East of Sky

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Areas of Interest
General Information

Areas of Interest

1. Stronghold of Baron Oliver Goldcrown.
2. Danube family manor.
3. Fisherman's Chapel of Kantor.
4. The Old Mariner's Inn.
5. Shipyards.
6. Temple of Aknor.
7. Traveler's hostel and mercenary's guild.
8. Lighthouse.
9. Church of Thranton.
10. Town watch and gaol.

General Information about East of Sky, a Small city in Eastern Kelerak, on the Eastern edge of Lake of the Sky

Population: Around 9000

Money Limit: 8000

Full-time guards: 250

Conscriptable individuals: 550

Who Rules: Baron Oliver Goldcrown, the rightful lord of the city who was recently liberated from the dungeons of the evil Lord George Danube.

Power Centers: Jacob Ack-Simore, a wizard who supports Baron Oliver.

High Priest Felix Ack-Heathcliff, priest of Kantor. While nominally supportive of Baron Oliver, Felix believes that his policies are too conservative and often subtly works against them.

Major Products: East-of-Sky's major product is fish and her livelihood rests on the fishing industry. To that end, she is famous all along the shores of Lake of the Sky for all things related to the industry: fishing barges and sail boats, nets, line, and many other things. Right now (8170 F.R.) the economy is harmed because all trade routes are blocked by hostile forces.

The City: East-of-Sky is a venerable 500-year-old city originally established as a marketplace for fish shipped to Dragonspur City. The town was also quite successful economically due to its easy access to communities all around the shores of the Lake of the Sky. Indeed, the Barons of East-of-Sky usually were among those nobles who held the most sway with the Green Throne; after all, money talks. East-of-Sky suffered greatly at the hands of its Orc Hoths, particularly Zebet, the last Hoth, who waged an endless war with the Hoth of Jacob's Rock. Of course Brathelathor, the Lord of Lust, kept a close eye on his Hoths through his demon-spy Lilith. After the liberation of Kelerak, the sly Lilith set up a puppet ruler, Lord Danube, and caused him to imprison the rightful Baron, Oliver Goldcrown. Luckily, Oliver was liberated by a band of heroes, and East-of-Sky is just recovering from its many setbacks. An even greater one, though, may loom on the horizon, as the forces of Afej the Black prepare to invade from West-of-Sky.