An Epic

Dragonspur City, Kelerak

Dragonspur City

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Areas of Interest
Images of Dragonspur City
General Information about Dragonspur City
Churches of Dragonspur
Important Dates and History of the City
Notable Personages of the City

Areas of Interest

1. Holy Rest Cemetery
2. Keler's Bridge
3. The Dragonspur. On its pinnacle sits the Fortress of the Spur. Three-quarters of the way up the steep road that climbs the spur sits the huge Dragon Statue, wings spread.
4. River Road Black Market district. Here can be found lotus and other drugs, whores, contraband, and weapons.
5. Dragonspur Thieves guild.
6. The Overgate. There is a toll-tax to enter.
7. The docks.
8. Red light district.
9. Hold of the Black Blade Orcs.
10. Smith's guild.
11. Cooper's guild.
12. The slums.
13. Merchant's way. Here can be found mostly every sort of good that is readily available in the west, except weapons and armor.
14. Rich section.
15. Bloody Head Inn.
16. Hold of the Wolf Goblins.
17. Irongate Prison.
18. Manor home of Yedus, Court High Mage.
19. Lotus Street Theater.
20. Temple of Heshtail.
21. Headquarters of the City Guard, the Spur Elites.
22. Temple of Kantor.
23. Temple of Neltak.
24. Temple of Bestra.
25. Temple library of Dekk.
26. Manor home of Turstan Quentin.
27. Keldin's Menagerie. This is a famous zoo and museum.
28. Newly founded Court High Mage's College. One must officially join the Dragonspur Army to study here.
29. The town open. A large square used for festivals, troop drills, and markets.
30. Raleigh Park.


Large map of the City
Surrounding area
Close-up of Surrounding Area
Fortress Complex itself
Main Keep Level One
Level Two

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Dragonspur Fortress

The Spur

General Information about Dragonspur City


Capital of the former Kingdom of Kelerak

Who Rules: Lord Naglor Osbern, advised by three trusted associates, Court High Mage Yedus Angrond, General Weston Ack-Elmor and Captain Brian Hightower

Money Limit: 50,000

Other Power Centers : Lord and Lady Lovelace, who generally speak for everyone who is anyone among the nobility.

The Church of Heshtail and Reeanan, led by High Potentate Burcan the White. These churches tend to support Naglor and lend much aid to the war by providing many clerics as medics.

Craftsmen's guild, led by Sir Eric Ranulph. While born the son of a merchant and not a noble, Ranulph is among the richest men in the city. This may have had something to do with his knighthood. He tends to dislike Lord and Lady Lovelace, who look down on him and on "day workers" (as they call merchants) in general.

The Thieves' Guild, led by the new boss Corfin Ack-Sembar. While this Guild recently had a major setback and is still recuperating, its hand remains in many areas of the city.

Population: Varies from 40,000 in the winter to 45,000 in the summer marketseason. The residents are almost entirely human, with a good many half-orcs thrown in. The segregated northern section of town, Goblintown, contains roughly 4000 humanoids and undesirables left over from the occupation, organized into tribes.

Major Products: Textiles, preserved meats, leather, parchment, grains, barrels, pottery, metal goods, lotus and other drugs.

Armed Forces: Normally the city boasts about 300 armed watchmen. In this time of strife (8169 F.R.), immediately after the occupation and the battle of the Dragonspur, the city only has 4000 full-time soldiers. These are divided into two groups: the Standing Battalion who camp outside the city, and the Spur Elites, who function as the guard. The Standing Battalion, whose standard is black and green, are 2500 strong under General Kurt Danthor. General Weston Ack-Elmor and Captain Brian Hightower lead the Spur Elites, a force of 1500 strong. In time of extreme trouble, this force could likely be supplemented by an unknown number of local militia.

