Historical Timeline

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The Age of Immortals
The Age of Men
The Dark Conquest

To his majesty, Elvenking Baranwe the Tall, wisest among the Hinterlands,

At your behest the Talranuil have finished compiling the following document. The ancient histories we have taken from the archives of the historians, but the efforts of those who range in the dangerous east have finally allowed us to add an invaluable perspective to this document-the viewpoint of humans. As a cultural curiosity, I have asked Lord Elrath not to change these latter entries to reflect our outlook, and he has largely done so, mostly only adding explanatory comments, which are run into the text itself, to make events more clear. The latter documents thus remain intact almost as found. Brief authorial commentary precedes each section. I remain your servant,

Leanorfin of House Arduval
Lord of the Talranuil

YEAR-E.R. (Elhil Reckoning, as Reckoned by the Elven Scholars of the Ithilmin)

I, Elrath of House Dinan, head of the order of historians of the Ithilmin, have compiled the following history of the Age of Immortals. Those dates about which the Elves are uncertain are marked "circa," although a certain amount of uncertainty is unavoidable, especially as the histories of Alustel were lost in the Great Migration.

Age of the Immortals

-The Gods end their battle over the world of Núrion ("Shattered Jewel"). They convene a great council that lasts for many years.

1-The great Council of the Gods comes to an end, and the gods make their agreements. Tal-Allustiel creates the Elhil (Elves). They awake in twilight.

c. 100-Beasts and animals are created. The Elhil and the beasts exist alone under the stars for twenty-eight hundred years.

c. 1100-The Elhil are gifted with speech.

c. 1800-Dhurli Ironbeard retrieves the heartstone of Mount Creation. From this, Khuldul Rockcarver begins his finest work, creating the race of dwarves.

c. 2000-The Elhil begin to discover their "art," the means by which the power of the Maelstrom can be channeled and shaped. This craft later became known as magic.

c. 2500-The first great Elhil houses are formed. Among these the mightiest is Al-Dustriel ("Those who glory in honor"). The Lord of Al-Dustriel is Balanuil.

c. 2550-Balanuil has a daughter, Talkana Silumiel ("Moondaughter"). She is the pride of the house and quickly grows to become the most beautiful elf alive.

c. 2700-Talkana Moondaughter is recognized as a powerful sorceress and priestess of Tal-Allustiel. She begins a mission to the other Elven houses to instruct them in new ways of magic and worship.

c. 2800-Khuldul Rockcarver finishes creating dwarves from the heartstone of the hidden Mt. Creation.

C. 2900-Talkana Moondaughter sets out with many of her people to explore the world and bring knowledge and language to all who dwell therein.

c. 3000-The Dwarfhold Liferock is established under Mt. Creation by King Walin I.

c. 3150-Talkana Moondaughter and an embassy of Elves from Alustel in the Sarumvest travel to Liferock to befriend the dwarves there. They teach them much about elf-magic. In return, the dwarves also teach them much about their new art of smithing and jewelry making.

c. 3200-Talkana Moondaughter disappears from Elven ken. The Walker actually perverts her to be his ally, and she is hereafter known as the Dweller in the Vale. This being, the first Orc, betrays unto the Evil One nine other Elves from which are created the multitude of mortal orcs.

c. 3300-Orcs began their first attacks on the Elves.

c. 3350-Tal-Allustiel perceives the weakness of Elven magic in the face of the Orcish attacks, and he gives to them his second great gift-- Alfain, the immortal swan. This swan is sent to dwell for ages in Aelnin, the great Sarum Lake. This creature somehow acts as a focal point for Elven power, greatly increasing the race's acumen in the magic arts and giving them the mystical racial traits for which they are so famous.

3401-The Holy Swan Alfain reveals to its keeper, Arefor of House Olonthos, the secret of the passage to Faerie. Arefor begins immediately to learn how to build ships and sail.

3453-The Elves' new strength in magic begins to overwhelm the early orcs, and they fair poorly against the Elves.

c. 3500-Perceiving the threat, the Dweller takes of its orcs and further twists and mutates them, giving birth to races of Dark Folk and monsters with all types of strengths and fell powers. These other races aid the orcs, increasing their effectiveness.

3553-A faction of dwarves while deep underground comes upon the cursed ancient crypt of the Dead God Soggoth, the resting place of the Ruby Skull. Through the magic of the skull, the alignment of the entire small faction is changed from good to evil. The newly evil dwarves are banished. They secretly retreat deep underground, founding their cursed fortress of Soggathol. They are later to become the first Dark Dwarves. The dwarves, not knowing this until much later, lose all memory of the event.

3604-The first passing to Faerie is undertaken by the oldest Elves, now weary of the world. Arefor stays behind to teach the trait of shipbuilding to his family.

c. 3800-The Elves and dwarves from their respective capitals of Alustel and Liferock continue trade and improve the might of both their races.

c. 4000-Men are born in the wilderness. They are prophesied by Elven scholars to be the eventual champions of the world and maintainers of the balance.

c. 5000-Through breeding with a dwarf lord, the powerful half-demon known as Barlifandorf gives birth to a race of half-dwarves. These creatures further breed with other races, producing the race of gnomes.

5556-The first Great War, The Battle of The Sarum, is fought between Elves and the hordes of orcs and monsters. The dwarves of Liferock aid the Elves. The fight would have been easily won, except a large faction of Elves from Al-Dustriel inexplicably joins the evil forces.

5605-The Elven King Fingalion of the house of Mithaleil destroys a huge host of hobgoblins and trolls who attempt to invade the Sarumvest.

5908-Fingalion speaks the Great Prophesy, intoning, "Great is the might of the Elves; they are Lords over all. Yet their might is tied to the Line of the Swan, the star of Núrion. Should the line fail, the elves shall face the end of their time in the Hinterlands."

