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West Land

The place called the West Land by some humans is known by several names. The elves call it by a word meaning "Thitherlands," and other humans call it the Wild Lands. That is a good description, for wild animals, terrible monsters, and strange beasts of all sorts inhabit it. The Iron Peaks are the main geographical feature of the West Land. It is a generally forested area, and the forest grows very thick to the west of the mountains.

There are five primitive human settlements in the Westland. Racially these humans are very similar to the inhabitants of Cadocia, and indeed they first settled the West Land by journeying around the frozen north of Farland in small canoes. These people have heard of the land of Farland's ill repute and do all they can to avoid contact with the inhabitants of the continent to the east. So far they have been successful.

The only other place of note in the West Land is Laithostar ("Breakwater"), the small port town from which the elves of the Belendale depart for Faerie. The paths to Laithostar are hidden, and besides the occasional attack by bestial bands of dark folk, the town has remained relatively unmolested for many years. Since its founding, Laithostar has been ruled by the Elders of House Arefor, founded by Belaeg the sailor. Because they must build ships capable of crossing the Arned Sea, the elves of the town are master shipwrights, and they ever patrol the Bay of Parting in their swan-shaped boats.