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Archive of Old Updates 2

SPOTLIGHT on Gnomish Society. Added 1/15/06!

Added a NEW MONSTER, the Grimmen. Added 1/15/06!

Posted NEW FICTION, "The Curse." Added 1/15/06!

Added NEW 3D IMAGES of Dragonspur City. Added 12/15/05!

SPOTLIGHT on Lord Sando Torland. Added 12/15/05!

Posted the conclusion of the STORY "The Barbarian Trials." Added 12/15/05!

Posted NEW FICTION, the short story "In the Dark." Added 11/15/05!

Added an article on Farlandic CURRENCIES. Added 11/15/05!

SPOTLIGHT on the city of Budum-ishi. Added 11/15/05!

Created a NEW SPELL, Energy Infusion. Added 10/15/05!

Added a new DESKTOP WALLPAPER of Payn. Added 10/15/05!

Posted PART FOUR of the Barbarian Trials. Added 10/15/05!

Created a NEW MAGIC ITEM, the Thrall Collar. Added 9/15/05!

Posted PART THREE of the Barbarian Trials. Added 9/15/05!

Added NEW ART of the Lord of Lust. Added 9/15/05!

Created a Poster-sized, detailed MAP of Farland (2 megs). Added 8/15/05!

Added NEW ART: Payn, the Lord of Anger, and the Lord of Pride. Added 8/15/05!

Posted PART TWO of the Barbarian Trials. Added 8/15/05!

Posted NEW FICTION, the Barbarian Trials. Added 7/15/05!

Added a NEW ADVENTURE, Ordeal of the Viper. Added 7/15/05!

SPOTLIGHT on Orland City. Added 7/15/05!

Added an original ADVENTURE, The Endless Well. Added 6/15/05!

SPOTLIGHT on the Lord of Envy. Added 6/15/05!

Uploaded a MAP of Traderoutes of the year 8172. Added 6/15/05!

SPOTLIGHT on the Far City. Added 5/18/05!

Updated the MAP OF THE KINGDOM OF FARLAND. Added 5/18/05!

Posted CALENDARS for the years 8172 and 8173. Added 5/18/05!

SPOTLIGHT on the wizard Yedus Anglarond. Added 4/17/05!

Added the DM GENIE VERSION of "Haunted Dwarven Tomb." Added 4/17/05!

Posted three NEW FEATS pertaining to using shields. Added 4/17/05!

Created TWO NEW HERBS original to Farland. Added 3/15/05!

Posted a NEW MAGIC ITEM, the Amulet of Evernight. Added 3/15/05!

Created a NEW SPELL, Telekinetic Explosion. Added 3/15/05!

SPOTLIGHT on Galadwen of House Arduval. Added 2/15/05!

Posted DETAILS about the Kingdom of Farland. Added 2/15/05!

Created a GLOSSARY of unique terms. Added 2/15/05!

SPOTLIGHT on the Kingdom of Orland. Added 1/16/05!

Added an ARTICLE about Obtaining Roleplaying XPs. Added 1/16/05!

Created a NEW ART GALLERY, the Ryan Sommer gallery. Added 1/16/05!

SPOTLIGHT on the FLORA of Farland. Added 12/16/04

Posted a DESKTOP IMAGE of Galadwen. Added 12/16/04!

Added an ARTICLE about Awarding Non-Combat Experience. Added 12/16/04!

SPOTLIGHT on the Summervale, the Elven Capital City. Added 11/16/04!

Posted THREE BARD SONGS to inspire courage. Added 11/16/04!

Added a NEW MAGIC ARTIFACT, the Mace of Ralin. Added 11/16/04!

SPOTLIGHT on St. Quentin's Cathedral in Dragonspur City. Added 10/18/04!

Created a NEW FEAT, Skin of the Teeth. Added 10/18/04!

Added a NEW PRESTIGE CLASS, the Infiltrator. Added 10/18/04!

Created a NEW MONSTER, the Spywing. Added 9/13/04!

Added a NEW MAGICAL ITEM, the Stone of Silence. Added 9/13/04!

Created a NEW SPELL, Adroitness. Added 9/13/04!

Posted a NEW NPC, the lich Afej the Black. Added 9/13/04!

Created an INTERACTIVE MAP SECTION. Added 8/06/04!

Posted an ORIGINAL ADVENTURE, Hold of the Lich Lord. Added 8/06/04!

Posted the DM GENIE version of Hold of the Lich Lord adventure. Added 8/06/04!

Posted NEW MAPS of Farland, the Far City, and Orland. Added 8/06/04!

