An Epic

Proverbs and Sayings of Farland


Many are generally attributed to the famous Sage and Wizard Seldorius of Farland, who long ago disappeared into the mists of time. Some are folk wisdom.)

  • Do not ask an elf for advice, for he will say both yes and no.
  • Where the warg howls, the goblin prowls.
  • All roads lead to the Far City.
  • None but an elf should ask a gnome for advice, lest old age overtake him.
  • Speech and song are food and drink for Elves, gold and silver are food and drink for dwarves.
  • Halflings have but half the height and strength of a man; they also have but half the rashness and vice.
  • Better to bundle up against the Great Glacier than to try to melt it with fire.
  • Aelfar was mighty, but it too fell.
  • Better to try to outlive an Elf than to change a Dwarf's mind. (Also: Better to try to outlive an Elf than outdrink a Dwarf.)
  • Men are like the grasses on the plains; they bend with the wind but rarely do they break.
  • The Nameless City is nameless for a reason.
  • Elves are doomed; man makes his fate. (Also: Long is the life of an Elf, but doomed; short is the life of a man, but free.)
  • When in Orc-haven, look to meet Orcs.
  • Even the Northern barbarians know of the might of Farland.
  • Leeches and poultices do not appease Grlarshh.
  • The trees, grass, and even the stones remember the Elves.
  • The night belongs to the Walker, but it was not always so.
  • Long are the legs of men.
  • A man or orc may choose to dwell where an elf or dwarf would fail.
  • Famine and plague kills as surely as orc with fire and blade.
  • Reality is a splintered mirror, reflecting back myriad similar yet different reflections.
  • Slave to an orc or slave to a man, it's slavery no matter how you slice it. (An old Kelerak saying).
  • Even in Elven vales, winter must come.
  • Where there is hope, there is life... and need of victuals. (An old Halfling saying.)
  • One is made wise, yea wiser, through the experience of dusky sorrow more than from the experience of ethereal joy.
  • An elf who has heard the call of the seagull will tarry no longer under the trees.
  • Sharpen your axe today, for there may be orc skulls to cleave tomorrow. (An old dwarven saying)
  • Great is the power on the hearts of the greedy of treasure long brooded over by a dragon.
  • True is prophecy, but more true is human will.
  • An angry dwarf has the wits of an orc, and the might.
  • Any way you slice him, a man is still a man.
  • Dice 'n cleave, dice 'n cleave, it's 'ow we get da 'umans leave. (Orcish proverb)
  • Calling a wizard wise is calling a pond a puddle.
  • You can judge a creature by his scars. (Orcish proverb; Also: The scars make the man).