Wyvernia, Kelerak


Table of Contents

Points of Interest
General Information

Points of Interest

1. The Citadel, seat of the Baron of Wyvernia.
2. Rich District and Fletcher Park.
3. Old Orc barracks district, now deserted.
4. Docks.
5. Temple of Kantor.
6. Temple of Calbran.
7. Guard (Wyvern Regulars) Barracks.
8. Flute and Bell Inn, and Town Stables.
9. Red Shield Inn.
10. Merchant's Guild, Holmes Hall.
11. City granary.
12. West wall slum district.
13. Heshtail's Hospice and pest house.
14. Farmer's Tavern.
15. City Fishery and warehouse.

General Information

Large city in Eastern Kelerak, North of Dragonspur City on the Liferock River

Population: Between 18000 and 20000. Money Limit: 20,000
Full-time guards: 250 Conscriptable individuals: 3700

Who Rules:

Lord Damion Felmund, who took over control of the city in a bloodless coup, after the untimely death of the previous ruler, Lord Drake Rose.

Power Centers:

Lord Russell Starsul, an ambitious nobleman who often vies politically against Lord Felmund

Bishop Hector Ack-Thelmund. As the Bishop of the most powerful temple in Wyvernia, Hector must be consulted before any important decisions are made.

Major Products: Wyvernia is known for its silver-smiths. It also used to export reed baskets, made from the plentiful reeds of the Liferock river, as well as maple syrup and bread. Right now the economy is harmed because all trade routes are blocked by hostile forces.

The City: Wyvernia is a thousand year old metropolis. It is named after the plague of Wyvern attacks that troubled the first settlers of the city. For many years it was a close ally and feudal holding of the Green Throne in Dragonspur. Wyvernia was known for its doughty infantry, particularly its Pikemen. An old saying goes, "give me a Wyvernian pikeman and I will break any charge." Since the liberation, the corrupt ruler of Wyvernia, Lord Drake Rose, only paid lip-service to the Spur and always failed to provide support in time of need. After his sudden death, the allegiance of the city has remained uncertain.