An Epic

Dantha'Sule, Hag of Stor-gris

Dantha'sule was a particular type of Hag called an Annis. The evil creature was born of the deep, misty bogs of the Great Wash, some time around 9500 E.R. The great beast, initially called Danuras fel Sule, or "Mistress of the Bog," terrorized the deep marsh of the Great Wash for decades. Her hulking form was feared among those who dwelt near the Wash, and her name was whispered even beyond its vast borders.

Soon enough, Danuras fel Sule earned the notice of the being known as the Dweller in the Vale, Vornoth's agent upon Núrion. This enigmatic being had long been the compelling force behind all the decisions made in the vast kingdom of Stor-gris, for the Dweller all but owned its previous ruler Karoxfang. But when Stor-gris' next ruler, the voracious black dragon Bardanax, came to power, the Dweller found that its control of Stor-gris was slipping away. Bardanax was very independent and willful, with vast ambitions of his own, ambitions that sometimes conflicted with the Wintervale's desires. Moreover, the dragon could not be intimidated. The Dweller knew that the use of force against Bardanax would likely be unsuccessful and would serve merely to weaken both Stor-gris and the Wintervale, possibly leading to the downfall of both domains. Therefore, Bardanax had to be stealthily manipulated and eventually overthrown. A creature such as Danuras fel Sule, which possessed both guile and physical power, would be ideal for the job.

The Dweller thus lured the Mistress of the Bog from her lair in the Great Wash and took her to the Wintervale. There, the strength of four huge trolls was required to hold the hag down as the Dweller worked its magic on her. The powerful agent of Vornoth tore open the hag's chest as the creature screeched in agony. The Dweller gathered a hair follicle, dead cells to imbue the hag with mastery over the domain of Death. Then the Dweller added a piece of its very own skin to give the beast the physical and spiritual power of the Dark Walker. Finally, the Dweller spilled a drop of blood to dominate the hag with the will of Vornoth. Gathering the items, the Dweller thrust its hand into the hag's chest, and Damuras fel Sule writhed in agony. After moments of pain, the great hag rose. Immediately the ravenous creature devoured a dozen hardy orcs to restore her great strength.

The Dweller called its newest general Dantha'sule, or "Dark Mistress." With the newly acquired power of the Dark Walker, the hag was sent from the Wintervale. She traveled to Stor-gris and quickly insinuated herself into Bardanax's confidences until she became his closest advisor. Slowly she worked her will, knowing that any quick attempt to overthrow the dragon would end in disaster. She manipulated him little by little, carefully bringing his decisions in line with the desires of the Wintervale. She also preyed upon his voracious appetities, encouraging him to throw off restraint and gorge himself whenever he felt the urge and on whatever he desired. Finally the dragon grew so fat and weak that Dantha'sule was able to slay him and wrest power in the name of Vornoth. She ruled the vile fortress for centuries, directed by her master the Dweller in the Vale, and was the cause of much death throughout the civilized lands of the demi-humans. Even after her final downfall, which coincided with the end of the kingdom of Stor-gris in 10,557 E.R., her name echoed down the long corridors of history even unto the present day.