6028-Fingalion departs for the Havens. The Elven Queen Celewen, who continues the ongoing fight against Al-Dustriel and her allies, succeeds him.

6301-The Elves of Al-Dustriel and their orc allies defeat the army of Celewen at the Battle of the Dark Pass.

6313-The Elves, mustering their forces, defeat the army of Al-Dustriel at the Second Battle of the Dark Pass. The Power of Al-Dustriel is all but smashed, although they will manage to hold out for a few more years.

6316-The forces of Queen Celewen invade Al-Dustriel's temporary capital city of Talas, and Al-Dustriel falls. Celewen orders the execution of any member of the house of Al-Dustriel who can be found. The evil Elves are forced to find sanctuary deep underground. They are to become the Dulim or Drow.

6318-The Elves defeat the remainder of the evil armies and sack the fortress city of Gorgwath.

6340-Queen Celewen is slain by an unknown assassin. King Kheminmir of House Neldiril succeeds her.

7017-The Elves begin the War of Cleansing to try to destroy any indigenous orc tribes near the environs of the Sarumvest.

7102-The War of Cleansing ends to the satisfaction of the Elves.

c. 8000-The Orc-nation of Rothnog is founded south of the Northern Teeth, out of the indigenous orc clans living there. These tribes and clans are welded together by the Warlord Hzag. An immediate war is begun with the Dwarfhold of Liferock.

8041-The Elves send aid to the dwarves. Hzag is slain in a pitched battle against the dwarves, led by King Dwalin of Liferock. His son Bech succeeds him.

8060-Bech mounts a harrowing attack on the gates of Liferock but is repulsed.

8069-Bech is overthrown by the warlord Bolch.

8085-Bolch is defeated and slain at the Battle of Many Tears. Many dwarves are also slain. The Orc-nation of Rothnog is thrown into chaos.

8305-The greatest dwarf-hold Kibil-gund ("Silver-caves"), called Wawmar by the Elves, is established in an inactive volcano by King Mar I. This is the second of the five great dwarf-holds that are established throughout the course of history, and the first true Dwarf-fortress.

8509-The Warlord Gaorg re-founds the Orc-nation of Rothnog.

8599-The extraordinarily long-lived Gaorg attacks Liferock, defeating the dwarven army in the Battle of Shame.

8605-Wawmar sends auxiliaries to the aid of Liferock and together they defeat and capture Gaorg.

8610-Gaorg somehow escapes from captivity at Liferock.

8625-Gaorg attacks Liferock but is repulsed with heavy losses.

8627-The dwarf hero Walin and his band of adventurers clandestinely slay Gaorg. Walin himself is slain on his way back from Rothnog. A succession of Warlords barely manages to keep the nation of Rothnog in existence for the next few centuries.

9002-The Elven Bard Galdin Palantar writes the famous poem, the "Lay of Talkana Moondaughter."

c. 9200-The Dweller in the Vale itself enters and assumes control of the Orc-nation of Rothnog, ousting Lechig, the present warlord. It attacks the dwarfhold Liferock.

9295-The dwarves appeal to the Elves for aid against Rothnog. However, a well-planned attack on Alustel prevents the Elves from sending troops or aid.

9300-The evil forces take the dwarf-home Liferock in the Northern Teeth. Some dwarves blame the Elves for not sending aid.

9320-The great grandson of Lechig, Lechig IV seizes control of Western Rothnog.

9323-Lechig IV attacks the Dweller in the Vale. The Dweller and its army of Eastern Rothnogians are victorious, but both armies are decimated.

9327-Wawmar attacks Rothnog and the Dweller in the Vale.

9330-The armies of Rothnog and the Dweller are soundly defeated at the Battle of Thunder Pass. The Dweller flees back east to fortify the Wintervale. The Dweller's general, the creature Karoxfang, flees south with a large faction of orcs.

9331-The dwarves of Wawmar cease trade with the Elves, blaming them for the fall of Liferock.

9332-Karoxfang founds the secret stronghold Stor-gris. Goblins and orcs quickly populate Stor-gris.

Dwarf Alchemist by Serg Natos

9690-A dark plague sweeps out of the east, striking the dwarves of Wawmar and bringing massive destruction.

c. 9700-The goblinoids of Stor-gris start harrowing the Hinterlands and the Southlands, causing miles of desolation.

9770-A surprise foray from Stor-gris sacks and destroys the Elven trading town of Lannael. The elves manage to repel the invaders but the town is never refounded.

9771- A huge army marches north, laying waste to all in its path. The elves retreat to the Western Sarumvest. A battalion of dwarves from the weakened Wawmar marches out to meet the orcs, but is defeated. This begins the Plague Wars. The elves manage to assassinate the evil Karoxfang, but, after a period of strife in Stor-gris, the black dragon Bardanax assumes leadership and continues the wars.

9772-The army of Stor-gris marches on Wawmar, which closes its great gates. The dwarves send messengers to the Elves seeking aid. The Elves prepare to send aid to the dwarves, but are stalled when a large and powerful house, Aradune, and its stiff-necked Lord Cirock resist the motion to aid Wawmar. Cirock cites Fingalion's prophecy that the Dwarves shall cause the downfall of the Elves. He says that this makes them the enemies of the Elves. He also claims that the dwarves brought their present plight on themselves by rejecting the Elves.

9773-Cirock unwillingly relents and the Elves eventually send an army to the aid of Wawmar, but it is sorely defeated and massacred. Many noble Elves fall in the massacre, including the famous bard, Galdin Palantar. The Elves attempt to raise another army, but they are divided. Cirock blames Houses Tifwing and Mithaleil for the massacre. House Aradune, along with several other houses, refuses to fight. Since no substantial army can be raised, the siege of Wawmar continues.

