An Epic

Sal'Baran City, Forntol


Table of Contents

Areas of Interest
General Information
Important Dates
Notable Personages

Areas of Interest

1. West Docks
2. East Docks
3. South Docks
4. Guild house Way
5. Church District and Temples of Bestra and Khuldul Rockcarver
6. Academy of Sal'Baran
7. Rungaven Central Barracks
8. Rocky Point Lighthouse
9. Grand Market
10. Trader's way - N, S, E, W
11. Fountain and Centre Circle
12. Nobles' District and Mayor's Mansion

General Information About the City

Who Rules: Currently, Marshall Treagan rules by popular vote. Though his official title is Mayor, many still call him Marshall due to his military background. Historically, the rule of Sal'Baran has been by popular vote, and the city has seen its fair share of Mayors including politicians, generals, professors, and even an entertainer.

Money Limit: 18,170

Other Power Centers: The Academy of Sal'Baran is the single most accessible and largest library of knowledge on Forntol, next to the Academy at the Spire of Bestra. As such, its professors have quite a bit of sway in local politics and the economy. The Navigation school, with ties to the Dockmasters and the trade of Sal'Baran, hold a particularly large amount of power in the city.

The Guild of the Idle Hand is a wide-stretching organization of thieves and cutthroats, though they go under the guise of entertainers. The Guild holds a great deal of power within the city limits and also without, as rumors abound indicating that the guild has contacts as far as Vetemus to the west and the dark lands to the east. This was probably due to the large amount of journeymen who traveled as minstrels after their lengthy apprenticeship to the guild.

The Dockmasters' Guild is another power center in the city. As Sal'Baran is a large trade city that receives goods for the lands in the south and east, its docks are immense. Due to this fact, those who are in charge of these docks are also quite powerful. The Dockmasters can be likened to a labor union of sorts, though an unofficial one. The members who are in control of these docks find themselves with a finger on the lifeline of the trade of Sal'Baran and, thus, have a loud voice in Sal'Baran.

Population: About 13,500.

Major Products: Because of its location, Sal'Baran's major exports include anything and everything that comes from the sea. All variety of fish, be they fresh, smoked, or salted are brought in every day and packed for distribution to local inns, or to places as far away as Vetemus.

Sal'Baran shores are also well known for a particular variety of crustacean, the Blue spidercrab, which is a delicacy in many of the more expensive nobles' houses and inns. In addition, Sal'Baran exports many raw materials for use about Forntol, like salt, stone, and some lumber.

Mainly, though, Sal'Baran is a trade center, responsible for collecting goods from, and getting goods to all of the smaller villages and towns about their southern location.

Armed Forces: The City supports 180 full time guards, the Rungaven. It can also conscript 720 men into a militia in times of troubel. In addition, Marshall Treagan has 25 elite guards.

The City: The great coastal city of Sal'Baran is a place both defined by and plagued by its proximity to the more uncivilized areas of Forntol.

As the eastern-most human-dominated city, Sal'Baran is the closest such development to the eastern frontier, an area dominated by the wild Hilken, isolationist Kassa'melkuul and, far to the east, the lands of orcs, goblins, and worse.

The city is home to much diversity; though largely human, Sal'Baran is also the residence of many Hilken, Kassa, Gnomes, Teregnaven, Dwarves, and even a few dark folk. These people settle in Sal'Baran due, in large part, to the limited amount of Rungaven monitoring it in comparison with the western cities. Because of the long distance from Vetemus, the seat of Forntol power, Sal'Baran is relatively unbothered by the Settun Rungavae. They have Rungaven soldiers on staff, of course, but their role is mostly to protect the needs of the people, not to enact the laws and rules of the seven judges, which seem to get less forgiving the closer one come's to the seat of power. This distance serves the people of Sal'Baran well, as they've had their share of intervention by the Settun Rungavae in the past.

This sense of freedom and lack of judgment against any one race brings in quite a varied mix of people to Sal'Baran, most taking the booming commerce in the city to be an added advantage.

Important Dates for the City

4531 F.R. - Teregnaven arrive on Forntol, having perilously made their way through stormy, reef-filled seas. They form a new colony that is loyal to Bestra and the pursuit of knowledge. This marks the beginning of civilization on Forntol.

5740 F.R. (1 P.E.) - Human refugees from Zeland and Farland arrive on the shores of Forntol. After fleeing the Dweller's plague and war in their homeland, the humans lost nearly half of their number during the rough, stormy voyage.

