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Elder Daven City

Elder Daven

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Areas of Interest
General Information
Important Dates

Areas of Interest

1. Castle Daven
2. Mansion Row
3. Godric's Manor
4. Ruins
5. Daven University and the Guild of Scholars
6. Rogues' Row
7. City Docks
8. Inn Row
9. Commerce Row
10. Park Lake

General Information about the City (Small City)

Who Rules: "King" Godric son of Godfrey Von Berengar, although his rule only extends as far as the reach of his men's lances. The city is near-anarchy.

Money Limit: 10,000

Other Power Centers: Rupert the Weasel King, the ruler of the pirate colony of Selfhaven Archipelago, wields considerable power in the city through his agent Ludwig One-Ear, head of the Seaman's Guild and a crime boss in the city.

Wolfstan, head of the Thieves' Guild, is something of a force in the city, although he is firmly under Ludwig's thumb.

Priestess Harnet, a cleric of Reeanan, gives the peasants of the city hope against the terrible Davonian nights, although she wields little political power.

Population: About 8,000. The population is mostly human with some half-orcs and the occasional wandering dwarf. This is only the living population. It is whispered that dark spirits roam the night, and no one knows what their numbers might be.

Major Products: The city imports varied products from Selfhaven to the south and then distributes them to the cities in Daven. It exports lumber, agricultural products, and pickled fish. Elder Daven was once known for its ships, and it still exports small fishing boats. The economy of Elder Daven is rather depressed, however.

Armed Forces: King Godric sponsors a force of approximately 40 Driddaren, mounted knights armed with lances and swords. These men, however, are not well trained and in fact are little more than brigands. It is unlikely that Godric could raise many more men.

The City: Elder Daven City is an ancient, decaying city. Since the liberation, no strong leadership has arisen to unify the city or the kingdom, and as such, anarchy reigns. New City, the area outside the inner walls, has essentially been abandoned. To make matters worse, when night falls, the undead minions of the late Saithith, minions that are now leaderless and purposeless, wander the streets seeking only to kill the living.

The ancient Castle Daven, a crumbling edifice that sits in the center of Old City Square, serves as a reminder of the spirits that haunt the city. The castle is an eyesore, and every attempt to explore it or reoccupy it since the liberation has failed, usually ending with the disappearance of those who have tried. It is therefore considered cursed, and the inhabitants of the city simple give it a wide berth, usually making the sign of the Evil Eye for good measure.

Still, the city has managed to maintain some of its population and economy. Besides those unfortunates who venture into Castle Daven, those who dwell inside the Inner Walls, in Old City, are much safer. The Driddaren of the Warlord-King Godric patrol the street, seeking to enforce the Warlord's will but also keeping the city safer as a side effect. The men of Ludwig One-Ear also help maintain order in the city so that their efforts to conduct trade with Selfhaven can proceed unimpeded. Indeed, the port is the lifeblood of the city, and at least half the citizens of the city earn their living in a profession that is in some way connected to shipping.

Architecturally, Elder Daven City is a beautiful place. The buildings are often adorned with gargoyles and other statues meant to ward away evil spirits, and indeed, fanciful sculptures and statues abound throughout much of the city. The buildings of the city withstand age and weather well, and over the ages many of them have become overgrown with ivy, giving Elder Daven a quaint, historic look. The city was once known for its large and striking temples, but almost all of these structures were torn down by order of the Lord of Gluttony, and they have never been rebuilt. Still, the architecture of the city is striking. Some say, however, that the beauty of the city is nothing but a white-washed sarcophagus covering a decaying corpse.

Important Dates for the City in Farlandish Reckoning (Many are Approximations)

5915-Daven, a general of Farland from Lorindish stock, founds the city of Daven, later to be known as Elder Daven. This marks the foundation of the kingdom of Daven.

5931-Daven falls in a raid upon (Elder) Daven by Goblins from Goblin Bay. The Goblins are tracked down and destroyed. Daven's eldest son Dortmund becomes King.

5950-Lord Pastor of Orland starts a revolution against King Tomas II of Orland.

5952-Pastor, with help from Daven, secedes from Orland and founds the kingdom of Cairn Cadez in western Orland.

c. 6020-The Farlandish Empire ends. Henceforth it is known as the Kingdom of Farland, and its kings are known as High Kings because most of the other countries eventually become subordinate allies or are forced to pay tribute.

6035-Wizards, priests and heroes of all sorts begin to flock to Farland.

6397-Baron Jorland III of Cairn Cadez invades Daven on the secret prodding of Orland's King, Lestek I. He conquers the border town of Kestrel with monetary aid from Orland.

6399-Jorland is driven out of Kestrel, and it is renamed Victoria. He flees south to the town of Beath, but is attacked and slain by Prince Tael II, son of King Tael of Daven. Beath is renamed Baronsdoom.

6485-Daven, allied with Kelerak, invade Cairn Cadez. Orland comes to the aid of Cairn Cadez. The Plains War begins.