9774-The Elves of Alustel finally manage to raise an army and attack the forces of Stor-gris. When the battle begins, a Dwarven force issues from Wawmar, and the dark army is crushed between the two forces. The dwarves are grateful to the Elves, although they blame them for not attacking earlier.

9775-The Elves of House Aradune and their allies, led by Circock, leave the Sarumvest, with harsh words. They travel south, eventually settling in the vast forest of Lutanium. Here they found the kingdom of the Ranarim ("Sundered Peoples"), known as the Sunder Kingdom.

c. 9950-Gnomes set-up major trade routes with both the dwarves and the Elves, ending their millennia-long policy of isolationism.

10,002-King Walin IV of Wawmar disappears while traveling with a small force of Dwarves in the wilderness east of Wawmar.

10,503-The Ranarim, or Sunder Elves, attack the realm of Stor-gris, which controls all the lands to the near west, but are repulsed.

10,550-A wandering Clan of dwarves, the Clan of Kain, seeks refuge from the evil of Stor-gris in Lutanium but are denied.

10,555-Stor-gris attacks Lutanium, defeating its army at the battle of the Nether Valley. They enter the forest but are stopped by the wood-lore of the Ranarim.

10,556-A large army of dwarves, gathered by the Clan of Kain, suddenly attacks the army of Stor-gris. The Elves, taking advantage of the situation, renew their attack. In the Battle of Mourning, the army of Stor-gris is slaughtered, but all sides suffer heavy losses.

10,557-The fortress of Stor-gris is sacked by the Ranarim.

10,601-A group of Elves led by the maiden Ainaglin repents of their stubborn ways and seeks to mend the sundering between the Ranarim and the High Elves of Sarumvest, the Altarim ("High People"). Ainaglin is banished from the Lutanium by the Lords of Aradune. She prophesies that "the Ranarim shall pass from the histories, leaving no more mark than a leaf in Autumn."

10, 602-Ainaglin is slain by an ogre war band on the way north to Alustel.

c. 11,000-The Ranarim silence their harps and songs, fortifying the Lutanium, and hiding her paths, so that the prophesy of Ainaglin shall never come true, for they interpret it as meaning that they shall be destroyed in combat. Due to their fear of the prophecy, the Ranarim seclude themselves for all time, becoming shy and reclusive.

11,174-The Elves of Alustel, realizing the imminent completion of the fortifications of the Dweller in the Vale, attack the Wintervale. The Dweller marches out with an unprepared army but is soundly defeated and flees back to the Vale.

c. 11,200-The Clan of Kain seeks to dwell in Wawmar but are turned away.

11,201-The Clan of Kain are attacked by Hobgoblins. The clan defeats them in the Battle of Thorn Rift, but suffer heavy losses.

11,250-The dwarves of Wawmar begin a mining operation for platinum in the Southerly Hills. It is notable because of the depth of the shafts sunk.

11,259-The Dwarves mining platinum in the Southerly hills all suddenly disappear. In fact they have stumbled upon a passage to the hidden fortress of Soggathol, the capital of the Dark Dwarves. The Hills are henceforward named the Hills of Horror.

12, 167-The first true Dulim (Drow) are sighted. The Elves send an emissary to parlay with these strange "new" Elves. The emissary never returns.

12, 512-The Drow attack the Elves in the Sarumvest from a hidden underground tunnel. The attack is repulsed with difficulty and only after the Elves receive aid from the reluctant dwarves of Wawmar and a small contingent of Gnomish infantry.

12, 575-The past Elven King and hero Fingalion returns from the Havens to aid the Elves in their battle against the newly discovered Drow.

12, 601-The Elves, dwarves, and gnomes invade the Drow city of Morclaenthaur ("Black Lake of Bondage"), led by Fingalion.

12, 602-The Elves, dwarves, and gnomes barely manage to overcome the Drow and destroy the city of Morclaenthaur. The Drow priestess Melegurtha Serpentmaid kills Fingalion in the final onslaught. She then leads the remainder of her people deep into the unexplored Dark Deeps. The Gnomish infantry, as well as their wives, vow to stay behind in the Dark Deeps, to keep the surface people apprised of the movements of the evil under the ground.

c. 12, 800-The Drow, led by Melegurtha Serpentmaid, settle the secret Drow city of Darkonglaxsti ("Dark Rule of the Serpent Queen") deep beneath the StoneWall Mountains. Melegurtha is their new Queen. During her reign she harries the male Drow and makes them her slaves. Due to her influence, the worship of Salystra the Serpent Queen is further entrenched.

c. 13,000-The Drow create their powerful artifact, the Amulet of Evernight, planning to use it to attack the Elves.

13, 015-The Amulet is lost, ostensibly stolen by a fell race of the deeps with heads like small octopi. This fell race and the Drow began a five-century long war. The Dark Dwarves enter the war at various points and on both sides alternately.

13, 105-The dwarf-hold Khallin is established in the Northern Teeth by King Kain III.

13, 451-The dwarf-hold of Mithhaud, also called Mt. Silverload, is established by King Biri I.

Year-F. R. (Farland Reckoning, as Reckoned by Farland Magi)

This history has been gathered by the Magi of his highness the most exalted one, ruler of the Kingdom of Farland, Marcus Tiberius Gnaeus II. It has been overseen by Antonin Tharius, Questorian Magi. We pray the reader forgive the clerical mistakes which these histories certainly contain, as the latter histories have been compiled under the constraints of the present Great Siege.