Posted an official EDITABLE FARLAND CHARACTER SHEET. Added 7/13/04!

Created a NEW MAGIC ITEM, Rot-Blade. Added 7/13/04!

Added a NEW FEAT, Ranged Sneak Attack. Added 7/13/04!

Spotlight on HESTOR, a town in Zeland. Added 7/13/04!

Added a new MONSTER native to Farland, the Wolf Spider. Added 6/16/04!

Posted an article on the best CHARACTER BUILDING techniques. Added 6/16/04!

Created an Official Farland SCREENSAVER. Added 6/16/04!

Created Official Farland Desktop WALLPAPER. Added 6/16/04!

Added the entire Farland Campaign and Farland rules set Added 5/18/04! in DM Genie Format

Updated the MASS COMBAT PROGRAM. Added 5/18/04!

Created a new PRESTIGE CLASS, the Longbowman. Added 5/18/04!

Spotlight on ORC CULTURE. Added 4/05/04!

Posted a NEW ITEM, the Sceptre of Dorlhaud. Added 4/05/04!

Created a NEW FEAT, Arcane Thriftiness. Added 4/05/04!

Added a NEW CALENDAR for the year 8171. Added 4/05/04!

Spotlight on the KINGDOM OF ZELAND. Added 3/15/04!

Detailed DRAPIER ADA OF DRAGONSPUR, a famous NPC. Added 3/15/04!

Added NEW ARTWORK of Drapier Ada of Dragonspur. Added 3/15/04!

Posted DM GENIE VERSIONS of three Farland adventures. Added 3/15/04!

Posted a NEW ADVENTURE, "The Troll Pits of Hextor." Added 2/01/04!

Added the DM GENIE VERSION of "The Troll Pits of Hextor." Added 2/01/04!

Uploaded TWO NEW MAPS of Zeland. Added 2/01/04!

Created three NEW FEATS. Added 2/01/04!

Spotlight on ATHERSTEAD, a village in Kelerak. Added 12/10/03!

Detailed a NEW NPC, the Elfking Baranwe the Wise. Added 12/10/03!

Created a NEW MAGIC ITEM, the Crown of Elven Kings. Added 12/10/03!

Added a NEW FEAT, Exceptional Healer. Added 12/10/03!

Spotlight on the LORD OF LUST. Added 11/08/03!

Wrote an ARTICLE about Paladin Codes of Conduct. Added 11/08/03!

Added a NEW SPELL, Carpet of Flame. Added 11/08/03!

Posted a NEW NPC, Corfin, the thieves' guild leader. Added 11/08/03!

Posted a NEW ADVENTURE, "The Ties that Bind." Added 10/08/03!

Added the DM Genie VERSION of "The Ties that Bind." Added 10/08/03!

Created a NEW FAQ. Added 10/08/03!

Posted a MAP of an abandoned Bandit Hideout. Added 10/08/03!

Added archaic-looking MAPS of Farland, Kelerak, Kale, and Daven. Added 10/08/03!

Posted the OFFICIAL FARLAND SETTING PDF file. Added 9/06/03!

Posted the 3.5 CLASSES FOR E-TOOLS. Added 9/06/03!

Added an new DETAILED NPC, a 15th level cleric Widfaral. Added 9/06/03!

Posted a MAP OF THE BELENDALE, the Elven Kingdom. Added 9/06/03!

Posted an article detailing EIGHT POSSIBLE WAYS OF PLAYING AN IMMORTAL ELF. Added 8/07/03!

Created a new RANDOM ENCOUNTER TABLE FOR CITIES. Added 8/07/03!

Spotlight on the the famous CHURCHES OF DRAGONSPUR. Added 8/07/03!

Posted a SPINNING GLOBE map of Núrion. Added 8/07/03!

Added a 3-D MAP OF THE SPUR FORTRESS COMPLEX. Added 8/07/03!

Posted a SKETCH of Bolg-Gatha. Added 6/23/03!

Posted a NEW TABLE for generating annual campaign events. Added 6/23/03!

Added BOLG-GATHA, an NPC assassin. Added 6/23/03!

Created a NEW ADVENTURE, The Quick and the Dead (also in DM Genie format). Added 6/23/03!

Posted NEW SKETCHES by T. Tyrmi in the gallery. Added 6/23/03!

Created a NEW ADVENTURE, Wyvern Attack! Added 5/21/03!

Spotlight on the Kingdom of DAVEN. Added 5/21/03!

Created a NEW SKETCH of Tharivol the Elf. Added 5/21/03!