The City: The famous Dragonspur, like many cities in Farland, is an ancient city with a long and colorful history. The pride of the West, or at least the pride of the once mighty Kingdom of Kelerak, the Spur was long a beacon for those wishing either a stable life, or a dangerous adventure. Kelerak has always been ruled by Kings, who governed from the Famous Green Throne, located in the Spur Fortress atop the Dragonspur proper. Dragonspur has seen 14 royal families in her long history, beginning with the family of Keler himself and ending with the Ranulf family, the last of the Royal families. Kelerak ceased being a Kingdom proper at the beginning of the occupation. Now the Spur is ruled by Lord Naglor Osbern, although his reign is subtley opposed by an upstart young (but rich) nobleman, one Lord Turstand Quentin. Quentin is rumored to hold the loyalty of General Danthor and the Standing Battalion. The Spur Elites still owe loyalty to Lord Osbern. The current attitude in the city is generally one of shock. The citizens are still recovering from the occupation, and no one has yet been able to impose a completely stable order on the city or the former kingdom. Thus the citizens are watchful. They tend to resist any great changes and look suspiciously on those different from themselves. The citizens simply long for a return to the ancestral greatness of the city (whose population was once greater than 100,000) and the Kingdom itself.

Royal Families: Keler, Matild, Richard, Fulk, Lanfranc, Braceford, Brian, Marchel, Elton, Quentin, Baldwin, Payn, Anselm, Ranulf.

Some Noble Families: Osbern, Rose, Agath, Angrond, White, Lovelace, and others, as well as all the royal families.

Some Businesses and Services Available in Dragonspur City

14 Apothecaries 33 Fishmongers 33 Priests
50 Bakers 160 Furriers 36 Pursemakers
114 Barbers 17 Glovemakers 22 Roofers
21 Bathers 20 Harness-Makers 21 Ropemakers
29 Beer-Sellers 42 Hatmakers 20 Rugmakers
27 Blacksmiths 17 Hay Merchants 40 Saddlers
19 Bleachers 15 Undertakers 47 Scabbardmakers
13 Bookbinders 20 Inns 20 Sculptors
6 Booksellers 100 Jewelers 267 Shoemakers
29 Buckle Makers 62 Lawyers/Advocates 29 Spice Merchants
33 Butchers 21 Locksmiths 160 Tailors
73 Carpenters 160 Maidservants 20 Tanners
57 Chandlers 80 Masons 100 Taverns
40 Chicken Butchers 57 Mercers 47 Watercarriers
500 Clergy 50 Noble Households 67 Weavers
57 Coopers 100 Old-Clothiers 44 Wine-Sellers
20 Copyists 27 Painters 17 Woodcarvers
17 Cutlers 80 Pastrycooks 57 Woodsellers
24 Doctors 29 Plasterers 8 Spellsellers

Laws of Dragonspur

Dragonspur obeys all the laws that were originally laid down by Keler, as well as the particular ones detailed below.

Crime Punishment
Treason Death
High Murder Death
Low Murder Payment of Weregild or 20 years in prison
Attempted Murder 10 years hard labor
Piracy Death
Rape 2-5 years hard labor
Kidnapping 5-10 hard labor
Arson 10-20 hard labor
Counterfeiting 10 hard labor
Bribery 100-5000 SP fine
Fraud 100-4000 SP fine
Assault 5-1000 SP fine, or 1 year labor
Theft 2 years imprisonment
Grand theft Death
Theft of Mount Death
Fencing stolen goods 1-5 years hard labor
Enslaving 1-5 years hard labor and 100-1000 SPs
Blackmail 10 years imprisonment
Extortion 10 years hard labor
Conspiracy related prison term
Ensorcering 1-5 years hard labor
Public endangerment 10 years labor
Resisting arrest 1-3 years labor
Unlawful entry 50-1000 SP fine or 1 year imprisonment
Debt 1-5 years imprisonment
Practicing banned religion 50-1000 SP fine or 5 years labor
Practicing black magic 50-1000 SP fine or 5 years labor

* imprisonment or labor may be substituted for indentured servitude

Important Dates for the City

This is necessarily a very select few events that pertain to the Spur. Tomes have indeed been written about nothing else but the city, and they have failed to cover her long and storied past. These dates were taken from the old library and the Temple-Monastery of Dekk.