Age of Men

c. 1 (13, 516 E. R.)-Men emerge from barbaracy and learn writing from the Elves and metallurgy from the dwarves of Wawmar. They start forming primitive cities.

c. 1000-Tribes of orcs and goblins began to harry the primitive settlements of men. Around this time, tribes of men continue to spread across the continent, although the most powerful tribe settles in the place known as Aelfrand.

c. 1850-The evil necromancer Cutalak starts the cult of Darkness to worship the ontological Force of Evil.

c. 1900-Cutalak and his followers unlock the secret of the completion of the ancient relic, the Book of Seven. They scribe the book, giving it an actual existence on Núrion. The Dweller immediately senses its terrestrial existence and desires it.

c.1950-The north is ravaged by the great were-beast and servant of the Dweller, Daug-Dagoth. The Beast is actually sent to retrieve the Book of Seven. He ravages the countryside looking for it, and none can stand against him. The beast slays the evil Necromancer Cutalak, but fails to retrieve the Book of Seven, as the Cult spirits it away. As punishment for his sin of bringing the Book of Seven to Núrion, Cultulak rises again as the first vampire. Later in the year, however, Daug-Dagoth is slain by the Elven hero Menelrim of house Featar before the beast can find the book. The Elves of Alustel name Menelrim King.

c. 2500-The primitive human settlements are pushed by the evil forces to make an alliance between the good aligned races. Thus begins the Unitary War. The major battle is fought in Aelfrand. The alliance triumphs, and the evil races are pushed back behind the mountains to the Wintervale. Humans found their first great society and call it Aelfar. The first king of men is Aelendes I.

c. 2600-Aelfar attacks the hidden stronghold of the Cult of Darkness and destroys it. Its members are slain to a man. Aelendes III seizes the Book of Seven and locks it away in a guarded vault.

c. 2800-The dwarf-hold of Dorlhaud is established in the Hook Hills by Khim the wanderer.

c.2900-Menelrim sends emissaries to Dorlhaud to help and teach the new Dwarven kingdom.

c. 3000-Aelfarian mages research and create many powerful magic items.

c. 3100-The human kingdom of Kassius is founded as a colony of Aelfar.

c. 3310-The kingdom of Aelfar is very powerful by now, due to the flexibility and adaptability of men.

c.3450-The colony of Kassius grows in economic influence and power.

c.3600-Kassius requests recognition of independent status from Aelfar under their king, Pierce Normator.

c. 3601-King Raenur II of Aelfar refused the demands of Kassius, demanding instead that Kassius pay double tribute to Aelfar.

c. 3605-King Pierce Normator of Kassius refuses, demanding independent status for his kingdom once again.

c.3606-Aelfar attacks Kassius, which put up a surprising resistance, primarily due to its contingency of battle mages which Normator had been secretly developing.

c. 3625-Aelfar completely defeats Kassius, which ask for mercy. Ignoring this request, Aelfar completely razes the Kingdom of Kassius, burning it to the ground and scattering its citizens to the four winds.

c. 3800-The first great coughing plague strikes in the East, leaving thousands dead.

c. 4399-Aelendes X is crowned in Aelfar. He is called the Pioneer, and he explores much of the known world.

c. 4430-The Pioneer is mistakenly killed by Elves while on a hunting trip in the Sarumvest. It seems that some dark illusion misled the Elves. Aelendes's heir, Faerendes I, trains the might of the kingdom of Aelfar on the Elves and attacks Alustel. During the battle the immortal swan is slain. The Elven King Menelrim the Ancient inexplicably departs for Faerie at this time, leaving his son Meningol to lead the Elves in their flight. They flee from the Sarumvest and trek across the continent. Most eventually settle in Ardaranel, the great forest that humans call the Belendale. The Elves find that with the death of their swan, their magic is greatly weakened. For the first time since the beginning, they must sleep, they do not have their innate strength of mind, and they cannot work magic as well. Many Elves talk seriously of departing the Hinterlands forever.

4499-The departed Menelrim, now dubbed Harothalantar ("Far-Returner"), returns from Faerie. He bears with him eggs of the line of the white swans of Tal-Allustiel. Out of the egg hatches the second Blessed White Swan Luminar, and Elven magic is renewed.

4505-Gloralion ("the Summervale") is established deep in the heart of the Belendale by Menelrim Harothalantar. The heart of Gloralion is the pool of Melim, where the line of the White Swan Luminar is set to dwell. The Summervale is afterwards protected and hidden.

c. 4510-Evil forces invade out of the Wintervale and, in the Battle of Loom, they overrun and destroy the kingdom of Aelfar (which stood where the Deadlands now stand). Mighty Aelfar falls because they alienated their Elven allies. Survivors flee and split up, becoming nomadic tribes. The Dweller seizes the Book of Seven.

4515-Beckares Rigus, a relative of the slain king of Aelfar, settles in the south with his people. He takes the relic, the Crown of Aelfar, with him as proof of his right to rule the new kingdom. He calls his new home "Farland," because it is far from the original home of his people, and renames himself Beckair Publius.

4519-Beckair Publius makes a solo journey across the continent and petitions the Elves for their aid. He begins gathering an army.

4525-Beckair Publius sends an embassy to the dwarves of Wawmar for aid against the evil army.

4529-Publius, wielding the fabled crown of Aelfar, attacks the evil army, which is encamped and occupying the remains of Aelfar, but is driven back. For the next five years, the War of Vengeance is waged between the evil forces of the Dweller and the fledgling kingdom of Farland, which is aided by the Elves, dwarves, and gnomes.

