Titan, a Town in Kelerak

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Facts about Titan
Places of Interest in Titan
Businesses and Professions found in Titan

Facts about Titan

Titan is a fairly typical town in Eastern Kelerak. It is a primarily agrarian economy, and it has a fair amount of commerce, since it is on a trade route. Trade was stifled during the dark years, and Titan has only recently seen an economic recovery. Still, Titan used to be richer in the past, because over a century ago a rich copper mine was discovered under the town. The lord of Titan grew rich from the mine, but the mine was closed during a series of civil disturbances, the old lord was slain, and the residents of the town assumed the mine was mined out. As of now, the residents of Titan go about their business farming and trading with Dragonspur City, unaware of the potential wealth below their feet.

Who Rules: Johan Michelton is the appointed feudal lord of Titan, but the town has a mayor, one Owaine Ack-Powle, who oversees its day-to-day business.

Money Limit: Items costing 175 silver pieces or less may be purchased in the town.

Population: About 140 humans, with 10 half-orcs, 1 dwarf, and 2 halflings.

Major Products: Oats, wheat, and other crops, cows, pigs, and chickens. The town also used to export copper ore but no longer does so.

Armed Forces: The town doesn't have standing armed forces, but the Mayor has 4 deputees that he uses to keep the peace, and a militia of 25 male farmers can be called up in times of trouble. The town relies on its fuedal lord to raise armed forces to protect it in times of trouble.

The town of Titan is located in Eastern Kelerak, along the Daven Walk (the main road south from Dragonspur City) and west of the Lake of the Moon. It is also the setting for the adventure "Wyvern Attack!"

Places of Interest in Titan

1 Church of Kantor

This large but ramshackle edifice is the most prominent temple in the village. The priest is one Nigel Ack-Jonathan, a weathered, prematurely-aged man.

2 Merchant's Manor

This is the home of Harold Nightbinder, a successful merchant who arranges for trade between Dragonspur City and Titan.

3 Lord's Manor

The manor of Johan Michelton, the current feudal lord of Titan, appointed by the powers in Dragonspur City. He summers in Titan and winters at his mansion in the capital.

4 Home of Bernard Ack-Peter

This ramshackle home is the dwelling of Bernard Ack-Peter (“Ack” is Kelevan for “son of”), a former priest of Kantor, the good god of storms and battle. A former soldier and chaplin during the dark times, Bernard saw things during his war experiences that left him a broken man. Suffering from “combat fatigue,” he has medicated himself with drink and is now a full-blown alcoholic. The townsfolk view him as a shady character, but he has no malice in his heart.

5 Trading Post

This large, utilitarian building is the town trading post and general store of the town. Under normal conditions, it is busy, and adventurers can purchase any equipment here. The proprietor is William Ack-Randall, a well-to-do merchant. William is a jovial, straightforward fellow who is happy to talk to all his customers and who perhaps has something of a loose tongue. It is a good place to hear rumors.

6 Mayor's House

This lesser manor is the home of the town mayor, Owaine Ack-Powle. Owaine is a former soldier, slim but still somewhat muscular, with a graying beard. The townsfolk view him as somewhat corrupt.

7 Smithy

This is the home and smithy of Local Blacksmith Jordan Ack-Keler. A short, bald man with a paunch but muscular arms, Jordan can repair the arms and armor of adventurers, as well as craft for them any weapon or armor besides plate. He currently also has a limited stock of arms and armor for sale.

8 Home of the Town Apothecary

This shoddy building is the home of the town apothecary, Emily the Cunning. Emily is a surprisingly young and attractive woman, though she is cool to strangers. She will sell healing potions, herbs, and healer’s kits to travelers and townsfolk alike.

9 Giant and Titan Inn

This large inn is marked by a rather well-done sign depicting a storm giant battling a titan. This inn is usually busy with locals drinking and eating, as well as traders and travelers being boarded. The proprietor of the inn is a large-framed, red haired woman named Isabelle.

Businesses and Professions found in Titan

1 Bakers
1 Shoemaker
2 Barbers
1 Blacksmith
2 Butchers
2 Carpenters
15 Farmers
5 Hunters
1 Inn Keeper
2 Maidservants
1 Masons
1 Priest
1 Tanner
1 Roofers
1 Furriers
1 Water carriers
1 Pursemakers
1 Coopers
1 apothecary
1 Chicken Butchers
1 Weavers