Maps of Farland

On this page you will find many of the maps of Farland and the world on which Farland lies. Most of the maps have been made with photoshop. More maps are constantly being added. Click here for the interactive maps section, or if you prefer, click here for a thumbnailed page of maps, rather than a list.

Multiverse and the Planes of Existence

The Great Sphere (Map of the Multiverse)

World of Núrion

Whole Planet of Núrion
Globe Map of Núrion
Flat Globe Map of Núrion
Latitude Map of Núrion
Spinning Globe Map of Núrion
Climatic Map of Núrion

Continent of Farland

Continent Map (Current map)
Archaic-Looking Continent map
Poster-Sized Continent map, with towns
Political map of the continent of Farland.
Climatic map of Farland
Entire Continent (Old map---Lorindon era) (Map is 3,000 years old)
Entire Continent (Very old map--Stor-gris era) (Map is 10,200 years old)
Entire Continent (Ancient map--Rothnog era) (Map is 11,000 years old)


Entire Belendale


Entire Kingdom
   Elder Daven City


Entire Kingdom
   Kale City


Entire Kingdom

Regions Within Kelerak

Anaria (Barbarian Lands)
   Western Anaria
   Black Wood
Dragonspur City
   Area around the city
   Kings Field
   Ten Mile Environs
   Five Mile Environs
Eastern Kelerak
Western Kelerak


Entire Kingdom
   Orland City


Entire Kingdom
   Zel City


Entire Kingdom
   Far City

Wintervale and Enemy Lands

Entire Region

Continent of Eruna

Continent Map


Continent Map