An Epic

Kingdoms and Places in Farland

Table of Contents

Maps of the Kingdoms
Kale City
Dragonspur City
Elder Daven City
Orland City
Zel City
The Far City
Belendale and the Summervale
Standards and Flags of the Kingdoms

Characteristics of the Kingdoms


The most provincial, but also the most rough and ready Kingdom of the Far West, Kale is reminiscent of Ancient France or Gaul. Bordering on the unexplored lands to the West, they have long held a frontier mentality. This mentality, plus the fact they were only loosely overseen by the evil forces, has allowed them to become a relatively unified Kingdom in a short span of time after the liberation. The current ruler is a charismatic Nobleman named Milon Dukalle, who claims lineage all the way back to King Kale himself. He rules from the city of Kale, boasting a population of over 30,000. Kale is situated to the West of Kelerak and South of the vast reaches of the Belendale. This kingdom was ruled by Thuldin the Fallen, the Lord of Pride, until he was slain in 8160 F.R.

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Kelerak, founded by the Mage-King Keler, is the most advanced of the three Far Western Kingdoms. It has also been called the most decadent by some, at least during its occupation. Lotus was pushed on the populace to keep them docile. Kelerak stretches from the fringes of the Northern barbarian lands to the Kale Mts. in the south; it runs from the Naeb Brakes in the West to the Battleplain in the East. At least these are her current borders nominally, although she is currently split into semi-independent fiefdoms. Kelerak has a flavor that is reminiscent of Old England except more technologically advanced. Kelerak is known for its exotic city architecture. Her largest community is the famous Dragonspur City, numbering more than 50,000 people in its peak season. The current Lord of Dragonspur City is Naglor Osbern. Kelerak was once ruled by the demonic incubus Brathelathor, the Lord of Lust, until he was slain.

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Daven, located South of Kelerak and West of Orland, used to be a powerful kingdom. Her people were fierce fighters and ardent sailors, with a navy second only to Farland herself. Now, however, she has fallen far from her former state. In fact, many have said that she is only liberated in name, as her citizens still cower in their homes and meekly fear the darkness. They can hardly be blamed for this, as the occupation of Daven took a particularly horrible form. It was ruled by the vampiric Lord of Gluttony, Saithith. This chaotic ruler basically let the undead he spawned prey on the hapless citizens of Daven, and after he was slain in 8163 F.R., even this little check was removed from the walking dead; the kingdom is quickly becoming a wasteland as her people stream into Kale or are lost in the night. Daven has a Germanic-Romanian flavor. Due to her unique weather pattern, she is known for being rainy and misty. Her largest city is Elder Daven, now holding much less than 10,000 people, a third of its former size.

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Orland, the youngest member of the old Eastern Alliance, is a fair land with a mix of cultural influences. It is especially Spanish-like in the South. They are a hearty people who have withstood the occupation as well as can be expected. The kingdom has even faired relatively well economically, with a large farming, lumber, and oil industry. The largest city is Orland, with a population of 30,000. This kingdom is ruled by Garlgax the drow Lord of Envy.

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Zeland, an old member of the Eastern Alliance, when it existed, is ancient Irish-Scotch in flavor. It has its own particular mythos, and its people are quick to fight and to live life to the fullest. Besides Kale, it has perhaps suffered the least under occupation, although the people have become considerably less industrious. In fact, industriousness is discouraged. As such, although the quality of life has suffered relatively little, the economy is in a shambles. The capital city is Zel City, with a population of 25,000. This kingdom is still ruled by Orax the Ooze, the Lord of Sloth.

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Farland the Great

Farland, always the greatest of the human kingdoms and the leader of the old Eastern Alliance, has managed to retain some of its greatness even during the occupation. The Lord of Anger has seen to that, and it has been a point of some pride with him. Farland is reminiscent of the ancient Roman Empire, and the Far City, with a population of 100,000 plus, of Rome herself. While suffering under a harsh and strict occupation, the citizens have even managed to keep their culture alive, if they have not been able to make it grow. The mysterious Lord of Anger, captain of the Deadly Lords, rules this powerful land.

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Sheltinnobortanu, or Bald Mountain as non-gnomes call it, is the gnomish capital and only gnomish community in Farland. The entire small mountain is a warren of tunnels and burrows. Most races would find these tunnels stifling, cramped, and uncomfortable, but the gnomes find them supremely homely and defensible. The tunnels are especially small so as to make it nearly impossible for a troll to enter (gnomes hate trolls). The location of the mountain itself is secret, but rumor has it that it is located somewhere in the Kale Mts. Bald Mountain is rich with gems, which the gnomes love to mine and work into artistic objects. The place is still subject to Troll, attacks, however, as these sadistic beings seem to have an unreasoning hatred of the poor gnomes. While the gnomes can easily outwit the feeble-minded trolls, the vicious attacks are slowly wittling away the gnomish race. Some even say that gnomes are now extinct, because none have been seen for some time, but this is not verified.

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The Belendale and the Summervale

The Belendale, called Ardaranel by the elves, is a vast forest, unexplored by most races, that is said to house the entirety of the mythical elven race. Their capital is said to be the Summervale. This place, which is almost surely a legend, or at least a metaphor and not an actual place, is said to be located in the heart of the forest, cradled by a spur of the Kelerak Mts. called the Elfspires. The city is said to be their last bastion in Farland. The Summervale is rumored to be a place of great beauty, with lovely trees and fountains, golden and stone spires, Elven choruses, and beautiful sculptures. These tales are undoubtedly wishful thinking.

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The Greatest of the Dwarfholds, with vaulted ceilings, huge staircases, and runes of power upon the Gate, since the occupation this once great Kingdom has cynically been called the pit. It is unoccupied by civilized beings and little is known about it, as anyone who has entered since the occupation has never returned, and the dwarves were not entirely welcoming before the occupation either. Wawmar is believed to be the only source of Truesilver on all of Farland. Wawmar is "ruled" by the solitary Lord of Greed, the legendary dragon that humans call Firefight.

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The only remaining shire of Hositan or halflings is called Westdelving, located in and just south of the Forest of Blorn in Orland. Luckily the evil forces are still unaware of the existence of this shire. This is a somewhat large community, with half its homes above ground (in the forest), and half being burrows in the hillsides and downs. In any case there is hardly a structure over one story in all of Westdelving. All in all, it is a conservative, cheery, peaceful, and content place, except when there are orcs or other humanoids about.


This frozen land is the home of the Dweller in the Vale, the master of the Lords of Sin. It is a horrid land, blanketed by a perpetual glacier. Only orcs and other hardy races are known to naturally make this land their home. East and South of the Wintervale lie lands under the sway of the Dweller.

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South of the Greatwall Mountains is a huge continent called Eruna, full of wild, dark-skinned humans and all manner of beasts and monsters. The dweller has sent agents into these lands too, but he by no means holds sway, except in the city of Budum-ishi.

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