1,670 P.E. - A small port in southern Forntol blossoms into the diverse, southern city of Sal'Baran, named for the famous captain who thwarted an orcish pirate on the open seas. In so doing, Sal'Baran saved a wealth of cargo that included Teregnaven art and artifacts.

1,671 P.E. - The trade city of Sal'Baran elects its first mayor by popular vote among the people. This is an unpopular move among the cities of the west, which typically have a mayor appointed by the Settun Rungavae. Sal'Baran thus indicates its independence.

1,697 P.E. - Famous bard and entertainer Markin Dellaruse is elected mayor. He would be the first and only entertainer to hold the position, one that is typically reserved for those versed in politics or with military backgrounds. The Settun Rungavae consider it an affront and a mockery of the position, even though Dellaruse later proves to be one of the most effective mayors that the city ever had.

1,713 P.E. - Orc and goblin raids far to the north concern those in power in Sal'Baran. The mayor at the time, a practiced politician named Dain Sovilian, negotiates a treaty with Vetemus to bring in a large contingent of Rungaven to help protect his coastal city. Little does he know that the treaty will serve to bring the free city under the rule of the Settun Rungavae.

1,721 P.E. - To the surprise of the Western cities, the forces of Sal'Baran mobilize to come to the aid of a trade caravan out of Vetemus that was waylaid by a force of orcs and ogres to the north of Sal'Baran. The caravan is saved, though many of the Sal'Baran militia are killed in the battle. The Settun Rungavae take note of the act, and the coastal city is thus endeared to the western rulers, in spite of its strong independence.

1,746 P.E. - The dark folk of the east test another tactic, launching a major assault on Sal'Baran, by ship and by land. Though outnumbered, the Sal'Baran navy's swift and agile ships sink half of the dark folk fleet. The land army of the dark folk is turned away by the Sal'Baran militia and forces from the west. During their retreat, half of this remaining force is slain by the Kassa'melkuul of the Azure Forest, who finally get involved in something outside of their precious forest

1,748 P.E. - After the forces of the west and the forces of Sal'Baran unite to force back the dark folk, the Settun Rungavae lessen their attempts to bring Sal'Baran formally under their rule. Instead, the city of Sal'Baran is left largely to its own devices, though the Rungaven in the city remain to serve their people.

1,970 P.E. - Gnomes and Halkassa'ruukil, led by a hero named Dubbin Ropbadden, fend off the attack of a tribe of apes. The stubborn folk set up a town at the site, in defiance of their attackers. This is to become Ropbadden Hill. Trade with Sal'Baran is immediately initiated, with the large city backing the efforts of their small neighbors.

2,341 P.E. - Arcane teaching is standardized in the major human cities, in order to establish a new military division of spell-wielders. The teaching is overseen by the master of wizardry at the Spire of Bestra. This new era of learning stretches even to Sal'Baran, where the Academy's curriculum is revamped and updated.

Some Notable Personages in the City

Marshall (Mayor) Rowalt Treagan: Marshall Treagan is a man of, from, and formed by the military. Born of a soldier's blood, Treagan has served the good folk of Forntol as a soldier, captain, mercenary, Rungaven, and even general. The Marshall is a fair man but is firm and always quick to the point. He was serving in the Sal'Baran militia after having formally retired from the rigors of full time war when he was convinced to run for mayor. Marshall Treagan is well liked and has proven to be a brilliant politician.

High Captain Mankin Jen: Many say that Captain Mankin Jen has taken up the mantle left behind when Marshall Treagan retired from the military. Jen and Treagan, however, couldn't be more different. The new High Captain is a fiery and impassioned man, while his predecessor was calm and pragmatic. Jen was born a farmer, while Treagan was born a soldier. Mankin Jen's drive, however, has catapulted him into and through the ranks of the Rungaven in Sal'Baran, making him presently the man in control of the nearly two hundred soldiers in the city. Though taken to outbursts of emotion, Jen is an honest man and is well liked among his men.

Blackjack: No one knows the real name of the man called Blackjack, probably because he killed or somehow disposed of any who had. Rumors of his upbringing tell of abuse, betrayal, and a life of having to survive on the streets of a growing city with little or no help. As the leader of the dark organization called the Guild of the Idle Hand, Blackjack has formed quite a powerful position for himself by taking the rightfully owned goods of the people of Sal'Baran, be it by force or by coercion.

Dean Soloman Della'Tur: Soloman Della'Tur is the Dean and Headmaster of the vast Academy of Sal'Baran, the second most prosperous Academy in Forntol. As such, Della'Tur is well known as an authority in all matters arcane. In addition to being a much sought after scholar, the Teregnaven Dean is a powerful wizard and prevalent figure in local politics.