4530-In a cataclysmic battle, the evil army is defeated at the battle of the Death Downs. Beckair Publius personally attacks the Dweller in the Vale using the Crown of Aelfar. Publius is slain, but there is a cataclysmic explosion that changes the shape of the land and devastates both armies. The remnants of the evil army retreat to the Wintervale or the Deadlands. A small group of trolls inexplicable switches allegiance and migrates eastward across the sea.

c. 4536-5000-Farland, devastated by loss from the Battle of the Death Downs and harried by attacks from orc-bands and marauding barbarians, enters a "dark ages" period.

c. 4600-The chiefdom of Kalar is established just to the West of the beleaguered Kingdom of Farland. Kalar harries Farland's borders, periodically conquering and burning its villages.

c. 4800-The Red Plague and subsequent famine ravage Kalar, miraculously leaving Farland untouched. Kalar becomes a ghost kingdom and is eventually deserted completely.

4840-The Elven shipwright Belaeg of the mariner's house Arefor founds the Elven harbor town of Laithostar ("Breakwater") to the West and South of the Belendale in the unexplored wilderness. Only Elves know the secret paths to this hold.

4897-The Elves of Gloralion send emissaries to the ancient forest of Lutanium, now shrunken and known as the Luvam Wood. They hope to renew ties with the Ranarim. There they find a small and reclusive remnant of the once mighty people. The remaining Ranarim are now reticent and xenophobic.

4951-Menelrim falls on the journey back from Lutanium when an army of dark creatures led by fire giants ambushes the Elves.

4975-The chiefdom of Jundland is established in the Far Western reaches of the continent (where the kingdom of Kale is later established).

5102-King Volonius comes to power and brings Farland out of its provincial dark age. He starts trading with neighboring baronies and chiefdoms, and through shrewd trading, brings Farland to economic and military prominence. The entire continent is subsequently called Farland.

5252-The twin brothers Zel and Or found the kingdoms of Zeland and Orland.

5275-The Shaman Beornhelm becomes chief of Jundland.

5298-Jundland is attacked by Goblins and Hobgoblins from the East. Under the leadership of Beornhelm they fend off the attack.

5314-The Red Plague hits Western Farland, striking most heavily in Jundland.

5316-Goblins and Hobgoblins attack the weakened Jundland. After a pitched battle, Jundland is defeated and falls.

c. 5500-Zeland and Orland engage in several minor border skirmishes with each other.

5606-The human kingdom of Lorindon is founded to the South East of the Belendale by Wulfgar, King of the wild peoples of that area.

c. 5650-Lorindon trades with Zeland and acquires literacy and culture.

5700-Farland invades Zeland, beginning the Wars of Empire.

5710-Farland defeats and annexes Zeland.

5721-Farland invades Orland, but is repulsed at the battle of the Rill Downs.

5725-Farland invades and defeats Orland. Orland is annexed.

5727-King Maximus Maro of Farland declares himself emperor.

5730-Farland demands tribute from Lorindon, who refuse.

5732-Farland invades Lorindon. Lorindon puts up a surprisingly tough resistance.

5737-The resistance of Lorindon is crushed. Farland annexes Lorindon, executing her king.

5738-Emperor Maximus dies of plague. A civil war ensues.

5739-Zeland rebels. Farland withdraws its troops from Lorindon to squelch the threat. The plague breaks out again and causes widespread famine. Thousands die.

5740-Goblins and Orcs from the Northern Teeth invade Lorindon.

5742-The Orc lord Cro defeats the small army of Lorindon and massacres the inhabitants. Survivors flee north, mixing with the nomadic tribes already dwelling there (they are of the same ancestral stock).

5751-Zeland and Orland are defeated and the empire of Farland is reestablished.

5775-The orcs of Cro are expunged from the lands west of Zeland by the might of Farland.

5915-Daven I, a general of Farland from Lorindish stock, founds the kingdom of Daven.

5916-The Elven Spellsingers, directed by Galadhel, make the crown Celebtale ("Browstar") for their king, Baranthir.

5931-Daven falls in a raid upon (Elder) Daven by Goblins from Goblin Bay. The Goblins are tracked down and destroyed. Daven's eldest son Dortmund becomes King.

5950-Lord Pastor of Orland starts a revolution against King Tomas II of Orland.

5952-Pastor, with help from Daven, secedes from Orland and founds the kingdom of Cairn Cadez in western Orland.

5960-A large force of evil attacks Farland from the Deadlands, beginning the Wars of Sorrow. Emperor Lucius fights them to a standstill at the border.

5961-The fortified city of Borderhold is established.

5969-The Borderhold is taken and destroyed. The evil army invades Northern Farland.

5973-The Farlandish city of Lompeia is destroyed.

5975-Zeland and Orland rebel. The evil armies besiege the Far City.

5979-Zeland and Orland secede from the empire.

5985-A small army of Elves, led by their King Baranthir, journeys to Farland to offer their aid, advice, and magic.

5989-The army of evil is defeated outside the Far City.

5990-5995-Farland, with aid from the Elves, raises a large army from all corners of the Kingdom. The dwarves also send troops from Wawmar.

5999-The army of Farland attacks and destroys the evil army encamped in the Deadlands.

6003-Farland, the Elves, and dwarves invade the Wintervale and in the huge Battle of Sorrow defeat and annihilate the last of the evil armies. However, on their way back through the Trollheim Heights Pass, a force of trolls and other monsters treacherously ambushes them. Baranthir falls in the ambush, alongside Emperor Marcus I. The trolls are destroyed. The Pass is renamed the Pass of Doom.

c. 6020-The Borderhold is refounded. The Farlandish Empire ends. Henceforth it is known as the Kingdom of Farland, and its kings are known as High Kings because most of the other countries eventually become subordinate allies or are forced to pay tribute.