6028-The wizard Keler, leading a large group of people from the East, settles in the land which will be Kelerak, or literally "the offspring of Keler."

6029--Keler, while wandering in the "new" land, spies a mighty green dragon perched on a spur of rock in a fertile river-valley. Taking this as a sign from Dekk, he chooses to found the capital of his settlement there. Keler, already a famous wizard, attracts many peoples from the East with promise of great magic and treasure that is abundant in the "new" kingdom. Many indigenous peoples, remnants from the ancient and fallen chiefdoms, also join the burgeoning populace of Kelerak.

6030--King Keler leads a small army in the "Kingdom Wars," to subjugate the indigenous peoples who will not submit. He is quickly successful, and the native peoples either are subsumed into the populace of Kelerak or flee to the North.

6040--The relatively new kingdoms of Daven and Kelerak, still led by King Keler, invade the now forgotten Kingdom to the Southeast.

6060--Keler retreats to his fortified manor north of Sky Lake and is never seen again. King Rohan of the Cadre of the Wise, also a wizard, succeeds him.

6070--Keler's nephew, Theobald Keler, slays King Rohan and begins the Spur Wars.

6076--King Theobald Keler comes to power.

6201--The great Barbarian invasion. The northern barbarians sack the Dragonspur, slaying King Peter Keler and supposedly ending the line of Keler.

6210--Baron Stephen Lanfranc retakes the Dragonspur, naming himself King. He rebuilds the city and builds the famous Wall.

6500--The general Leofwyne Anglarond rebels with his loyal army and takes Southern Kelerak. In a prolonged campaign, King Harold Braceford defeats his army but the general flees into hiding. They eventually make peace and Leofwyne is awarded a barony.

6800--King William Richard falls in battle with the Northern Barbarian tribes.

7029--Daven and Kelerak, allies once again, invade Orland, but are repulsed at the battle of Greenhill.

7039--Elves put a stop to the Decadion War between Kelerak and Daven and Orland by frustrating the attacks of all the sides with a powerful artifact, known only as the Stone of Silence. King Simon Humphrey is forced to submit after his huge army is defeated easily by a small force of elves with the artifact.

7110--King Herluin Half-Elven, known as the Peace-Keeper, comes to power.

7143--The Eastern alliance invade Kelerak and occupy Dragonspur City. Under King Quentin, Kelerak eventually is forced to pay tribute.

7200--The Spur Fire. A third of the City is destroyed.

7305--The Great Coughing or Coffin Plague strikes Dragonspur. There is much death.

7792--Rumors of the Dark Times reach Dragonspur. Word is received that Kale is being invaded by Orcs from the East and South. Kelerak sends aid under King John Ranulf.

7795--Dragonspur City is itself invaded by the forces of the Lord of Lust. The Ancient Wall is finally breached by the might of the Demon minions of Brathelathor, as well as the fierce breath of the blue dragon Skywing.

7800--The internment camp of Lotus is established south of Dragonspur.

7801--The second Spur Fire. Rumor has it that this fire is started by the Lord of Lust himself.

7954--The Great rebellion takes place. Led by Osbern Payn, the citizens of Dragonspur attack the Spur Fortress but the rebellion is eventually put down.

8161--The Liberation. The city is freed due to the efforts of the Elf Valanduil and Bartarius the barbarian, as well as the resistance fighters of Naglor Osbern.

8165--The Winged One, son of the Lord of Lust, attacks Dragonspur in an attempt to retake her but is defeated.

8170- The army of the Lord of Envy, led by General Angus Neebrok, attacks the Spur but is narrowly defeated.