6490-Orland refuses to aid Cairn Cadez at the Battle of Sunsets. The kingdom is defeated and annexed by Daven.

6494-Daven sells the land where Cairn Cadez was to Orland for a suspiciously cheap price.

6560-Kale, the second son of King Orlock of Daven, cheated of an inheritance, goes off with his loyal followers and founds the Kingdom of Kale.

6615-Kale and Daven become involved in a border dispute. A minor war ensues.

6625-The conflict between Kale and Daven is resolved. Daven has expanded its Western border at the expense of Kale.

6850-Daven is troubled by a small pirate colony on an island to the south of her shores.

6855-Daven commissions a corsair, Robert the Blue, to destroy the pirate colony.

6858-Robert the Blue attacks and successfully destroys the pirate colony on Selfhaven archipelago.

6859-Robert the Blue double-crosses Daven, and becomes a pirate himself. He harries the Southern coasts of the kingdom.

6860-Daven petitions the fleet of Farland for aid against the pirate.

6862-The fleet of Farland engages Robert the Blue and completely destroys his fleet. During the returning voyage, half of the fleet of Farland is lost due to a raging storm.

6900-The combined kingdoms of Kale and Daven attack Orland, beginning the Decadion War.

6903-King Alaric Von Basil of Daven is assassinated by the Orlandish assassin Roche.

6906-The Rio Plano is poisoned by raiders from Daven, killing much wildlife as well as people.

6981-Orland, with the help of Zeland and a legion from Farland, invades Daven.

6983-Daven falls to the combined might of the Eastern Alliance. It is annexed as Western Orland. The Eastern Alliance forces Kelerak to cease trade with Kale; Kale suffers greatly.

7001-The famous sage and wizard Seldorius of Farland makes his home on Hamor Island and renames it Wizard Isle. He begins to fabricate many magical items.

7005-Galadhel turns the Stone of Silence over to the Elves to use in putting a stop to the ceaseless wars that are marring the beauty of the lands. Unable to bear the parting, she passes from the Hinterlands.

7010-Abelard Von Basil, of the royal family of Daven, leads a successful revolt against the Orlandish invaders. With help from Kale and Kelerak, Orland is expelled and the Kingdom of Daven is refounded.

7020-Seldorius of Farland refounds the Cadre of the Wise, based on the original counsel founded by the Mage-King Keler.

7023-The Guild of Scholars is founded in Elder Daven.

7024-The Daven University is founded by Ewald Von Meinhart after contact with the mage Seldorius the Wise.

7029-Daven and Kelerak invade Orland but are repulsed with heavy losses at the Battle of Greenhill.

7039-Elves from the Summervale interfere in the Decadion War, and intercede with the powerful magic item, The Stone of Silence. Both sides make peace.

7045-The Elves move down the Elfin River and make the first interracial village in Dale. Some Elves move to the South Wood to keep an eye on Daven. The hero Celuthiel leads them.

c. 7080-The Wintervale begins to grow in strength, but this time the Dweller seems to have acquired some relic or power that greatly worries Seldorius and the Cadre of the Wise. The Dweller has made progress in unlocking the power of the Book of Seven.

7148-Daven is coerced after a minor skirmish into paying tribute to Farland.

c. 7260-Galen Stireck creates the vampire known as Kibor. Stireck is later slain by Kibor.

c. 7490-A new pirate colony is founded on Selfhaven archipelago.

c. 7650-Using the Book of Seven, the evil Dweller in the Wintervale starts recruiting seven mighty lords.

7744-The evil and very powerful vampire Kibor slays the king of Daven, Dakor Van Toulard V. Orcs are sighted in the hilly crags. Daven is thrown into chaos for a time.

7795-Elder Daven is attacked by a fleet of Ships, while simultaneously the army of the Lord of Gluttony besieges it. Reinforcements from Zeel City start to come. Aminas of the Shadow Walkers mounts an attack on the forces of evil, taking the Stone of Silence with him to use in the attack. This is against the original warning of Galadhel only to use the Stone in defense. The artifact disappears and Aminas is slain outside Elder Daven. Elder Daven falls, and the forces of Zeel are struck down by an evil plague. The Shadow Walkers from the South Wood put up a heroic fight but are hunted down and executed over the next year. Only a few escape. Daven is fully conquered by the Lord of Gluttony.

7910-The Lord of Envy begins a border war with Daven. The border shifts for several decades but eventually the Lord of Wrath puts a stop to the war and restores the original borders.

8015-Elie, a Priest of Heshtail secretly trains a band of heroes in how to destroy the undead blight that plagues Daven. The nameless band attempts to assassinate Saithith the Lord of Gluttony but are slain to a main.

8163-The Lord of Gluttony is slain and the land of Daven is liberated.

8166-King Godric comes to power in Elder Daven.

8169-The first whispers about the Guild of Slayers are heard in Elder Daven.

8170-The present.