6025-The female Elven wizard-smith Galadhel is granted by the ontological Powers of Neutrality the knowledge to fashion the most powerful Elven artifact, the Stone of Silence. The master smith long keeps the item a secret, unable to separate herself from the stone, even though it could benefit the Elves.

6028-The wizard Keler founds the Kingdom of Kelerak, after sighting a large dragon on a spur of rock. He takes this as an omen of where he is to found his Kingdom and his capital city.

6031-Keler begins work on the cloak of Keler.

6033-The cloak of Keler is completed. Keler commands other mages to begin work on various magical items.

6034-Farland discovers a platinum mine in the Shining Wood (now the Old Wood). This huge mine makes it the richest country in the world, all but recouping its losses from the Wars of Sorrow. Keler founds the original Cadre of the Wise, of which the Elven hero Palanthar is a member.

6035-Wizards, priests and heroes of all sorts begin to flock to Farland.

6136-The Elven hero Palanthar has a bow and sword made for him by Galadhel the smith. Palanthar founds the Elven rangers, the Talranuil (literally "High Twilight Wanderers"), called by men the Shadow Walkers.

6350-The Elven spellsingers are taught arcane secrets by Galadhel to make many cloaks, boots, and items for their rangers.

c. 6355-The dwarves craft many magical items for their various kings. The most famous is Mar XII of Wawmar, who killed 43 orcs single-handed. His blacksmith made for him and all his chancellors armor, shields, and various weapons.

6397-Baron Jorland III of Cairn Cadez invades Daven on the secret prodding of Orland's King, Lestek I. He conquers the border town of Kestrel with monetary aid from Orland.

6399-Jorland is driven out of Kestrel, and it is renamed Victoria. He flees south to the town of Beath, but is attacked and slain by Prince Tael II, son of King Tael of Daven. Beath is renamed Baronsdoom.

6485-Daven, allied with Kelerak, invade Cairn Cadez. Orland comes to the aid of Cairn Cadez. The Plains War begins.

6490-Orland refuses to aid Cairn Cadez at the Battle of Sunsets. The kingdom is defeated and annexed by Daven.

6494-Daven sells the land where Cairn Cadez was to Orland for a suspiciously cheap price.

c. 6500-The vampire Kyrren is made. She was initially a beautiful, ebony skinned barbarian from the lands to the south of the Wintervale. She was created by an unknown vampire.

6510-Overlord Zel XI demands tribute from the dwarves of Dorlhaud, in the Hook Hills. They refuse.

6515-Zel XI attacks Dorlhaud but is unsuccessful.

6516-Dorlhaud retaliates and eliminates the town of Zinkeal.

6519-Zeland and Orland unite against Dorlhaud and besiege it.

6522-Dorlhaud falls. Zeland captures the Sceptre of Dorlhaud, and Orland claims the mace of Ralin, Dorlhaud's king.

6525-The great hold Wawmar sends word to other Dwarfholds about Dorlhaud's fate.

6530-The dwarven host takes on Zeland. The Battle of the Axe is fought on what is now the Battleplain. Zeland is defeated and Zel I falls when the Sceptre of Dorlhaud fails him. Orland pays a ransom to Wawmar.

6560-Kale, the second son of King Orlock of Daven, cheated of an inheritance, goes off with his loyal followers and founds the Kingdom of Kale.

6602- A baron from the Kingdom of Kale attempts to found a colony in the Wilderness lands to the West of Kale. Kale receives word that the colony is initially founded successfully and is prospering.

6615-Kale and Daven become involved in a border dispute. A minor war ensues.

6617-All contact between Kale and her Western colony ceases. Kale is too involved in its losing conflict with Daven to investigate and the colony is entirely lost and is eventually forgotten.

6625-The conflict between Kale and Daven is resolved. Daven has expanded its Western border at the expense of Kale.

c. 6675-Trolls move into a misty valley on the north side of the Kale Mts., lead by the troll-demon Hothmor. The gnomes, who already inhabit the area, wage war on the trolls.

6699-In a valiant battle, the gnomish hero Lastorbol slays the Troll Lord Hothmor with the aid of an enchanted hammer. He is himself slain moments later by the Troll-Demon's bodyguards. The trolls redouble their attacks against the gnomes.

6801-The gnomes are forced to flee to a more secure home in the Kale Mts., ceasing hostilities towards the trolls.

6850-Daven is troubled by a small pirate colony on an island to the south of her shores.

6855-Daven commissions a corsair, Robert the Blue, to destroy the pirate colony.

6858-Robert the Blue attacks and successfully destroys the pirate colony on Selfhaven archipelago.

6859-Robert the Blue double-crosses Daven, and becomes a pirate himself. He harries the Southern coasts of the kingdom.

6860-Daven petitions the fleet of Farland for aid against the pirate.

6862-The fleet of Farland engages Robert the Blue and completely destroys his fleet. During the returning voyage, half of the fleet of Farland is lost due to a raging storm.

6900-The combined kingdoms of Kale and Daven attack Orland, beginning the Decadion War.

6903-The king of Daven is assassinated by the Orlandish assassin Roche.

6906-The Rio Plano is poisoned by raiders from Daven, killing much wildlife as well as people.

6981-Orland, with the help of Zeland and a legion from Farland, invades Daven.

Rodrigo by Thomas Kain

6983-Daven falls to the combined might of the Eastern Alliance. It is annexed as Western Orland. The Eastern Alliance forces Kelerak to cease trade with Kale; Kale suffers greatly.

7001-The famous sage and wizard Seldorius of Farland makes his home on Hamor Island and renames it Wizard Isle. He begins to fabricate many magical items.

7005-Galadhel turns the Stone of Silence over to the Elves to use in putting a stop to the ceaseless wars that are marring the beauty of the lands. Unable to bear the parting, she passes from the Hinterlands.