Some Notable Personages in Dragonspur

- level 9 (Agatha the Beautiful)
- level 3 (Tancred)
- level 2 (Jonassor)
- level 14 (Yuri Ack-Sembar, High Priest of Kantor, Burcan the White, priest of Heshtail)
- level 9 (Lyana, Deacon of Reeanan, James, priest of Calbran)
- level 8 (Adela, Priestess of Reeanan, Jacques, priest of Neltak))
- level 7 (Viva, priestess of Bestra)
- level 4 (Thomas, Priest of Kantor)
- level 10 (Stephen Steelthews the Gladiator)
- level 8: (Lord Naglor Osbern, Overgeneral Weston Ack-Elmor)
- level 7 (Lt. General Hughbert Ack-Humphrey, Sir John Culwyn)
- level 7 (Sir Kelphin)
- level 6 (Richard the Bald)
- level 15 (Corfin Ack-Sembar))
- level 5 (One-eye Phil)
- level 2 (Canor)
- level 7 (Sylvia the Dark)
- level 15 (Court High Mage Yedus Anglarond)
- level 1 (Cedric, Sheila, Theobert))
- level 9 (Felion the Good)
- level 7 (Lady Parnell Lovelace)
- level 6 (Lord Tobiath Agath)
- level 4 (Lord Rowland White)
- level 3 (Lord Ash Lovelace)
- level 2 (Lady Anne White)
- level 1 (Lady Selena Aglath)
- level 10 (Baldric the Fixer)
- level 10 (Sir Eric Ranolph, Guildmaster)
- level 5 (Theobald the Engineer)
- level 2 (William, Citizen Engineer)
- level 8 (Cpt. Ronald Ack-Randal)
- level 4 (Sgt. Alan)


Lord Naglor Osbern
Lyana, Priestess of Reeanan

Overgeneral Weston Ack-Elmor: Male Human Ftr8/Wrld2; Medium Humanoid ; HD 8d10+16 (Fighter), 2d10+4 (Warlord); hp 82; Init +3; Spd 20; AC 19; Atk +12 base melee, +9 base ranged; +14 (1d8+3, +1 Longsword); +14 (1d8+2, Lance, heavy, Masterwork); +13 (1d4+2, Dagger, Masterwork); Class Features: Fighter: Shield proficiency, Martial weapon proficiency: all, Simple weapon proficiency, Heavy armor proficiency, Medium armor proficiency, Light armor proficiency, Bonus Feats (5), Weapon specialization; Warlord: Charismatic leadership (Combat roll plus 1), Troop Motivation (Plus 1); AL LN; SV Fort +11, Ref +1, Will +8; STR 15, DEX 9, CON 15, INT 14, WIS 12, CHA 14.

Possessions: Weapons: +1 Longsword; Lance, heavy, Masterwork; Dagger, Masterwork. Armor: Full plate, Masterwork. Shields: Shield, large, steel, Masterwork. Goods: Noble's outfit; Warhorse, heavy. Magic: Ring: Ram; Potion: Charisma; Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds (3).

Skills: Diplomacy +6, Knowledge (Geography) +3, Knowledge (Martial Code) +3, Knowledge (Nobility) +3, Knowledge (War) +11, Ride +7, Sense Motive +3.

Feats: Charismatic leadership, Combat Expertise, Employ Artillery, Expert Tactician, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Leadership, Limit Casualties, Troop Motivation, Wage Siege, Weapon Focus: Lance, heavy, Weapon Focus: Longsword.

Languages Spoken: Kelevan, Kalish, Blackspeech

Age: 52 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 177

Lady Parnell Lovelace female human Noble 7: CR 6; Size M (5 ft., 4 in. tall); HD 7d8; hp 41; Init +1 (+1 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 11 (+1 Dex); Attack +5 melee, or +6 ranged; SV Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +8; AL N; Str 11, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 15.

Languages Spoken: Kelevan.

Skill points: Nob 64

Skills and feats: Diplomacy +12, Forgery +8, Hide +6, Intimidate +9, Knowledge (arcana) +5, Knowledge (nature) +8, Listen +8, Move silently +1, Read lips +7, Spot +6; Great fortitude, Iron will, Leadership, Point blank shot.