An Epic

The Winged One

The Winged One, Barghevor the Cambion: Male Half-incubus/human Ftr2/Wiz3; Medium Humanoid ; HD 2d10+4 (Fighter), 3d4+6 (Wizard); hp 38; Init +7; Spd 30, fly 30; AC 17 (+3 natural, dex); Atk +8 base melee, +9 base ranged; +9 (1d8+4, +1 Longsword), +8 (1d6+5 bite, 1d4+5 2 claws); Special abilities: Darkness 3/day, Desecrate 1/day, Unholy blight 1/day, darkvision 60, immunity to poison, acid, cold and fire reistance 20; Class Features: Fighter: Shield proficiency, Martial weapon proficiency: all, Simple weapon proficiency, Heavy armor proficiency, Medium armor proficiency, Light armor proficiency, Bonus Feats (2); Wizard: Spell Mastery, Spellbooks, Spells, Wizard weapon proficiencies, Scribe Scroll, Summon Familiar; AL CE; SV Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +2; STR 20, DEX 18, CON 14, INT 15, WIS 9, CHA 15.

Weapons: +1 Longsword, unfumbleable "Lust-tongue," evil.
Ring of shocking grasp
Key-lock Gem
Spell book

Skills: Climb +8, Concentration +10, Diplomacy +4, Intimidate +4, Listen +2, Sense Motive +1, Spellcraft +9, Spot +4.

Feats: Expert Tactician, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Scribe Scroll , Weapon Focus: Longsword.

Spells Known (Wiz 4/3/2): 0 - Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance; 1st - Change Self, Charm Person, Chill Touch, Color Spray, Comprehend Languages, Feather Fall, Magic Missile; 2nd - Invisibility, Protection from Arrows.

Spells Prepared (Wiz 4/3/2): 0 - Mending, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance; 1st - Chill Touch, Color Spray, Magic Missile; 2nd - Invisibility, Protection from Arrows.
scroll, prot. from undead

Barghevor was one (of the possibly several surviving) children of Brathelathor, Lord of Lust. A product of rape (as almost all of the Lord of Lust's offspring), he nevertheless idolized his father. When he got old enough, he served Brathelathor as a general of the Lord's army. He was out with a legion of 1000 orcs when the city fell and his father was slain. The uprising of the citizens of Kelerak forced him to hole up in Lust Fort in the Hilly Crags, one of the places painstakingly prepared by the Lord of Lust himself for just such an eventuality. As of 8168 F.R., he attempted to use a gem created by his father to open a portal to the Abyss to bring the Lord of Lust back to Kelerak. Seven years ago he also attempted to invade Dragonspur City with the aid of his second in command, Shagrat Blacktongue. He was defeated by the combined might of Kelerak and the Cavebear Northmen.

Barghevor is 6'2" tall, with thin blond hair, slightly scaly skin, horn buds, and leathery wings. He tries to be arrogant and condescending but ultimately come off as insecure. Nevertheless he has a curious charisma when dealing with evil creatures (a product of his demonic heritage). He wants nothing more than to allow his father access to this world and then to serve him. In the year 81 F.R., Barghevor was finally slain by Drallin Ironshield and Malcall the Northman.