An Epic

Playing Online

Good news! Although this site is still primarily a resource for people's PBEM games or table games everywhere, there are now some online games being run in Farland. If you wish to play in such a game or DM one yourself, click here. If you wish to set your own Pen & Paper game in the World of Farland, email me, and I will send you DM-only information so that you can do so.

Setting a Game in Farland

If you wish to set a campaign in Farland, by all means do so. You need to know the following:

1. Everything you will need to play is already on the site.

2. All articles written about the world of Farland are set in the year 8170 F.R., unless otherwise indicated.

3. If you have a question about Farland, please register at our message board or email us; We are very amenable to questions or comments. If you play in Farland and generate material that you think would add to the site, please donate it. If you simply wish to tell us about your adventures in Farland, please come to the message board or write us. We would love to hear from you.