An Epic

Nopolitus, Forntol


Table of Contents

Areas of Interest
General Information

Areas of Interest

1. Bars
2. Jail
3. Markets
4. Vergillius Military Academy
5. Ack-Nicholas Administration Center
6. Settun Rengavae
7. Chapel
8. Guards
9. Museum/Library
10. School
11. Farms
12. Nopolitus Blacksmith Museum
13. Solid Rock Vintners Society
14. Sewage Treatment
15. Gold Mine

General Information About the City (Small City)

Who Rules: One of the founders of the city, Thomas Ack-Nicholas, proposed a set of regulations of the passage of power and of term limits for the proposed administrators of the city, and separation of the administration and military factions within it.

He gathered the populace together while the building was still in process, and proposed a set of laws that:

1. Would assure no military intervention in the private lives of the residents in times of peace would be allowed
2. Would allow for free elections of administrators
3. Would apportion taxes fairly and with representation
4. Would assure term limits for administrators
5. Would assure people were allowed reasonable rights as citizens
6. Would assure a portion of the city's coffers be turned over to establish a military school and force
7. Would prohibit magical powers from being used to control people

He won the crowd over this time, as they realized the importance of administration and maintenance of the city, and they respected Thomas more for his work. He was nominated for the position of Mayor and won, hands-down. Thomas then nominated a Ministry of Engineering, Maintenance, Elections, Civil Order and Mining to serve with him. His enlightened laws were known as the Laws of Thomas.

Today, the Mayor of the town is James DuNice, a distant relative of one of the founders, Tancrede DuNice. He rules the town fairly, treading the tightrope of political tension between the Rengavae, local authorities, the Military Academy and the city administration, and assuming only the day-to-day management of the infrastructure and economy.

Money Limit: 3000

Other Power Centers: The first Minister of Engineering was Tancrede DuNice, appointed by Thomas Ack-Nicholas. It was his inventiveness and project management abilities that enabled the valley of rocks to be transformed into a fortress. Today, that position is held by Hawis Ack-Christopher, succeeding her father, Hankrete. Her duties, however, are foreshortened, consisting of maintaining sewage and water supply systems and designing buildings and renovations to the fortress walls and infrastructure. It is a much less glorious position than that of Tancrede, as much of the building is completed now. The present Minister of Elections is Nuris Coldstone, a dwarven lass who took a certain fascination with the city of Nopolitus and moved there from Walin's Cap. She was partially responsible for managing the economy of the Cap before she took office, and is a gifted economist.

The present Minister of Civil Order is Namus DuBael. He wrested the title in a heated debate in the Ack-Nicholas Administration Building, accusing the previous office-holder Ultan O'Haris of unfair treatment of prisoners. Through some deft rhetoric, he convinced the voters that Ultan allowed his guards to beat the men, although evidence was less than overwhelming.

The present Minister of Mining is Hawis Ach-Christopher. Daughter of a mine boss, she studied Geology and Engineering at The Spire and worked between semesters at Walin's Cap (luckily, she is a short, stocky and strong woman, to fit in such cramped quarters), and now provides the mines with total management and control.

The city School Administrator is a sweet, unbecoming lass of well over a hundred years, one Theramisio Calabrutto. A retired Teregnaven school administrator, she and her farmer husband retired from The Spire and moved to Nopolitus to give the children quality education.

Population: About 4025. The population consists of the following racial balance:

1. 89% Human
2. 6% Gnome
3. 3% Teregnaven
4. 1% Dwarven
5. 0.5% Kassa
6. 0.5% Hilken

The city also houses one family of half-orcs, taken in from homelessness by the Chapel and they have taken well to life there, as the city has embraced them as their own.

Major Products: Today, employment in Nopolitus consists of:

1. 55% soldiers
2. 10% farmers
3. 10% blacksmiths, woodworkers, masons
4. 8% bar and restaurant owners and workers
5. 5% maintenance workers
6. 5% military school teachers and staff
7. 2% elected officials and staff
8. 2% police
9. 2% miners
10. 1% clergy, doctors, spell casters, etc

Farming is prevalent in the Nopolitus area, although one would tend to think that this once-barren land could grow nothing. The soil covering the plateaus to the east and west was fertile but not very thick nor plentiful. Farm soil was created from the hillsides and liberal use of vegetative and compost matter, as well as druidic magic, has resulted in good planting media. Grain, corn and root vegetables are grown, including potatoes, beets, turnips, yams and the ever-present mek-k-k roots brought in by the Kassa. The bulk of the food is grown in Nopolitus, but imported staples are still necessary to feed the populace.

Mining still provides the bulk of the trade balance. The mines produce enough gold and platinum to keep the city in the black, and production has been enhanced by the use of new techniques from The Spire.


830 P.E. - Flavius Vergilius leads a contingent of humans from the southern cities, funded to establish a new military presence in the central mountains. They find a suitable but desolate location north of Walin's Cap.

835 P.E. - Nopolitus is under construction, named after a blacksmith who lives there and trades with dwarves. A worker's revolt sends Flavius out of the city. He vows to return. Thomas Ack-Nicholas gains power and passes enlightened laws, known as the Rules of Thomas.

836 P.E. - Construction continues. Flavius attempts to secure the fortress by force, but surrenders.

837 P.E. - The new fortress is completed. It is built mostly of solid stone and contains in its design the most modern security features. A military academy is opened in the city, and it quickly becomes a strategic presence on Forntol.

1,000 P.E. - A symbolic council of the races convenes in Vetemus. At this meeting, the Settun Rengavae are set up to govern the land. Soon after, Rengavaen quarters are set up in each city, including Nopolitus.

1,720 P.E. - An attack is launched against the northern cities they send pleas for aid. A great contingent of dwarves from Walin's Cap and an army from Nopolitus march north and slaughter the dark folk.

1,746 P.E. - The dark folk of the east test another tactic, launching a major assault on Sal'Baran, by ship and by land. Though outnumbered, the Sal'Baran navy's swift and agile ships sink half of the dark folk fleet. The land army of the dark folk is turned away by the Sal'Baran militia and forces from the west, including crack troops from Nopolitus. During their retreat, half of this remaining force is slain by the Kassa'melkuul of the Azure Forest, who finally get involved in something outside of their precious forest.

2,341 P.E. - Arcane teaching is standardized in the major human cities, in order to establish a new military division of spell-wielders. The teaching is overseen by the master of wizardry at the Spire of Bestra. Nearby Nopolitus also includes the teachings at its military academy.