An Epic

Original Skills or Unique Uses of Skills

Knowledge: Monsters (Int; Trained Only)

Use this skill to figure out what a monster likes to eat, what its society is like, and what its weaknesses are. The DC of the check depends on the rarity of the monster: monsters that are common, like orcs, have a DC 10, monster that are unusual have a DC 15, monsters that are rare have a DC 20, monsters that are very rare have a DC 25, and monsters that are extremely rare or unique have a DC of 30 or higher. The rarity of the monster depends, of course, on the DM. If the check succeeds, the DM should relay specific (and linmited) information about the monster but should never simply tell the player the monster's stats or let the player read the monster's entry in the appropriate manual. As this is a broad, general skill that allows a player to know a little about a broad array of monsters, it is always trumped by specific knowledge skills. For example, Knowledge: Religion is likely to grant a player more detailed information about undead than Knowledge: Monsters will.

Knowledge: War (Int; Trained Only)

(This skill is designed for use with the Farland Mass Combat system). Use this skill to conduct a war, maintain an army, and gain an advantage in battle. The following explains how this skill relates to the Farland mass combat system. This skill is quite necessary to be an effective leader of troops.

Task DC
Maintain a supply train, unopposed 12
Successfully relay timely order on the battlefield without magic 15
Raise discipline of troops 20*
Successfully "dig in" an army 15
Support Troops in hostile terrain with supply line 20+
Use terrain to an advantage, unopposed 20
Use terrain to an advantage, opposed OKWC
Support troops in hostile terrain by foraging 25
Successfully use anti-infantry artillery 25
Use tactics successfully against an enemy OKWC
Ambush OKWC**
Successfully employ spies 25+***
Other specialized war-related task 18+

* To qualify as trained; +2 per each rank above trained
OKWC= Opposing Knowledge: War check (in each case, a minimum of DC 20 must be rolled for the winner to receive the benefit )
** Possibly after successful deployment of spies.
*** to determine enemy movement or plans (if spies, time, and resources are available)

Successful use of this skill is highly dependent on situation and resources. Some things, such as spying, cannot be attempted without sufficient resources, while other things, such as advantageous terrain, may come by luck. If an army is on higher ground when it is attacked, then there is no need for the commander to make a check. Many times whether or not the skill may be used is up to the GM. Successfully accomplishing most of these tasks will allow the user's army to enjoy the benefits allowed in the mass combat system, usually a bonus to the combat roll.