Added a NEW POEM, The Fatal Fight. Added 5/21/03!

Spotlight on THE WINTERVALE. Added 4/23/03!

Posted A MAP OF THE WINTERVALE and enemy lands. Added 4/23/03!

Added AN ARTICLE, "Building a Dungeon." Added 4/23/03!

Created a NEW ADVENTURE, "Adventurer Summoning." Added 4/23/03!

Added the Farland MASS COMBAT PROGRAM! Added 3/19/03!

Spotlight on a new Spurite NPC, Lord Knight John Culwyn. Added 3/19/03!

Posted three NEW MAPS of the area around Dragonspur. Added 3/19/03!

Added THE WINGED ONE, a half-fiend NPC. Added 2/15/03!

Spotlight on the KINGDOM OF KALE. Added 2/15/03!

Posted an NEW NPC, King Milon of Kale. Added 2/15/03!

Added a NEW SPELL, Amnesia. Added 2/15/03!

Added some new MAGICAL ITEMS. Added 2/15/03!

Added two NEW MAPS of Northwestern Kelerak ands the Black Wood. Added 1/18/03!

Added a NEW MAGIC ITEM, the Traveller's Staff. Added 1/18/03!

Added MAPS of the Spur Fortress, a manor and farmhouse, and an ancient map of the continent. Added 1/16/03!

Detailed CORESS, a fallen Elven Shadow Walker. Added 1/16/03!

Spotlight on the small village of KENBY in Kelerak. Added 1/16/03!

Added a NEW POEM, "An Elven Departure Song." Added 12/06/02!

Posted E-TOOLS XML FILES for the three new prestige classes. Added 12/06/02!

Created three NEW PRESTIGE CLASSES, the Council Sentinel, Weapon Expert, and Wind Knight. Added 12/06/02!


Added a CLIMATE MAP of Núrion. Added 11/22/02!



Posted MAPS OF THE WORLD OF Núrion. Added 11/19/02!

Drew a new PICTURE OF BARTARIUS OF OUTELION. Added 11/12/02!

Created a new mini-adventure, "Strange Shelter." Added 10/15/02!

Spotlight on Hildolf, a barbarian town in Anaria. Added 10/15/02!

Posted the standards of the Kingdoms of Farland. Added 10/15/02!

Detailed the ruler of Dragonspur city, NAGLOR OSBERN. Added 10/15/02!

Added A NEW E-TOOLS RACE FILE, the Uruk-Hai Orc. Added 10/15/02!

Created new ORIGINAL FEATS. Added 10/15/02!

Updated the FARLAND CLIMATIC MAP using Fractal Terrains. Added 10/13/02!

Spotlight on VALANDUIL OF HOUSE CIRANA. Added 9/13/02!

Added THERIVOL, an NPC cleric. Added 9/13/02!

Added NEW ARTWORK to the gallery. Added 9/13/02!

Posted an E-Tools RAC file, the Farlandic Elf race. Added 9/13/02!

Added links to some great E-TOOLS RESOURCES. Added 9/02/02!

Posted a NEW ADVENTURE, The Haunted Dwarven Tomb. Added 8/28/02!

Posted NEW ARTWORK to the gallery. Added 8/28/02!

Created an example of the Farlandish Mass Combat Sytem, THE BATTLE OF KING'S FIELD. Added 8/05/02!

Redid the MAP OF DRAGONSPUR with Campaign Cartographer 2. Added 8/05/02!



Created a NEW PRESTIGE CLASS, the Shadow Walker. Added 7/07/02!

Posted the STANDARDS OF THE LORDS OF SIN. Added 7/02/02!

SPOTLIGHT ON KELERAK, the famous Western Kingdom. Added 6/11/02!

SPOTLIGHT ON THEROLAN, an Elven village. Added 5/27/02!

Added NEW ARTWORK TO THE GALLERY. Added 5/22/02!

Posted a NEW PRESTIGE CLASS, the Knight Protector. Added 5/21/02!

Added a new picture of RAGNOR ACK-ROHAN to the Gallery. Added 5/16/02!

Created a LANGUAGE TREE to illustrate the evolution of the languages of Farland. Added 5/16/02!

Posted new art of MALCALL GRIMSON in the gallery. Added 5/13/02!

Spotlight on the famous PAYN ACK-ARTHUR. Added 5/08/02!

Added new work to the Gallery, including PAYN and THE LORD OF LUST. Added 5/08/02!

Revamped the entire site. Added 4/28/02!

Created a NEW PRESTIGE CLASS, the Pikeman. Added 4/20/02!