7010-Abelard Von Basil, of the royal family of Daven, leads a successful revolt against the Orlandish invaders. With help from Kale and Kelerak, Orland is expelled and the Kingdom of Daven is refounded.

7013-The order of the Far Knights is founded by Sir Lucius Zeno.

7020-Seldorius of Farland refounds the Cadre of the Wise, based on the original counsel founded by the Mage-King Keler.

7029-Daven and Kelerak invade Orland but are repulsed with heavy losses at the Battle of Greenhill.

7039-Elves from the Summervale interfere in the Decadion War, and intercede with the powerful magic item, The Stone of Silence. Both sides make peace.

7045-The Elves move down the Elfin River and make the first interracial village in Dale. Some Elves move to the South Wood to keep an eye on Daven. The hero Celuthiel leads them. The current Elven king is Linwe.

7070-Farland's wizards discover the power to bring elementals into being and chain those elementals as slaves. Farland's power is unrivaled. The High King of Farland is Anarim.

c. 7080-The Wintervale begins to grow in strength, but this time the Dweller seems to have acquired some relic or power that greatly worries Seldorius and the Cadre of the Wise. The Dweller has made progress in unlocking the power of the Book of Seven.

7082-The demon Pestilence is sent by an unknown enemy of the Cadre of the Wise. It slays a member, the bard Flann, but is finally driven off by the Cadre.

7085-The dwarven hold of Khallin in the Northern Teeth is beset by an ancient blue wyrm from the Dragon Heath, and is destroyed.

7090-The then leader of the Far Knights, the paladin Rothian Ganorus, as well as many members of the Cadre of the Wise, set out to explore the Deadlands and investigate the resurgence of evil there. They never return.

7095-Pestilence returns and destroys the Cadre of the Wise. Seldorius disappears

7099-Gnomes in Mt. Sheltinnobortanu in the Kale Mts. come up with the most powerful gnomish artifact-the Scabbard of Protection.

7115-The kingdom of Farland continues to grow in power and expands trade with the other kingdoms.

7131-The dwarven hold of Mt. Silverload is captured by a huge party of Orcs and Oluk orcs.

7132-The dwarven hero Balhal slays the ancient black dragon Karrystyxx ("Acidheart").

7134-The next High King of Farland, Sum, comes to power.

7143-The Eastern alliance, led by Farland, sends troops into Kelerak. After a minor skirmish, Kelerak agrees to pay tribute to Farland.

7147-The vampire Kyrren resurfaces, slaying the Farlandish general Julius Corsus.

7148-Daven is coerced after a minor skirmish into paying tribute to Farland.

c. 7160-The vampire Galen Stirek is made in Zeland by Kyrren.

7168-The Eastern alliance, led by Farland, sends troops into Kale.

7169-Kale expels the troops of the Eastern Alliance in the Battle of the Bend.

7170-Farland invades Kale in force.

7172-Kale is defeated at the Battle of Fenmire, but escapes a massacre after one Captain Aurel sacrifices himself so that his men can successfully retreat.

7173-Kale is defeated at the Battle of Kale. Farland and the Eastern alliance besiege the city of Kale.

7175-Kale surrenders and is annexed as a province of Farland.

7179-Queen Sybille Halfelven of Kale, known as the diplomat, undergoes negotiations with Farland.

7190-Farland agrees to withdraw from Kale, partially due to the threat growing to its East in the Wintervale. Kale agrees to pay yearly tribute.

7231-Halflings, having long since dropped out of the histories, are rediscovered in and just south of the Forest of Blorn.

7195--Baranwe the tall becomes King of the Elves of Ardaranel.

7249-Halflings create Stealthheart, a dagger made for the Sheriff of their greatest Shire, Westdelving, located in Orland. The Sheriff is Carl Paladin Merribuck.

c. 7260-Galen Stireck creates the vampire known as Kibor. Stireck is later slain by Kibor.

7305-The Coughing Plague, also known as the Coffin Plague, ravages the highlands of Zeland and parts of Orland.

7391-The human lord of Kelerak, Zestor Half-Elven, slays a huge wyvern on the Liferock River.

7413-Wawmar is very mighty, second only to Farland. It contains mithril and is ruled by Mar VII.

7439-The court wizard Jaef of Kale becomes the power behind the throne of King Felmat of Kale.

7460-Jaef of Kale becomes a lich.

c. 7490-A new pirate colony is founded on Self-Haven archipelago.

7509-The wizard Lapthrouwn of Zeland summons a demon, who goes on a rampage. Finally the hero Pune slays it.

7519-Ettins invade the town of Ettinrun, but it is liberated by the adventuring group The Men of Swords, led by Pune.

7526-Pune is named ruler of Belzin.

7591-Hags invade Kale but are repulsed.

7623-The Elven Shadow Walkers, led by Aminas, slay a huge party of Drow in the Stone Wall Mts.

7641-A priest of Neltak, Marcus Tiberius Gnaeus, becomes High King of Farland after Sum III's death.

c. 7650-Using the Book of Seven, the evil Dweller in the Wintervale starts recruiting seven mighty lords.

7693-Trolls from the Valley of Mists overrun the gnomes. They are beaten back, but not before they steal the Scabbard of Protection.

7701-Ogres from the Saltcliffs attack Orland but are easily repulsed.

7722-Barbarians from above the Northern Teeth invade Kale and sack the city of Boulen.

7744-The evil and very powerful vampire Kibor slays the king of Daven, Dakor V. Orcs are sighted in the hilly crags. Daven is thrown into chaos for a time.

7759-Wawmar closes trade with Zeland and their Overlord Dolan III.

c. 7790-The forces of Evil are poised to strike out of the Wintervale. They scatter across the continent and prepare for an assault.

