting to hide so he can gain combat advantage. The first time he is damaged, he will use Slamming Retreat. When he loses a quarter of his hit point, he will use Blood Drain. If the battle goes poorly, he will use his Mist Form to retreat to a hidden coffin. Saithith is rarely found without a body guard of Vampire Spawn.

Lord of Gluttony Lore

Saithith the vampire is a rotund man (240 pounds), and he stands 6'1". He has pale skin and a small, waxed black beard and mustache. He has long, black, receding hair and dresses richly as a noble, although his clothes are out of style. As a vampire, he is incredibly agile and fast.

Saithith was a foppish pirate lord who prayed on shipping lanes in the Lonely Sea during the time of King Dakor V of Daven. He operated out of the city of Inharbor in the Selfhaven archipelago. While a pirate, his appetite for both food and plunder was great. He always took more than he needed; indeed, he was known for taking everything to excess. When he would capture a ship, he would throw a huge feast/orgy, and literally bathe himself in wine, food, women, and plunder for days on end. Often, this display was so outrageous that it would sicken even his crew. Thus, when the Dweller sent the vampire Kibor to find a good candidate to be the Lord of Gluttony, Saithith was nominated. Saithith appears to be polite, and he speaks quietly and hissingly. His eyes glow red in low light. More than other vampires, Saithith is tempted by drinking blood to a great degree, and will gorge himself on it, sometimes bathing in it.