An Epic

Bolg-Gatha, Famous Evil Assassin


Male Hobgoblin Ftr3/Rog5/Asn6: Medium Humanoid ; HD 3d10+15 ( Fighter) , 5d6+25 ( Rogue) , 6d6+30 ( Assassin) ; hp 129; Init + 8; Spd 30; AC 21 (Shield: 22, Flatfooted: 17, Touch: 19); Atk +13/8 base melee, +14/9 base ranged; +15/10 ( 1d4+5, Assassin's Dagger ); +16/11 ( 1d6+5, +2 Scimitar ); SQ: Darkvision (Ex); AL LE; SV Fort + 11, Ref + 14, Will + 5; STR 17, DEX 18, CON 20, INT 13, WIS 12, CHA 12.

Skills: Appraise + 2, Balance + 7, Bluff + 8, Climb + 10, Diplomacy + 2, Disguise + 9, Escape Artist + 7, Gather Information + 4, Hide + 14, Intimidate + 7, Jump + 4, Listen + 3, Move Silently + 16, Open Lock + 3, Read Lips + 2, Search + 5, Sense Motive + 5, Spot + 5, Tumble + 8, Use Magic Device + 10.

Feats: Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Critical: Scimitar, Improved Initiative, Leadership, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus: Scimitar.

Spells Prepared (Asn --/2/1/1): 1st - Change Self, Obscuring Mist; 2nd - Darkness; 3rd - Invisibility.

Possessions: Weapons: Assassin's Dagger; +2 Scimitar. Armor: +2 Leather, shield, small steel (only uses if entering a large melee) Magic: Ring: Freedom of Movement; Ring: Protection +3; Scroll: Lightning Bolt (5); Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds (3).

Bolg-Gatha was born in the year 8136 F.R in Gurz-Goi, which is the name of the Far City in Blackspeech. Taken from his parents soon after birth, as is the way in the regimented hobgoblins society in the Kingdom of the Lord of Anger, the young creature soon distinguished himself as a disciplined and cunning fighter, and by the age of 15 he rivaled all but the strongest of his peers in pure fighting ability. Moreover, his natural intelligence and leadership skills recommended him to his trainers, and he quickly assumed command of the First Junior Skullcrushers Legion (a training organization). At the age of 18, Bolg-Gatha was promoted to commander of a battalion in the army of the Lord of Anger. He only led this Battalion for one year, however, when he was challenged under rightful law by a brawny newcomer named Zelg. The two battled in full armor on the arena field, and Zelg bested Bolg-Gatha in open combat, taking his command. Yet Bolg-Gatha swore that the fight was not over, and indeed it was not. The young hobgoblin had known for many years that he was blessed in an area that others of his kind were not: he was very stealthy and nimble, and he had been cultivating this ability in secret. That night, Bolg-Gatha snuck into Zelg's private officer's quarters and slew him while he slept. The ruthless creature then attempted to flee back into the night, yet his inexperience caused him to fall into the hands of the Battalion guards.

Bolg-Gatha was clapped into prison, whipped, and slated for execution, but news of his deed spread quickly. Although assassination was illegal in the regimented society of the Lord of Anger, it always had its clandestine uses for disposing of those who stood in the way of the upwardly mobile, and a general of the Second Legion of Anger, one Coruck, removed Bolg-Gatha from prison and began employing him in eliminating his political enemies. The young hobgoblin thus grew very talented in the ways of stealth: his life depended on it, for General Coruck made it very clear that if he were caught he would be abandoned to the headsman's axe. Bolg-Gatha's fame grew in certain circles--there seemed to be no way to detect his stealthy footfall until his blade was in his unfortunate victim's breast--until one fateful day when he was ordered to assassinate the High General of the entire army of the Lord of Anger, the fell being known as Lord Pirg. The agents of this well-guarded individual caught him just before he managed to slay the sleeping general. Yet the wily Lord was impressed with Bolg-Gatha's abilities, and agreed to spare his life if Bolg-Gatha would prove his newly professed loyalty by slaying his former benefactor, General Coruck. This the hobgoblin did without hesitation. Pirg was pleased. He has a mission of great political importance in mind for Bolg-Gatha, but knew that his considerable abilities were still not up to completion of the sensitive task. He thus sent Bolg-Gatha across the Straits of Gor to study with a mysterious Guild of assassins based out of the Nameless City.

Within a year Bolg-Gatha was back in Gurz-Goi and more deadly than ever. He was ready for his greatest mission yet, which Pirg revealed to be nothing less than the assassination of the Lord of Anger's second in command, his Cancellor War Hoth Sergius Maro. In a daring night of bloodshed, Bolg-Gatha accomplished his mission and slew the War Hoth, thereby clearing the way for Pirg to assume his position. Bolg-Gatha's fortunes were assured. At this time, however, the first news of rebellions in the far Western Kingdoms reached the lands of Anger. Bolg-Gatha conceived an idea to increase his fortunes even more and to buy even more lavish furnishings for his rich mansion in the Far City. With the blessings of Hoth Pirg, he organized a freelance band of adventurers, with himself as leader, and advertised his service to the Lords of Sin. He said that he would "keep an eye on the trouble in the West, and maintain the interests of the Dweller in the Vale--for a price." Thus his new band came to be known as "The Eye."

The Eye was indeed a powerful force for evil in the liberated kingdoms, assassinating several rulers who tried to maintain control over their newly freed cities. Bolg-Gatha also recovered the infamous Mirror of the Abyss with which the wizards of the Lord of Anger were able to summon the Lord of Lust back to Farland. Yet in the year 8170 Bolg-Gatha met his match and fell in combat against the adventuring group the Lords of the West. The wizard Khadufel the Southerner, another member of the Eye, arranged to recover his body, however, and it is possible that Bolg-Gatha will again be seen in the liberated kingdoms, feeding his greed by sowing evil and death.