An Epic

The Standards of the Lords of Sin

Pride 1. Pride: Azure, the chief embattled sable, a hammer over a cracked anvil, both proper. A reference to the original standard of the dwarfhold Khallin.
Lust 2. Lust: Purpure, the chief wavy sable, an upright sword proper.
Gluttony3. Gluttony: Sanguine, the chief indented sable, a bloody chalice proper.
Envy4. Envy: Vert, the chief engrailed sable, a decrescent argent.
Sloth5. Sloth: Tenne.
Greed6. Greed: Gules, the chief raguly sable, a gold coin proper.
Anger7. Anger: Sable, the chief rayonne gules.