7792-An organized force of orcs marches toward the city of Bale.

7793-The force, led by The Lord of Pride, attacks Bale but is repulsed. Later that year he takes the city.

7794-The Lord of Pride takes Kale City.

7795-Elder Daven is attacked by a fleet of Ships, while simultaneously the army of the Lord of Gluttony besieges it. Reinforcements from Zeel City start to come. Aminas of the Shadow Walkers mounts an attack on the forces of evil, taking the Stone of Silence with him to use in the attack. This is against the original warning of Galadhel only to use the Stone in defense. The artifact disappears and Aminas is slain outside Elder Daven. Elder Daven falls, and the forces of Zeel are struck down by an evil plague. Simultaneously, Dragonspur City is attacked by a blue dragon, demons, and orcs out of the Sarumvest. They surrender the Kingdom, and most of the demons depart. Back in Daven, the Shadow Walkers from the South Wood put up a heroic fight, but are hunted down and executed over the next year. Only a few escape.

7796-A force of Drow and slaves attack the capital of Orland from an underground passage undercover of great magic. They sack Jorland's Run and move on to take Orland. Ogres from the Saltcliffs reinforce them.

7797-The evil Lord, using the most reluctant of the Lords of Sin, the Lord of Sloth, an intelligent ooze, attacks Zeland. However Farland comes to the rescue and the Lord of Sloth is repulsed. Later in the year a huge force of monsters attacks out of the Deadlands. Farland withdraws its troops from Zeland to fight and defeat the monsters. Zeland quickly falls.

7798-Wawmar is besieged by the evil forces, but they repulse them. Farland is still holding its own. Simultaneously, the Elves attack Kale from the Summervale. They retake the city of Dale and Krak's Hope. Later that year, they are heavily outnumbered and driven back into the Belendale.

7801-Wawmar falls at the hands of orcs and a mighty dragon. A good number of Dwarves escape into the Sarumvest.

7802-Farland beats back the forces of evil and takes the Deadwood. They conquer the Pass and the Fortress of Doom. But the arrival of the last great Lord of Sin spells the beginning of the end for Farland. The Lord of Anger and his armies drive Farland back to the Borderhold.

7803-Farland is beset from the north and west. In a brilliant strategic move, the Lord of Anger attacks from the Isle of Night and besieges the Far City. The hero Gwyn makes a last ditch effort to sail to the nameless city and kill the Dweller but is not heard from again.

YEAR-F.R. (Farlandish Reckoning, as Reckoned by the Historians of the Lord of Wrath)

The very existence of the following histories is owed to the gracious auspices of his most royal majesty, Emperor Nabarus the Magnus, Lord of Wrath, Captain of the Deadly Lords, and the ruler of all lands west of the holy Vale. In his wisdom he decreed that the following history be recorded using the ancient Farlandish Reckoning instead of the modern Post Conquest (P.C.) reckoning. His wisdom is great and terrible.

The Dark Conquest

7805-The Far City falls.

7806-The rest of Farland falls.

7806-7950-The whole continent of Farland is under the rule of the Wintervale and the Seven Lords of Sin. During the early years, humans are treated with the brutality they deserve. The human populace is decreed serfs, unless their crimes merit slavery. Gnomes are believed extinct. Dwarves exist only in wandering tribes and rare settled aboveground villages or caves, mostly in the highlands of Zeland. Elves have retreated deep within the Belendale. There are rare reports of halfling sightings, but the location of their homeland cannot be discerned.

7951-The first signs of rebellion emerge. A large rebellion takes place and the cities of Hestor and Gorak fall to the rebels. However they are quickly overwhelmed and the leaders of the rebellion, along with many of their people, retreat to the Hills of Horror and the Grand Peaks, those who are not executed.

7955-An army of nomads and dwarves attacks Zel City from the highlands of Zeland. After a prolonged battle, they are defeated by the armies of Sloth. The land is again contained in an iron grip of justice.

7956-8160-The land is ruled by the Lords of Sin, who engage in sundry border disputes among themselves. Their real aim, however, is to cleanse the lands of worship of any god save the Walker in Darkness.

8161-Strange events stir. The Lord of Pride, Lust and Gluttony are slain by a group led by Valanduil of the Elhil and Bartarius, a barbarian from the lands above Kale. These two are believed to be the founding members of the Lords of the West.

8162- The hero-assassin Bolg-gatha and his adventuring party The Eye of the Wintervale secretly enter the Kingdom of Kale. In a bold maneuver, they invade the city of Dale and slay its newly named lord. After a fierce battle they escape back into the East.

8163- The Lord of Anger confirms the defeat of the other Lords and begins preparation to retake the liberated Kingdoms. The Lord of Envy sends an occupying army into Daven, but finds that most of its citizens have fled West or North because of the undead plague infesting the kingdom. Envy withdraws his army. The land of Daven is quickly becoming deserted.

8165-An offspring of the Lord of Lust, The Winged One, raises an army and attempts to retake Dragonspur City in Kelerak. He is defeated after prolonged battle.

8167-The human Lord Milon comes to Power in Kale.

8168-In Kelerak, a party led by Dralin the Dwarf and Ragnor Half-Elven partially defeat the scheme of the upstart figure Afej, who has established a stronghold in the Naeb Brakes.

8169-The party of Ragnor and Dralin stealthily invade Lust Fort and kill Barghevor the Winged One, son of the Lord of Lust. The Eye of the Wintervale steals the fabled Mirror of the Abyss, the most prized possession of the Lord of Lust. The Mirror can be used to summon him.

8170-The army of the Lord of Envy prepares to attack Kelerak. The Lord of Lust is summoned back to Núrion. The present.